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    Roe deer lease wanted.

    Hi Guys, Im looking for a Roe / Muntjac lease / syndicate with rabbit on that I could contribute too. Couple hours from High Wycombe In any direction. Ive been shooting / controlling deer for sometime now and my am happy to help in anyway Possible. Please feel free to PM with prices and info If...
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    I pay you £250. Shooting permission

    I currently have land to shoot over, ive been controling pests for over 3 years but the farm is now for sale and land owner thanked me for my services but theyre no longer required after august. I pay this land owner £250.00 every 6 months and also help out with any repair work(welding) as a...
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    £50 for Market Research Telephone Interview

    We are looking for Farmers and Distributors to participate in a 30 minute telephone survey. As a thank you for taking part we will pay you £50 in the form of a cheque. The details of what we are looking for are as follows: * Must be a primary decision maker * The size of farm must be 250+...