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    McDonald’s called on to ensure US suppliers move to crate-free pork production

    Written by Bernie Commins from Agriland A shareholder in McDonald's in the US has called on the company to ensure that all its US suppliers move to crate-free pork production. Billionaire, Carl Icahn, has claimed that the fast-food giant - in which he owns 200 shares - currently deals with...
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    NFU calls for government plan to realise potential of British food and farming

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Without the urgent implementation of a clear plan and vision for British farming and food production, the government risks wasting the huge potential of the country’s agriculture sector and potentially sleepwalking into more and more crises, the...
  3. G

    NFU Forum 2022 - any sign of action or just more comittees discussing comittees

    Any chance we will get anything meaningful from the NFU forum this year now that its back to a normal format? Let's hope there is less of usual back scratching and political posturing.... Do we think any meaningful discussions will be had around farmer/employee welfare or does that only apply...
  4. I

    If you had to choose a rare breed

    My God daughter is doing a school project on food production. She has chosen to look into what makes people choose the breed(s) they have and why. The question she's decided on is if you had to pick a breed on the RBST watchlist which one would you pick and why? In the scenario, there are no...
  5. U

    Tips on adopting lambs onto sheep

    Had a ewes lamb died and trying to mother on 2 pets who are keen to drink but sheep not like them at all any tips or tricks that could help me out cheers
  6. Defra Farming

    How we’re developing slurry grants

    How we’re developing slurry grants Written by The Team Natural England/Steve Marston Today, we've blogged about how we're working with farmers and others across the industry to use slurry to our advantage. Farmers told us that finance often stands in the way of improving their slurry and...
  7. JP1

    We are England series ; who's been watching ?

    Most recent programmes are centred on farming issues A friend in Norfolk and the most cheery positive person I've ever met https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0014kqx/we-are-england-farming-england-my-norfolk-farm The Morgan sisters in East Yorkshire during the on-going pig processor...