1. Bossfarmer

    Do you ROTATIONALLY GRAZE your livestock? and if not, why?

    As im often told on here there are numerous benefits to rotationally grazing livestock so is everyone doing it? and if not why? what are the downsides im not hearing about as when i drive across the country i rarely see it!
  2. H

    Dog wont run

    Have a 2 and a half year old collie pup i got from working parents. Got her as a pup, took a year and a half before we got her to stop charging in and gripping one. The current situation is she knows right and left but will only go out 10 yards, sometimes 20. She will stop and ill tell her to...
  3. F

    Field/Arable land/Paddock wanted for rent in East/West Sussex

    I am looking to rent land near to the Lancing/Steyning/Worthing/Shoreham/Brighton/Hove area. The land would be used to grow a small (primarily organic) flower farm for commercial use. Roughly 2 acres would be ideal, however if there happened to be a plot up to 5 acres this would be considered. A...
  4. T

    How to find Farm Buildings to Purchase

    We grow gourmet mushrooms and rent from another farmer. Ideally we would like to buy some agricultural infrastructure - like a barn or some place with buildings (even if derelct) that are designated as for agricultureal use. We want to put our own buildings and possibly even a processing...
  5. C

    How to find sheep grazing

    Possibly a daft question, but I’d like to get some answers from my favourite source of daft answers! As you’ve probably realised if you’ve seen my profile before, I’m a fairly small “farm”. I’m looking to do an expansion of my little flock as rapidly as possible. Meaning I’ll be wanting to take...
  6. G

    Which fertiliser spreader for 50 hp tractor

    Hi, I'm after some advice please. I have a 52hp Kubota on a caravan park and am looking for a suitable fertiliser spreader. What do you use / recommend please. Thanks in anticipation.
  7. H

    Are there any opportunities left?

    Have been agricultural contracting for a number of years. Never in a big way, just a side line. More and more people trying to get into it. Id say there will soon be as many balers as fields round here. Looking at maybe changing direction and getting into more groundworks. But again theres...
  8. G

    This farming life

    Back on bbc 2 8pm
  9. jon9000

    Stable block

    Thinking of diversifying into doing livery on a few horses. Got the land and fencing but need some stables... thinking of buying some flat pack ones and putting them up myself next winter...... any recommendations?
  10. K

    Greenfield Dairy Site Design

    Only an academic project at this stage, but based upon real life situation so some potential to follow through. Looking to design Greenfield dairy site for 400-450 cows on ringfenced 1000 acre unit. What would people suggest is the most futureproof solution, baring in mind any future...
  11. J

    Maternal recorded rams - Northern Ireland

    Does anyone know of anybody breeding functional, maternal (or dual purpose) rams in Northern Ireland? Would prefer someone making their breeding decisions based on data rather than looks. We moved away from buying in replacements a few years ago to keeping our own. Happy with the results but...
  12. B

    Food processing wastewater >>> irrigation?

    Hello all... We are in the planning stage of building our farm buildings. Our mixed farm will consist of ~40 dairy cows and ~80 pigs. Cows will never be housed (on pasture all-year round) and pigs will be reared in the woodland. The idea is simple... Milk the cows seasonally - around 9 months...
  13. Junior

    Lambing Ewe lambs

    250 mule ewe lambs due 1st of April, tupped by charolais and scanned at 128% Would you lamb them inside or out? Pros and Cons for both please Facilities available to do either with no massive infrastructural change Lambing alongside 400 ewes due on the same date of which only 60 triplets will...
  14. Andrew1983

    Livestock software

    I have been using the SAC livestock recording program for cattle movements, passport applications etc. I get on ok with it but my laptop is on its last legs. I have an iPad and iPhone. I am grudging buying another laptop as this is all I need it for. I would like to use an app where I can just...
  15. R

    Breaking cultivation layer

    I have experienced a cultivation layer when from moving from a Mzuri to a Dale this year. When digging down I have found what looks like a pan which the water has not been able to get through, therefore the top few inches have been sitting wet. Has anybody else experienced this and what have...
  16. B

    Herringbone with in shed feeder & poor throughput

    Morning I'm not sure what kind of milking sheds/parlours you lot have over there, I assume something a bit more sophisticated than old herringbones & a single set of cups. Anyway, this is the setup I'm currently working with - 22 cup herringbone with an in shed feed system (continuous bin, not...
  17. Rob Holmes

    Yara want to move to 750 kg bags

  18. Greythundercloudys

    Online dog sale.

    Anyone bid for one and what were price like.?
  19. Onwards and Upwards

    Lambing mob size

    Just a quick question. What numbers do you look to limit your outdoor lambing groups at?
  20. steveR

    Choice of Crook?

    After seeing Herself go sprawling when trying to grab hold of one of HER ewes yesterday, ad ending wet and covered in mud and rather grumpy, it reminded me as it does every year as we approach Lambing time, I need a Crook! Just something to help grab hold of an animal in a small paddock or open...