1. Arryla

    1983 MF265 steering is loose

    I just bought this tractor and noticed on 1st run around pasture that steering is real loose.Is that normal or does it need something?
  2. G

    Yara says food crisis coming

    The truth is out
  3. Kevtherev

    Big changes ahead then

  4. Wolds Beef

    Richard Tice. Produce food in this Country

    There is a short piece in the Express of him speaking on a radio show about buying and labelling British food. I am tech challenged, maybe some one could move it to here! @JP1 WB
  5. FendtRunner86

    Tractor looks

    What brand takes the lead in design?
  6. D

    Food shortage in China

    Bad news for the Chinese Which is bad news for us all. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/11/02/economy/china-food-supply-covid-vegetables-intl-hnk/index.html
  7. Timmy k

    Putting time aside to just enjoy

    As everything now is about covid or the fact the world's going to end if you have one more sunday roast, what do you fellas do to for fun, something to take your mind off all the doom and gloom.
  8. Farm Business RSS

    UK red meat exports to the US top £19 million

    Written by Iain Hoey from Farm Business The UK exported £19 million worth of red meat to the US in the first eight months of the year – with beef making up over a quarter of the shipments. According to the latest data from HMRC, 1,211 tonnes of beef was exported to America between January and...
  9. yellowbelly

    Well, what d'you know.

    Just been listening to The World at One on Radio 4. Some of the menues at COP26 list the CO2 content of the food. A bacon roll is 20% lower in it's CO2 footprint than a coissant...... .....RESULT 👍👍 I hope all the delegates are 'putting their money where their mouths are' and chomping...
  10. P

    Food for thought

    =AZW8c5RDExgDt86VaGP-qmpjueIFLIA29fgR-JaJH8EqJbRT-YE2DAXid0q98lWyvQMFNWOXsbeELhbzsYP0jdOdZJquK2mgd2p5IdPEsShWzKwaSIz4PgV7cUL_zR2lH3iZYDZwkS0lmaWG_xqmiKtMs-yEk6N9XCrbypVVYrPiq-5oLj8Hf6eMh7YUkbStUZE&__tn__=-UC%2CP-y-R']Kelly K.R. Ross...
  11. Farm Business RSS

    NOAH/Lantra Animal Medicines Best Practice (AMBP) farmer training delivers solution to meet new Red Tractor requirements

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business NOAH’s Animal Medicines Best Practice (AMBP) farmer training can help fulfil the new Red Tractor standards that make the completion of medicines training for their beef, sheep and pig producers a requirement. Produced in partnership with Lantra, the...
  12. Tractorstant

    Eastenders tonight! Anti Meat.

    One of the kids has gone full Greta on Eastenders, spouting tosh about meat production. The BBC needs to be held to account for this as it's factually incorrect and "we are paying for it! " Hope I am not the only one watching, kind of forced to by the Mrs!
  13. Agriland RSS

    Pressure continues to build on Northern Ireland pig industry

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Ulster Pork and Bacon Forum chief executive, Deirdre McIvor, has confirmed that farmers and processors working within the Northern Ireland pig industry are under pressure like never before. The key factor in this is an acute labour shortage, which...
  14. N

    Increased eaves height of building... planning enforcement !!

    Hi, we have a steel framed barn, about 45 ft x 30 ft. We recently had the cement sheet roof replaced, and some steels changed, as they were dated and in need of replacement. Whilst doing this we have raised the eaves height by approximately 30cm... Our one neighbour has dobbed us in to...
  15. Agriland RSS

    Defra/UKRI funds project to reduce the environmental impact of ammonia emissions from livestock

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland A new project to reduce the environmental impact of ammonia emissions from livestock has been awarded £600k funding from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)/UKRI. PigProGrAm will bring together farming and engineering...
  16. Agriland RSS

    Durham barn fire believed to have been deliberate

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Fire services in Durham are appealing for information after attending a farm fire that they believed to have been started deliberately. Crews from Barnard Castle and Bishop Auckland were alerted to the fire on a farm near Staindrop on Friday, October...
  17. A

    Please help. What are the Best home made feeds for pigs?

    I am new in pig growing things. Was wandering if there is a way I can make my own feeds for my pigs. Businesswise, relying on concentrates (Remix as we call them here) can be financially draining. Thanks.
  18. jackrussell101

    Carbon negative beef - Belcampo Farms, California

  19. Greythundercloudys

    New jacket for winter, ridgeline again??.

    Had a ridgeline for 3 years, only wear in winter time, zips away and abit ripped here and there, buy another or new brand?.
  20. kfpben

    Where is less Loony?

    Wife and I are early/mid 30s, living in the South of England and thinking about the future. Baby arriving soon all things being well. I’m a livestock farmer, she’s a farrier. Outside interests; cricket (me), horses (her), hunting (both). With the mounting lunacy in government with regards to...