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    UFU urges DAERA to act over NI’s pig sector pressures

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland Shoppers could see fewer of their favourite pork products on supermarket shelves this Christmas, while farmers struggle to cope with extra stock on farms, the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) has warned. Members of the UFU met with Agriculture Minister Edwin...
  2. D

    So is this the post Brexit Utopia we were promised?

    There was a new golden dawn promised by arch Brexiteers if we left the EU. The reality so far, while we await the belated sunrise, which I’m sure will happen: is partially unharvested fruit and vegetable crops, galloping inflation, a chronic shortage of delivery drivers, chaotic scenes at fuel...
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    Government to issue short-term visas for poultry workers for Christmas

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Up to 5,000 temporary visas will be made available for poultry workers to travel and work in the UK just in time for Christmas, the government has announced. This follows an announcement by the Department for Transport of an allowance for a further...
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    Eustice rules out nationalisation of UK CO2 production

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland Defra Secretary George Eustice has ruled out any prospect of the government nationalising the UK’s carbon dioxide production. The government was forced to intervene after agri-food plants warned of an impending crisis as shortages in the supply chain...
  5. Matt

    GS4 legume and herb mixes v's a PRG grazing ley

    The people who have planted a GS4 option how are you finding they are performing against a decent grazing ley? Drought resistance/tolerance better I assume? Take Nitrogen prices out of the equation as any crop that doesn't need that looks more attractive at present. we would be medium clay...
  6. Chae1

    First aid kit for tractor/vehicles

    Does anyone have any recommendations for first aid kits for carrying on farm machines. I'm a bit of a klutz and always injuring myself and would like to be able to help if ever came upon a accident where someone else hurt.
  7. T

    KV LD85 14" to 16" furrow width?

    I have a five furrow KV LD85 manual front furrow width adjustment and want to go from 14 to 16" furrows. Is it just a matter of putting the bolt down into the 16" hole after easing off the front pivot bolts on all five furrows? Will I also have to adjust the front furrow width on the cross bar...
  8. W

    Good luck root crop farmers …….

    See attached
  9. N

    Anyone else not started drilling yet?

    seems everyone making clouds of dust. had less than 10mm since mid July, hardly a vounteer has chitted, grass burnt to a crisp. after bad blackgrass last year, plenty of seed return. am i the only one stalling?