1. Aspiring Peasants

    Topping grassland

    Just after people's opinions. What would you top this with? Rotary topper Flail topper Disc mower I've done it before with a rotary topper but I think it leaves a rough finish so the grass doesn't recover as well . Also used a lot of shear bolts. Cut it all with disc mower first year we had it...
  2. D

    Damaged camshaft bearings

    Hello, Looking for advice please. Low oil pressure light was flickering when warm. Replaced oil pump and crankshaft bearings, which were not too bad and pump working well. But did not cure the problem. Removed camshaft and discovered the bearings were not good (picture attached). Hoping...
  3. Farm Classifieds

    New Holland 650

    New Holland 650 Advert added by: Mason Bradshaw Machinery Details Category: Balers Round baler Price: £1500 Condition: Used Description Spare/repair, last used 2019, needs new belts and pickup slip clutch, but all was working when put away. Always been barn stored. How...
  4. J

    Ford Ranger Question

    I am thinking of buying a 2016 Ranger 2.2 tdci. I have been reading up on common faults and came across the oil pump failure. My question is what year does this effect? Is it older models or would this be a likely issue for a 2016 model. Thanks
  5. S

    Case Puma cvx transmission

    What are they like? Is it their own or zf or another make ? user opinion, is it user friendly Thanks
  6. S

    17 reg disco engine kaput

    Just been talking to local guy who told me his 17 reg disco stopped on road now needs new engine costing at least 10k.... just out of warranty
  7. B


    I have followed the funky farmer on you tube for many years, for knows who dont know him, his a small dairy farmer in gloustershire, shows the everyday work, the ups and downs a small livestock farm faces to survive and provide a living? no massive amazon or celebrity messing about but an honest...
  8. J

    Case RBX 452 baler

    Hi I need a baler to bale silage, haylege and hay. Would a case 452 baler suit me or does anybody know of any issues with them. thank you in advance for any information.👍
  9. Ali_Maxxum

    Rear double bale handlers.

    Looking at rear double bale handlers, (should have a few months ago but here we are....) have quite a few places where it would be just as easy to just ferry them as they are rather than use a trailer. How do these things cope with hay or straw bales? Only concern is they may want to slide off...
  10. Greythundercloudys

    235 welgar v 355 claas

    Looking at these two balers, 235, 8grand from Townend, did 200 bales yesterday, abit tired looking, 355 rc 7 grand probably 6500 would get it both 2008, claas in Scotland on a farm it looks cleaner. What's the verdict on them. No vat on claas either.
  11. S


    Pickup wanted of any kind or description, sub £10k and location not important. As long as the price reflects mileage, history and condition. Cheers.
  12. Grassman

    Total stupidity

  13. bobk

    Would you buy an electric vehicle POLL

    Fairly sure of my answer , 2 questions , no fence sitting
  14. Greythundercloudys

    Had it with my 250.

    That me finally going to give up on my class 250rc, spent 1200 on it 10 days ago, roller repair and guy fitting it, only for that 3 roller pressure thing to break a roller today, so after spending thousands on it over 10 years that's the last sort, have to find a contractor to bale the rest...
  15. Ormond

    Manitou 630-105 issues

    I'd like to hear from anyone with a manitou 630-105.....to know if ours is normal or not.....so called safety cut out jumps in with the slightest of weight on the front....finding operating it most of the time with my finger on the orange button....dealer just keeps saying theres nothing they...
  16. 7

    On the bandwagon.....

    Latest is " Environment Day " at Wimbledon. Mucho talk of greenhouse gasses and climate change. Not so much talk of banning players jetting from all corners of the planet to play silly games. And I'm sure they could make their balls last a bit longer.:woot:
  17. A

    Kuhn merger 950

    Good evening, Wanting peoples advise/thoughts. We’ve had the Kuhn Merger 950 for a season and a half now. Got a few problems but the main one is the edge of the pick up reel dragging on heavy tedded first cut grass which causes lumps, belt blockages and a lot of ball ache! (and it doesn’t...
  18. M

    Grease guns

    Now then, I know there has been grease going n threads on here before but…….. quite often when I pick up a grease gun here it’s empty, so my question is how come they seem to be empty on the last nipple for other people but me? And does this strange phenomenon only occur here
  19. Dave W

    New truck. Going round in circles

    Got a nearly 6 year old dmax. Bought me and Been absolutely faultless. Never had a spanner on it. It's now done 140k miles of hard work (which I actually think has done it good, better than one that's not been worked anyway) so thinking it's time for a refresh. A year ago we bought an iveco...
  20. B

    Need some lorry drivers quick, we must import some more?

    is this really the answer for the uks jobs, skill shortage? i know i keep going on about this, but the weekends papers said the transport industry alone are 100,000 short of drivers , and supermarket deliveries could be at risk? Yet on the news we see so many saying thayv lost their jobs, i...