1. Chapelton

    Quad Bike Running Costs

    Just wondered how people were getting on with repair costs for young quads that aren’t being abused? We’ve always kept them young and avoided expensive repairs, but we’ve had a couple of issues now with bikes at under 2yo. Mostly seem to be suspension rather than drive train or electrics.
  2. paul&mandy

    Campervan/welfare unit

    As above really. Obviously going to run this through with accountant but what would the chances of buying a camper van to use for 2 months lambing and various other times then having its use as its purpose of going away in it. Could I put a percentage through the books for tax purposes? Lots of...
  3. cb387

    Lord Botham stands up for the countryside

    Writing in the Telegraph today: I won't let the bleeding heart eco-woke ride roughshod over our countryside My mission in the House of Lords is to stand up for ordinary rural folk like me IAN BOTHAM14 November 2020 • 6:00am When I heard I was to be proposed to sit in the House of Lords, I was...
  4. Danllan

    President Macron

    This may come as a surprise to some, but I am starting this thread solely in praise of Emmanuel Macron, honest, read on. Once President Trump is out of office, Emmanuel Macron will be the only national leader in the Western-democracies who openly speaks the truth about the dangers to our...
  5. bluegreen

    USA Election...………..Fallout!!

    I was reliably informed yesterday that both the Democrats and Republicans have are armed to the teeth with huge legal teams with over 500 Lawyers ready and awaiting the aftermath of this coming election results. Both camps have one remit, under any circumstances DO NOT CONCEDE!!!!!! What this...
  6. A

    Horner rambo

    I am thinking about getting a horner rambo mains and was wondering what they are like and are there any other brands to look at at the same price.
  7. Bignor Farmer

    JD Gator or Polaris Ranger.... sorry!

    Without wanting to open a huge can of worms, I need to trade in my ageing Gator for a newer model. Has anyone got any comments (good or bad) on the latest models? We would have full cab, road kit and work it hard off road. Only really looking at the Gator and Ranger because dealers are close...
  8. Poorbuthappy

    Hisun electric utv

    Anybody tried one? I'm guessing its a Chinese offering? Looks very competitively priced, but whether its up to farm work? I see a couple SW dealers selling them. Any other utv/ quad electric options coming ? Isn't there a polaris Ranger in electric- is that available here?
  9. bluegreen

    Biden tells the truth......................for once!

    Beijing Biden finally told some truth in his weekend interview, heres his exact words. Then Biden touted his 'voter fraud' organization: "Secondly, we’re in a situation where we have put together — and you’d [sic] guys, did it for our, the president Obama’s administration, before this — we...
  10. B


    WHY? whats changed since i was at school , yes many years ago, but whats happened and how much more has the state got to do now with child care will they be washing clothes next ? if people cant be responsible for their children well sign them over to the state at birth and forego any sort of...
  11. Farmer Piles

    Which Gator or Buggy?

    We have had a Polaris Ranger for 4 years now but time to move her on. It is the 47hp petrol, which for what we do is ideal. Plenty of power, quick on the road and light on the land. Polaris is alright but not brilliant mechanical build quality - mainly drive shafts. Any suggestions or...
  12. The Guardian RSS

    The invisible hand of the market won't protect our food or fields | Sue Pritchard

    The invisible hand of the market won't protect our food or fields | Sue Pritchard Written by Sue Pritchard The defeat of the agriculture bill is a blow to the many who believe Britain could lead the world in sustainable farming In a world of polarised debates, there is a broad, non-partisan...
  13. A

    Death Throws of No Deal

    As the clock winds inexorably down to deal or no deal, and the EU showing ZERO signs of “bricking it”, as the loyal TFF Brexiteers expect, the U turn preparations have begun in earnest. Barnier of course recognises the shift from dogma, to bravado, to realisation, and latterly to panic! As an...
  14. C

    250cc quads

    Can’t get hold of these anymore due to some emissions regs. Next Honda up is a 420cc 4wd which is less agile, more thirsty and I think more prone to staff getting big/unsafe speeds. We normally replace one of ours every year and now scratching our heads. Mule type things are more money but...
  15. WittetCheviots

    Used farm quad registration

    Does anyone know which form you use to road register a used farm quad for the first time. Thank you
  16. T

    2020 Polaris Ranger Diesel

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has bought or demoed one of these latest Diesel Rangers.I understand they are completely different to the their predecessors and would appreciate your thoughts.Thanks.
  17. D

    Safety Belts

    Do you have to use the safety belts when using a Gator or tractor on the road
  18. MX7

    Is the Covid19 hype now media driven???

    As above Jeremy Clarkson wrote a very good article in the Sunday Times about Covid 19,and another guy also wrote an article about Covid19. All in all both were saying that science, the media are all fuelling the Covid19 hype and that society needs to man up and get back to normal.
  19. T

    john deere gator for slug pelleting

    how do people find the diesel gator in wet condtions while slug pelletin?
  20. msheep66

    New Defender

    Just wondering if anyone has bought a new Defender. I had an extended test drive in one a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed. I had intended to buy a Discovery5 but I have ordered a new Defender. Yes they are a lot of money but hopefully will have a good resale value.