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    Insurers now investigating Oxfordshire pig-farm fire

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Insurers are now investigating the cause of a fire that killed a number of pigs in Oxfordshire last week, as fire and rescue services were unable to establish a cause. A statement from Oxfordshire County Council said: “Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire...
  2. Sendhelp

    Ram costs

    What has everyone spent on a ram? i am on my second Tupping and have heard two schools of thought. You buy cheaper or from the fat ring and run them then sale the ram( if bad) or you buy a more expensive quality breeding accredited tup and keep for few years. What is everyone's opinion on this i...
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    Soil carbon levels keep on rising after 50 years of slurry trial

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The fact that soil carbon sequestration levels in grassland have kept on rising 50 years into a bespoke slurry spreading trial at AFBI Hillsborough, is worthy of note in its own right. However, the fact that this result is counter–intuitive with...
  4. Aspiring Peasants

    The positive thread

    Having flicked through the forum this morning I came away feeling quite negative. There is a lot of worry and uncertainty about and a lot of biased reporting by the supposedly neutral BBC. I have no quarrel with posters highlighting this information because it can't be ignored. However there...
  5. S

    What can and cannot run on red diesel from March 1. 2021

    I read somewhere probably here that excavators will run on derv from next year to be legal but is it true that all contracting will have to use derv including silaging equipment?
  6. Kevtherev

    Agriculture as we know it

    Reading media reports and Facebook posts about tree planting and alternatives to meat on a daily basis. Vegan and save the earth types gathering huge momentum as every week goes on. Are we facing what can only be described as a farming endangerment? Could we as a switched on farming group on...
  7. C

    Shooting Foxhounds.

    This is a photo from a clip showing a hunt (Duke of Beaufort's Hunt) shooting hounds that are 'to old to hunt anymore. What a sick bunch of evil pricks these scum are.
  8. Chae1

    Shearwell software providers move to Scoteid

    Any other users of shearwell farmworks cattle data frustrated by there failure to have software updated to communicate births, movements and deaths to Scoteid after BCMS stopped? The changeover date was the 4th of October, they have had months to prepare and haven't got anything in place...
  9. B'o'B

    Buy a big pig.

    I, and I would guess many others on here, would be able to sort out an oversized pig or 2. These are strange times, is it time to try and come together and set up something that saves needless waste and gives some money to pig produces? I know it would likely be only a tiny fraction of the pork...
  10. B

    The f*****n useless workshy f****n b******rd NSF

    Jeeeeeesus they’re f******n useless. I f******n loathe their sh1t service, their arrogant indifference, their total and utter administrative incompetence, their supercilious nitpicking. Whole RT thing is a pain but these turd flinging windowlickers make it so much worse. Pri*cks. That’s...
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    Former Tesco CEO appointed as government’s supply chain advisor

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed Sir David Lewis, former CEO of Tesco, as the UK government’s supply chain advisor. In his new role, Lewis will advise the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Duty of Lancaster on both immediate improvements...
  12. jerseycowsman

    Badger proofing a shed

    We have a shed with one open side, the feed barriers. How far up does the netting or whatever need to be to keep the APHA vets happy that it is badger proof?
  13. O

    Gas Crisis

    Russia: drilling like never before, trying to build Nord stream 2 but being blocked by the EU. Joe Biden: bans drilling on federal land. Supports ending hydraulic fracturing and removing offshore leases that were previously given. Results in LNG facilities being canceled. Scottish Governmnet...
  14. Poorbuthappy

    FW awards

    Congratulations to @TimW. Much deserved and all good publicity 😀 Any other winners members on here (and happy to be revealed.
  15. gatepost

    Was I dreaming, the Red Tractor Halo effect?

    Was I dreaming? this morning when half asleep Cristine Takeput telling us that we all benefit from the Red Tractor Halo effect, re consumer confidence in British produce.
  16. Farfrae

    UK Public now Eating Significantly Less Meat

    The BBC in full flow this morning. The agenda is writ large https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-58831636
  17. D

    Minette Batters one Question Time tonight.

    Sorry if it has already been posted, but for anyone who may be interested I have just seen that Minette Batters is one of the panelists on QT after the news on BBC1 tonight.
  18. Bald Rick

    High Wage Economy

    Some of us aspire to earn more but if we are to believe the vision of our Dear Leader of a High Wage, High Skill economy where is the money coming from? We as farmers are, in the main, price takers so there is very little room for increasing wages as we often have no clue to our income on a...
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    Global wheat prices up 41% with consumption hitting ‘all-time high’

    Written by Kathleen O'Sullivan from Agriland Global wheat prices are up 41% on last year due to “tightening export availabilities amid strong demand”, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN has reported this week. World cereal output in 2021 is on course to hit an all-time...
  20. B

    are pigs to being destroyed ?

    Sorry to hi-jacked a differnet forum, but does anyone of a farmer who as had to pigs culled yet ? - there seems to be a lot talk about it.