1. Lucklogic

    Pigeons and corvids Plymouth area

    Hi, we are two 63 year olds looking to extend our permissions for shotgun pest control. We have all the necessary gear (decoys, magnets abs hides etc) Prefer a start to a longer term relationship, can come weekly if required FREE to the famer Prefer within 60 mins of Plymouth area Please...
  2. Mason4796

    Shooting Opportunities North Yorkshire

    Afternoon all, Are there any shooters/ farmers local in the North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and East Yorkshire area that would be open to some company on one of their permissions OR have requirements for pigeon shooting? I am fully insured and located in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. I am...
  3. mikebramham

    County Durham and Wearside Farmers

    Land owners in the North East My name is Mike Bramham, I’m 36 years old, married with two children. I live in Sunderland but also have a residence near West Auckland County Durham. I enjoy shooting as a hobby and I would like to ask for permission to access land and shoot pests that cause...
  4. ChrisPCarter

    Vermin & Pigeon Shooting - North Yorkshire

    Hi, I'm a responsible and experienced 45 year old field sports enthusiast based near Harrogate, North Yorkshire and would be pleased to assist you with any pest control issues in surrounding areas, free of charge. I work in the IT business and could provide you with a bit of advice, technical...
  5. L

    Sporting rights, woodland/farmland south east

    Hi there, I would be very interested in speaking to anyone who potentially has sporting rights available for rent in the south east. I am an experienced, keen shooter and would like the opportunity to pay a rent for an area of wood or farmland, that holds deer and/or other quarry. I am...
  6. Hopley89

    shooting permission

    hi all I would like to say thank you for reading this post, I have been a member on this site for a couple of years now and have made some good friends and still shoot for the same farmers I am also looking for a shoot permission, I'm based in West Midlands and willing to travel. for the...
  7. Hopley89

    Help around your farm/land

    Hi all it's me again.. i'm willing to help around your farm or land doing any jobs for abit of permission i'm a fully trainer and qualified plaster, roofer and game keeper. i'm very hands on and willing to help job 1st land permission 2nd with me doing your jobs first would hopefully help...
  8. J

    Pigeon,rabbits,foxes Staffordshire and surounding

    Hi My name is john, offering pest control for all vemon, Have shotgun / FAC. experienced shot, Mature now retired ( 50yr ) with all certificates, insurance, etc , BASC member for years, I have loads of decoys pigeon / crows, Respectful to farming practices land and livestock able to shoot...
  9. A

    Newbie!! *pest control* northern Ireland

    Hi guys, New on the forum. Young woman recently started shooting :) Want to start off with some rough shooting. Vermin control.. If there is anyone on here having trouble with pests, id love to help out, I've such new found love for it I'd actually enjoy it. Using shotgun and will pretty...
  10. williegunn88

    Pigeon Shooting Sought.

    Hi there, We are a team of two guns (father & son) seeking ground on which to shoot pigeons in the Angus or Fife areas. We are both fully insured through BASC and both very experienced shots with professional backgrounds. We are willing to pay a fee for good ground and would be delighted if...

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