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    British vets warn delaying import checks could lead to ASF threat

    Written by Bernie Commins from Agriland British vets have warned that delaying import checks on animals and animal products entering the UK could have serious implications for animal health and British agriculture, including opening up a threat of the incursion of diseases such as African Swine...
  2. crofteress

    Vets no longer working in outlying area

    I have/ had very good vets for the last 6 years. They have written to all farm/ equine clients saying they are no longer going to be our vets as the distance is too far for out of hours work. There are a lot of us , this is recent as of two days ago. There is another practise but so far have not...
  3. A

    Seeding AD Plant in mainland UK

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with seeding AD plants in the UK? This plant needs seeded in the coming months and I can't seem to find a company that will seed? Any help appreciated, cheers!
  4. Robert

    Cheapest Way to Dispose of Broken (Heating Oil / Water / Fertiliser) Plastic Tanks?

    As above. I presume cut them up into manageable sizes and skip / landfill them but is recycling a (cheaper) possibility perhaps? Thanks
  5. B


    Brother said yesterday there's talk of CF mothballing it's uk plants. Worrying if true.
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    Sainsbury’s offers £2.8m to support its pork farmers

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Sainsbury’s has announced an additional support payment of up to £2.8m for its pork development group, the supermarket’s aligned farmer group designed to understand its farm base and increase visibility across the supplier chain. In conjunction with its...
  7. A

    Deutz Fahr TTV 430 Problem Help Please

    Hello I Have a Deutz Fahr TTV 430 brought it new 2012 and it done 1900 hours been serviced regularly and it now doesn't like to go forwards up a slope if I am driving forwards in either High or low range and start to go up or down a hill or slope tractor sort of sounds like clutch is slipping...
  8. JP1

    Bernard Peet

    I am sorry to learn that Bernard Peet has passed away Having worked on various pig units in the UK, he became the Manager at the NAC Stoneleigh pig unit before setting up a successful consultancy and training programme in Canada
  9. jackrussell101

    Is Defra reckless and short sighted cutting Farm BPS payments and replacing with lower production environmental whilst the third world starve?

    Discuss. On Jeremy Vine today most interesting and highly recommend. Seems every caller in of the public was in favour of producing more food and becoming more self sufficient as a country... Can't think our looming government policy is going too look to good in 6 months time? I think Putin...
  10. AIMS

    We have been speaking with the Ukraine Version of AIMS

    Last week Norman Bagley (Head of Policy at AIMS) and I met with Mykola Babenko and Vladyslav Kashmar from the Meat Industry Association of Ukraine: Click Here We heard about how several abattoirs and processing plants have been completely destroyed and the need for post-war investment in the...
  11. AIMS

    Food Security begins with Farm Security

    We have recently been introduced to a business called Camor. They are a group of ex-military intelligence officers and police officers who specialise in security and counter terrorism. Check out their short film here: We know that the meat industry is a target for food terrorism. We have seen...
  12. MX7

    Looming food crisis,what can uk ag industry do?

    With the serious possibility of a world food shortage looming due to Ukraine agriculture being seriously disrupted, what can the uk agriculture industry do to help alleviate the situation in the uk? Getting very late in the season to rip up thousands of ha’s of ag land that is just growing...
  13. F

    Unnecessary Costs In Livestock Production

    Having been berated about the price of lamb and how people need to pay more for it, if us Peasants are to continue in business producing these lambs, I thought I would start a thread about what could or should be done to reduce the costs that many of us have. Many of these costs are out of our...
  14. Steevo

    ‘Rewilders’ and farmers lock horns over plan to cull 25,000 deer from Cairngorms National Park

    ‘Rewilders’ and farmers lock horns over plan to cull 25,000 deer from Cairngorms National Park Shepherds and hill farmers say the proposals are 'inhumane' and warn the push for natural regeneration of parkland could backfire ByDaniel Sanderson, SCOTTISH CORRESPONDENT19 April 2022 • 5:30pm More...
  15. Electricfencer

    Ewes not milking well

    I’m outside lambing and seem to have a far few 1 and 2 crop ewes lacking milk, they are very fit and plenty of grass, they where run on beet for 4 months and I’m thinking maybe they are lacking something. It’s not a major problem but am having to lift some of the twins off and would like to sort...
  16. C

    Chicken & Pig pricing help!

    Could someone help me pull together some figures for cost per day of raising broiler chickens and pigs? Looking for cost per day including water, labour, feed, utilities etc etc - for a single broiler chicken per day? and cost per day as above, all in, for a single pig (indoors or outdoors)...
  17. casemx 270

    How much N spring Barley

    How much N are you putting on your spring Barley ? Thanks
  18. W

    T1 winter wheat

    What are people using and when are you starting
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    Standard Pig Price must break £2/kg soon – NFU Scotland

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland The National Farmers Union (NFU) Scotland has said that in order to preserve the pig industry, the standard pig price must reach £2/kg soon. In the last five weeks, the Standard Pig Price (SPP) has risen by almost 20p/kg – some of the largest weekly...
  20. TFF

    Rapid and widespread change needed to meet net zero targets for livestock 2022-04-19

    A report published by CIEL (Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock) has identified that greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced from the main livestock types by 23% and ammonia emissions by 15% if wide scale and highly effective mitigations are adopted across UK farms. Published this...