1. Northantsplants

    Basic Substances; what are they and how can they used for pest and disease control on farms?

    Hi All I have just published a blog post all about the BASIC SUBSTANCES. The BASIC SUBSTANCES are a group of 20 compounds that can be used in pest and disease control on UK farms. However, they aren't (to any wide degree). However, British farmers could be missing out, especially as many of...
  2. BASIS Teresa

    Wildlife Aware and Pest Control Courses

    Controlling pests which could potentially endanger our health, food supply, the environment and wildlife, is an extremely important service in both urban and rural environments. However, it is crucial that this work is carried out in a responsible way by highly trained individuals to ensure...
  3. B

    Pest control/shooting permission wanted - Leicestershire

    Hi, I am a 23 year old man who has been shooting most of his life, I am fully insured with country cover club, and I am looking for a shooting permission. I have a .22 air rifle (sub 12 ft-lbs) for grey squirrel, rabbits, and rats. I am also a shotgun certificate holder and would be able to...
  4. barney_d

    Weeds - Pests - Diseases! Trials

    Hi everyone, I work as a field trialist at a leading CRO in the fields of Agrosciences and Regulatory Chemistry Consulting. I conduct crop protection trials ( herbicide/insecticide and fungicide efficacy trials) on different crops in the UK. Usually, I don't have difficulties finding good...
  5. J

    Peat question about brassicas

    I’m in Ohio in the US. I’m a home gardener in my fourth year with a pretty good variety of things I’m growing. I gave up one brassicas last year, never had luck with them. I’ve spent hours picking off cabbage worms, powdered with spinosad, neem oil, and once or twice the first year sevin...
  6. D

    Pest control

    Hello all My name is Dave and I’m looking for permissions, I used to have a couple in and around the Hertfordshire area but have recently moved, I’m fully insured against all land property and machinery damage, and of corse I work for you so I only go where you allow me to and deal with what...
  7. Granit

    Land Owner Permission

    Hello everyone I'm new to this site and was seeking a little advice if possible. I live in Harrow, London, I am willing to travel up to 40 miles radius. I'm looking for farmers who have rabbit control problems on there land who need help reducing numbers and rodents,rabbits,birds etc I'm a...
  8. K

    Free Pigeon, Rabbit, Crow, Control Northumberland - Insured

    Hi, My name is Kris, I'm an IT professional with a passion for shooting. I am looking for a regular spot for wood pigeon, crow, rabbit control. I offer this service completely free as I do it for the love of the great outdoors. I am very respectful of people, livestock and property and I...
  9. G

    Looking For Work gone

  10. P

    Pesty birds and rabbits

    Hello! I'm a air rifle enthusiast living in the Esher area. I'm looking to help anyone that would like some FREE help controlling pest, such as rabbits, pigeons, crows, etc. in the Surrey area. I am a clean and responsible person just looking to help with any issues with pests, as a hobby...
  11. A

    Newbie!! *pest control* northern Ireland

    Hi guys, New on the forum. Young woman recently started shooting :) Want to start off with some rough shooting. Vermin control.. If there is anyone on here having trouble with pests, id love to help out, I've such new found love for it I'd actually enjoy it. Using shotgun and will pretty...
  12. M

    Pest Control in West Yorkshire

    Firstly i am only 16 and enjoy shooting and hunting, therefore it can benefit both me and whoever has land with a pest problem for me to come to your land and hunt for rabbits or take care of rats, mice etc. As its something i enjoy i do not charge providing that i keep the majority of the game...