1. will6910

    Sick ewes

    I’m sorry if this comes across as moaning but I am abit down at moment with one thing and another and this is getting to me badly this evening. Since 1st March Iv lost 5 ewes to identical symptoms and now Iv found a 6th one this evening. Symptoms are, very very wet dribbly mouth. Either no...
  2. solo

    Clive on Midlands today

    Just seen Clive returning fly tipped rubbish to its owner on midlands today. Well done Clive. This was following the report on the river lugg damage court case.
  3. F

    Draw bar height

    I thought there was standard drawbar height on modern pickups and trailers and such like .Son-in-law has just bought a new ifor Williams flatbed trailer .on his discovery the trailer sit’s 1 inch lower at the front than the back of the trailer.not ideal other way round would be good.hooked up to...
  4. V

    Polaris ranger diesel

    I have a ranger diesel out on demo. It’s very nice and hasn’t failed to go anywhere yet, looks to be very good in diesel . My only gripe with is it is how hard u have to drive it. Wee are quite hilly . Will it last the pace is what I’m thinking ??
  5. F

    Local Crime Waves

    In the past couple of weeks the local rural community have suffered from an epidemic of crime of which the Police are powerless to do anything about. Below is an edited version of what I have sent to the police. We are experiencing what can only be described as a massive crime wave on the rural...
  6. copse

    Getting bearing off

    Can’t get behind it to lever it off any ideas to get it off?
  7. RihardsDel

    Pick-up trucks (4x4) for troops in Donbass region (Sloviansk)

    Evening, I'm new to this forum, but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I have been asked by a volunteer that has gone over to Ukraine from Bristol to help and source two 4x4 pickup trucks. After a thorough search on eBay, Facebook marketplace and other websites nothing...
  8. trev7530

    Isuzu Dmax Regen

    My D Max keeps going into regen, short trips mainly, but can do it twice in an 8 mile trip, it’s 67 plate done just over 30000 miles, any ideas, dealer can’t see it till the end of next week.
  9. Smokey16

    Round baling silage cost

    Hi just wondered what other farmers will be paying this year for round baling and wrapping. Thanks
  10. Jerry

    I’d love a Rivian but it won’t happen anytime soon.

    Starting to think about replacing current Hilux which has been a fantastic vehicle. Be 5 years old soon with 100k miles Invincible X auto spec. I’d love a true electric pick up but seems the uk is lagging behind the states. I have solar panels to charge an electric vehicle. The Rivian looks...
  11. L

    Toyota Hilux

    Currently running a 3.0 Hilux D4D which needs replacing. Would an auto be any good for towing? What are the newer engines like?
  12. Charlie Criddle

    Claas Jaguar 51 Forager Wanted

    Hello, I'm looking for another 51 to use for parts or a running one. i currently have a 51 and a 61 but parts to fix the 51 are too expensive and would be cheaper to buy another one. I'm based near Welshpool (SY21) Thanks, Charlie Criddle
  13. B

    Class variant 365 rc

    I've been offered a 2009 10,000 bale count round baler, no experience with this Baler need it for barley wheet and Rye straw any advice or thorts please.
  14. P

    Tired Ford Ranger

    Morning, any idea where to sell a tired 09 Ford ranger?? Needs battery, exhaust, electric fault t rear lights been excellent truck till these last few weeks where it’s decided to fail on too many things!! tia
  15. bobk

    Tractor Porn

    Ha ha , well kin expensive gear https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284794116847?hash=item424f0d5aef:g:ufYAAOSwfNxibkBM
  16. X

    DMax vs Hilux

    In the market now for a new jeep and narrowed down to these. What are opinions on both - will be looking at manual? Cost and delivery times might push towards a D-Max, but Hilux is the preference. Also, does anyone know whether the NFU discount is worth going for? I got the impression their...
  17. Henery

    NFU discount Toyota

    Local Toyota stealer told me that NFU discount now down to 10% ….. hilux price rise on May first £830 ….. order now 13 months wait…… madness.
  18. Bob lincs

    Ineos Grenadier

    I quite liked the idea of one of these until I read thishttps://ineosgrenadier.com/en/gb/the-vehicle/the-grenadier?utm_source=Salesforce&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Product_Page_Prospect
  19. D

    Kuhn 2160 pickup drive spocket

    Anyone changed this sprocket, there's a circlip holding the shaft in but it's inside a tube. Do we have to remove the whole pickup to get to it or are we missing something simple
  20. MX7

    Having pickup windows blacked to stop prying eyes.

    I am considering having the windows on my pickup , blacked( or what ever it is called )to help prevent people noticing my border terrier in my truck, as concerned some “scumbag” may notice him and smash a window and pinch him, if I have to leave the vehicle locked in a secluded place even for a...