1. J

    Looking for new permissions

    Looking for new permissions within the Lancashire Area I offer a professional and free pest control service, helping to remove vermin discretely and quietly, using supressed air rifles. I am fully insured with £10m Public Liability Insurance through BASC So Please feel free to contact me on...
  2. M

    Looking for permission to metal detect in northeastern/North Yorkshire area

    Hi, My names mike I’m 33 and I’m looking for some land to metal detect on.I’m from the Durham area and have been metal detecting for about 3 years now,I have a valid ncmd insurance card and would respect and leave your land the way it was,I do have a couple of permissions and the landowners say...
  3. Mason4796

    Shooting Permission, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire

    Good afternoon all, I am a member of the Pigeon Watch Forum and a farmer on that forum mentioned I may receive some support and guidance from the community on TFF. I live in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire and I am looking for any local land in which farmers either need a regular shooter to help...