1. S

    Do tractors go better after 8pm?

    Has anyone noticed their tractors running better after 8pm in summer when air cools..... a local contractor said this earlier tonight
  2. H

    Straw dilemma

    I’ve got about 4 acres of wheat straw still down from first week of September. It was part of the last field we combined, and due to a puncture on the baler, workman getting covid, rain and prioritising drilling, it is still in the windrows. With the current forecasts, it doesn’t look like it...
  3. Wooly

    Light Goods Commercial Vehicle insurance

    As both my trucks are due for insurance renewals, who do you lot use ............ and an idea of the cost, as mine appear expensive ! I have been quoted £1300 for two newish trucks, 3 named drivers over 25, on limited mileage. Does appear expensive when my car is £200
  4. P

    Returning a pickup

    Ordered a new pickup dec 2020, arrived 30th June, electrical problem and air bag fault on way home from dealership. They came to collect the pickup after 3 or 4 calls, they wanted me to book the car in rather than come to collect it. They left me with a car not a pick-up and kept mine for 3 or 4...
  5. Alistair Nelson

    Managing Flat 8's as efficiently as possible

    AS the title suggests having to go back to flat 8's with little bales, would have loved a Bale packer of one type or another but just couldn't justify one. So back to flat 8's how are people managing, getting them into the yard and stacked into the dutch barn (No fast side) as efficiently as...
  6. M

    Selling Hay?

    sell a fair bit of Hay and Haylage. majority local and most collected off farm. However some one wanted supplying with round hay about 3.5 mile away. Thought take with jeep and trailer half hour job £40 all in... Now she says has to be taken with tractor put on pallet then pushed in a small...
  7. Bob lincs

    Drawbar pin .

    I’ve just seen this on eBay (not that I want it ) . Look at the wear on the drawbar there cant be much pin or ring left .
  8. Farm Classifieds

    John Deere F441R

    John Deere F441R Advert added by: Russell Group and Hallmark Tractors Machinery Details Category: Balers Round baler Price: £19950 Condition: Description John Deere F441R Baler, 2019, 16180 Bales, 2.0m pickup. [email protected] Tim...
  9. V

    Discovery sports

    Mrs car is due a change . We like look and feel of the discovery sport but put off with reviews on them . Any stories to tell ?
  10. Moors Lad

    Treating the underside of a pickup.

    We live in an area where the council is too keen of putting salt on the roads. What do you recommend to treat a brand new one to help it last? What`s good to put on an older one where there`s some rust already?
  11. David1968

    Seat Covers.

    Any recommendations for decent front seat covers for a pick-up? That will last more than a couple of months of winter waterproofs and a collie that likes to ride up front in style :rolleyes:
  12. E

    Tim White

    Many congrats n your FW award
  13. D

    Ad Blue buying options

    Now running 2 bits of kit with Ad Blue. Having 1000 litre IBC on site feels excessive but the 20 litre options are probably an expensive way of doing things. what other options are out there in between and how are they transferred - gravity?
  14. Bossfarmer

    Tractors...COST TO CHANGE!!!

    Im curious what the difference in cost to change between brands is? Some figures of other peoples experiences would be interesting for those that arent afraid to share info ill start 2012 NH T7200 sold last summer 10,500hrs for 20,000 2020 NH T7210 80,000 bought 60k to change
  15. marco

    Is the ford F-150 lightning the electric vehicle we have all been waiting for?

    https://www.caranddriver.com/news/amp36478473/2022-ford-f-150-lightning-trim-levels-explained/ Prices starting at €36,000, £31,000 Range 350 miles for the base model. I'd buy one, would you?
  16. Y

    Toyota hilux

    Anyone having problems with the new Toyota hilux active?
  17. Farm Business RSS

    Paxtons launches on-farm delivery service for Original Parts

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Kverneland dealer JG Paxton & Sons is launching a free, direct-to-farm delivery service for Original Parts to improve support for its customers in the Borders region. Called Paxtons Borders Direct, the family-run dealership is looking to boost...
  18. S

    Renting a farm

    Morning, Now I'm not thinking of renting a farm anytime soon so this is just a general question. How do tenant farmers actually find farms to rent? Aside from council farms, it seems that very few come up to rent. So are there really just very farms out there to rent, or are they just not well...
  19. R

    Tyre Kickers

    Is the genuine dealer of machinery a thing of the past. I am fast approaching retirement so wishing to downsize the equipment I have. There is not a lot of normal farm auctions or machinery auctions due to covid so what do people do. Obviously I will put stuff on TFF and have already sold items...
  20. D

    Im moving to Orkney, 1st time small holder - Gimme that knowledge

    Good Morning folks, Long-time lurker, one of those that only posts when they want something! So here I am to try to benefit from the years of knowledge available on these boards, ideas i've not thought of, focus the mind and maybe make some contacts, i figured im going to be using these boards...