1. Trying


    What are everyone’s experiences dealing with them? Good or bad.
  2. B


    question aimed at GOVT, but any MP, counciller? My local MP or councillers, hopeless in my view? do they see what i see every day? small point on the very long list ? local police station in wickford essex, anyone know the area ? been closed for over 4 years, ment to have been sold by public...
  3. spin cycle

    weedy straw in swath

    been driving past a field of barley this year....something obviously went wrong cos fair bit of poppy...got me thinking would the straw be ok for stock :scratchhead:
  4. Corteva Updates

    Reactive herbicide applications advised as oilseed rape area is set to increase

    With the oilseed rape area expected to increase this autumn, Corteva Agriscience is advising farmers to consider a reactive approach to weed control in order to reduce risks during crop establishment. Buoyant prices for the 2021 crop are being underpinned by demand from processors and it is...
  5. Farm Business RSS

    Women in dairy panel select three finalists for dairy industry woman of the year award

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Three finalists have been selected for this year’s Dairy Industry Woman of the Year Award. Run as part of the RABDF’s Women in Dairy initiative the award is now in its fourth year and has previously crowned the likes of Mary Quicke MBE and Karen Halton...
  6. Agriland RSS

    Women in Dairy reveals 2021 Dairy Industry Woman of the Year finalists

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland Three finalists have been selected for this year’s Dairy Industry Woman of the Year Award. Run as part of the RABDF’s Women in Dairy initiative, the award is now in its fourth year and has previously crowned the likes of Mary Quicke MBE, and Dr. Jude...
  7. bobk

    Time to go back in to Afghanistan

    Clearly the withdrawal was premature , time to get back in and twit the taliban ?
  8. B

    Football’s big moment

    Euro football starting but unfortunately our England players & manager seem to have been heading far too many balls, they have decided this is the perfect occasion to carry on with the bended knee farce, did no one point out to them that this will probably be the perfect opportunity for the...
  9. Bigjon44


    Anyone warrant doing a T3 this year? Growing skyfall and is a bit of yellow rust around so may do a cheapo one involving Tebuconazole
  10. Tiptoe Ted

    Plant ID help please

    Can anyone put me out of my misery and confirm what this plant is please? Spotted locally up in rows and really annoying me not knowing what it is! (Could be having a senior moment...)
  11. Ormond

    Spring barley BLW control and rates

    Been given a recommendation for week control in spring barley. 75g/ ha counter sx 0.3 l/ha Pixxaro Seems a heavy dose to me.....just the usual suspects to deal with and not too big atvthr moment. Advice needed. Thanks
  12. G

    Someone wants my old Maxxum 5120!

    Hi peeps I need some advice, got a local chap wanting my Maxxum 5120, as I retired earlier this year I probably wont need it any more, so I may aswell let it go but not sure what to ask for it, I've owned it for about ten years It's got 14,000 hours on the clock and still runs like a sewing...
  13. F

    Looking for trial sites.

    Hi everyone, I am looking for farmers in the east that would be interested in hosting some of my trials. I am looking for the following weeds: speedwell, Poppy (In a winter wheat and barley crop) and Wild oats (In a winter barley crop). Many thanks, Frankie
  14. CPM RSS

    Tech Talk – Spring weed control

    Written by cpm Download PDF Robust weed control is essential when growing a profitable cereal crop. Corteva Agriscience has a range of innovative chemistry designed to fulfil the needs of UK and Irish growers and is grateful for the opportunity to sponsor this CPM Tech Talk. Flexibility is key...
  15. B

    Winter linseed

    Winter linseed looks pretty sick with this cold weather anybody got any experience? Will it bounce back?
  16. W

    Joe Biden

    Jesus Christ this is who the American people have voted in. He needs removing with immediate effect.
  17. U

    Share Portfolio 2020

    Just received my brokers report on my share holdings for the year 2020. Across the board reading of my mixed portfolio is that I am about 20% DOWN from this time one year ago. Considering turmoil during 2020 am happy,as it could have been much worse.
  18. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  19. D

    Eat less meat

    Sorry, I know it has been thrashed about before, but it needs sorting. Kath Dalmeny was on r4 this morning. When she speaks, people of influence listen. https://www.sustainweb.org/news/oct18_kath_dalmeny_one_of_top_ten_campaigners_2018/ Kath said, and I will have the words largely correct here...
  20. bobk

    No deal , no sell

    If tariffs come in to force we'd be fools to sell now , wouldn't we ?