1. bobk

    Red tractor statement on level playing field
  2. Northantsplants

    Using organic pesticides on conventional farms

    Hi All I have just published a blog post on the above topic. I would to get the thoughts of end users on the content and the subject in general. I would be especially interested in perspective from farmers who have tried organic pesticides. The full blog post can be found here...
  3. Grass And Grain

    Meeting with AHDB about cereals assurance: What do you want us to say?

    On Friday 19th, a group of farmers from TFF are meeting AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds to discuss market access for our grain. If you want us to raise any issues, please let us know in this thread, so we can take those points to AHDB. We are of the opinion that our concerns have not been voiced by...
  4. T

    Fruit Growers

    Hi all We planted an orchard a few years ago (North Yorkshire), have about 500 trees on some of our land, about 35 heritage varieties on MM106 rootstock. We are maybe 2 years from getting a good crop and our plan is to sell organic juice. Are there any members on here growing Apples? If so...
  5. Worsall


    AHDB TO LAUNCH OWN SELF CERTIFICATION SCHEME Well this should be the easy plan, and may save @AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds if they act quickly. Is this the way forward to put the power back in our hands where it belongs? Bullet Points: AHDB Subsidiary Company as per Schedule1, using some of our...
  6. Extreme Optimist

    Good Article in Spectator
  7. RAF

    Winter bean herbicide

    Can decide weather to pre em or post em them, either Nirvana and Centium 360, or I have got some banned Forban { bentazone } i could use post em. be ok in spring ?? ground is clay. tia
  8. ajd132

    Red Tractor getting their facts wrong again

    Red tractor posted a infographic attacking New Zealand Lamb onto twitter, which they have punched back with a revised version of their own Turns out red tractor got most of it wrong. Is attacking the competitors the way forward? Personally I’m quite sick of hearing about how awful these foreign...
  9. Worsall

    Are the AHDB complicit with RT?

    Are the AHDB complicit with RT? Please see the Arable Commentary thread, do the AHDB think we are thick?....some serious digging going on.
  10. S

    What do Red Tractor do for their money?

    Average farm business surely pays them £300-500 a year. Can any of their acolytes tell me what they do for their money? Apart from employee's like Guy Smith wanting a "fresh pair of eyes" on his business (albeit unqualified to advise on health and safety and legal aspects) what does everyone...
  11. O

    Situation Vacant Lead Sprayer and Combine Operator – Permanent - HAMPSHIRE

    Lead Sprayer and Combine Operator – Permanent We are looking for an experienced Sprayer and Combine operator to join a small team in North Hampshire. The farming operation currently covers 2,085 hectares growing combinable and energy crops alongside an Environmental Stewardship Scheme and...
  12. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus – Andrew Jackson (July 2021)

    Farmer Focus – Andrew Jackson If you are reading this article, I will assume that you may well be at some point in the journey of Regenerative Agriculture. Although I have always been a passionate farmer, trying to become a regen farmer has enhanced my love of farming at what could be...
  13. Direct Driller Magazine

    Nuffield Catch Up – Mark Dewes

    Nuffield Catch Up – Mark Dewes Mark is a farmer and agronomist from Withybrook in Warwickshire. After starting with ADAS in 1996 and working with NIABTAG, AICC and Agrii he was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship to evaluate the role agronomists play in stewarding pesticide use. Think of...
  14. Bruce Almighty

    AHDB survey

    I had the survey call this morning (01904732249) Yes AHDB do some very good work . . . But I let them know my views about Red Tractor funding from AHDB etc Reign in Red Tractor or lose the vote. Don't miss the chance to tell them what you think
  15. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Grain Market Outlook 2021

  16. Worsall

    Hope Everyone Is Ok?

    I went to the AHDB conference yesterday, and as I sat there, I was thinking how much Levy money was spent on Hotels/Meals and the conference itself. As I looked around the room of 80 or so people, you can spot a farmer a mile off, and I would be surprised if there were more than a dozen actual...
  17. TFF

    AHDB at TFF Offices

    Was nice to have the chance to speak to Tim Rycroft this week.
  18. Simon Chiles

    Nitrogen fixing bacteria.

    With the recent escalation of Nitrogen prices it has occurred to me that growers are going to consider alternative sources of N. Having been involved with some initial work on N fixing bacteria I thought it might be useful to have a thread on here so that farmers can ask questions about some of...
  19. Chris F

    AHDB put all Red Tractor funding on hold

    Back in March, the AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds voted to stop funding Red Tractor and then chose another project to use those funds for. This was around £40k that was stripped from Red Tractor. It was stated by AHDB that this was nothing to do with the imports issue, but the timing suggests it...
  20. Ffermer Bach

    Carbon Neutral Milk

    Meet the British dairy farmers fighting back against the vegan plant-milk boom The creators of a pioneering, carbon-neutral product hope to reignite the nation's thirst for cow's milk BySue Quinn4 October 2021 • 6:00am Francis Clarke, MD of Trewithen Dairy which is pioneering a carbon-neutral...