1. B

    digested on potato land

    hi as the price of chemical fertiliser has goen sky high this year im thinking of applying digested as a sorce of fertiliser and was wondering is there any1 on here has used it before on potato land as ive never used it and looking information about it ie how did crops grow with it and would it...
  2. M

    Liquid or solid fert spreading

    What's everyone's preference and reasoning for?
  3. R

    Drilling seed and Fert together?

    We have been using DAP down the spout with seed to good effect but with current prices and reasonable fertility is CAN an option? Or will it gather too much moisture and block the seed spouts? Having asked that, what is the most reliable DAP product for drilling with seed? Certain DAP products...
  4. Farm Business RSS

    Certification boost as Boulby products shipped worldwide

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business A leading international certification body has confirmed that polyhalite multi-nutrient fertilisers produced at the ICL Boulby mine in East Cleveland are approved for use in organic farming. The certification from the Control Union organisation confirms...
  5. CPM RSS

    Polyhalite fertiliser gets organic approval

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Polyhalite multi-nutrient fertilisers produced at ICL’s Boulby mine have been approved for usage in organic farming. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The certification from the Control Union organisation confirms that both the Polysulphate Standard...
  6. bobk

    Getting sulphur on next spring

    Couldn't be arsed pricing doubletop so just got straight N for next spring , what options do we have for adding S , ?
  7. CPM RSS

    Tech Talk – Making the most of nutrients

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Sulphur can be the limiting factor in many soils when it comes to plant growth and nutrient uptake. Autumn-applied Polysulphate could help crop plants become more efficient. CPM finds out more. Growth is dictated not by total resources available...
  8. M

    Potash Soil Deficiency

    Recent soil analysis is showing K levels at 0 on a lot of the cutting ground. PH around 6.0. The margins around the fields are showing good growth but can see where I’ve cut last year very clearly and the yields don’t look very promising! Is MOP the best long term option? And if so where would...
  9. tr250

    Thinking of having one last go at osr???

    Looking at market report this morning osr is £447 delivered am I silly in thinking about trying it? I’m thinking direct drill mid July very thick as soon as w barley is off leave until November and graze it down with sheep and come back in the spring and decided whether to plant spring crop or...
  10. B

    Soil analysis

    Have had 5 mow fields soil sampled last month, just had the results, it’s the first time I’ve ever had any tests done and it means nothing too me, anyone fancy explaining what’s what before the firm contact me for a chat. Cheers
  11. Rob Holmes

    Yara want to move to 750 kg bags

  12. S

    Trace elements/snake oil/biologics/N Inhibitors etc etc

    It's that time of year again, soon be time to start splashing about miniscule amounts of trace elements in the hope of hitting top yields. Over the last few years I've moved to using Combitop (Mn,S,Mg,Zn) on all the cereals, usually using 5kg/Ha in each pass which costs about £10-£13/ha...
  13. Flintstone

    Hey, it’s early January and it’s -5 degrees tonight, isn’t it about time for people to...

    ....get some early N on their backward crops. :ROFLMAO:
  14. Case290

    Spring barley advice

    I’ve got a drill which will drill seed & fert. Should I drill all the fert In one go it’s what I want to do. They are metered separately but do go in the same place slot. Disc drill any thoughts. Probably going 120kg/n/ha solid fert either 34.5 or 24/8/8/8
  15. S

    Imaging; usefulness, payback, cost/benefit

    Is anyone using any of the imaging systems in anger? There seems to be a plethora of these appearing and I have meddled with the Agrii contour system. They seem to raise more questions than they answer and on generally light soil they just show lack of moisture, IMHO. They could however be used...
  16. C

    Horsch OSR and fert fan speed

    Just wondering would anyone have a fan speed setting for mixing osr and dap in the same pipe. The osr and slug pellet mix will be about 5.5kg/ha in the 1st hopper and the DAP will be going on at about 90-100kg/ha in the second side of the hopper ( Partner FT2200) Book is fairly vague..... was...
  17. Kevtherev

    Grass Renovation thread

  18. The Ruminant

    Should we farm without N?

    A really interesting podcast here about the use of N and K and how soils and organic matter responds. Really thought-provoking and confirms a lot of anecdotal things we and other farmers find.
  19. cotswoldcs

    Urea vs Nitram

    Have usually purchased only blue bags from CF but this year am considering Urea instead of Nitram. Have been quoted £219/t for Urea and £195/t for Nitram (June/July delivery). Nitram is a good price but Urea is so much better value. Looking for opinions on whether I'm right to save some money or...
  20. ajd132

    Urea VS AN

    We are often told AN is better than urea for various reasons, usually by manufacturers. The more I learn about soil health I keep reading that urea is far better for soil biology than AN which is too salty. thoughts?