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    Cereal acreage on the up in Northern Ireland

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Co. Down agronomist, Richard Owens, has confirmed a significant increase in the cereal acreage grown in Northern Ireland this year. He told Agriland: “In the case of the farmers that I am working with, the figure the region of 10%. Most of the...
  2. J


    I'm in the process of redoing budgets and cashflows taking into account the price rises. Ive been warned by my dad that after this year he doesn't want to be doing farm work on a day to day basis (deteriorating health from years of abuse when he milked). The suckler cows will be going in the...
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    UN distributes seed potatoes to over 17,000 households in Ukraine

    Written by Aisling O'Brien from Agriland The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) has distributed seed potato kits to over 17,700 vulnerable households in rural Ukraine. The organisation, which is working to safeguard food security in the war-torn country, believes...
  4. Col555

    GCSE biology

    I haven’t got the full story but apparently the in todays GCSE biology exam, one of the questions was based around something like explain why a plant based diet was better than meat based diet. Not sure if anyone has the full story or question and obviously there won’t be photos of the question...
  5. F

    Best potato box

    Which is the better designed potato box? Looking at 2 options. One has a single center bearer. The other has 2 bearers bolted to the centre post that travels through the floor. It looks a stronger box, and it's slightly more expensive. HK reckon they sell more of the single bearer with nail...
  6. G

    600mm plain flat disc

    Looking to source a plain soil leading disc for a drill project that is bigger than the normal range. Using a 460mm plain disc at present and want to try something nearer 600mm. There’s a few around the 500mm diameter but nothing I can find bigger than that. Obviously there’s stud pcd...
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    Met Éireann issues warning for scattered thunderstorms

    Written by Aisling O'Brien from Agriland Met Éireann has issued a status yellow thunderstorm warning for nine counties for this afternoon and evening (Monday, May 16). The forecaster said that scattered thunderstorms with “localised downpours” will make driving conditions poor. The warning...
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    Pushing performance – A crusade for control

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Download PDF Controlling evolving, aggressive blight populations in a wetter, warmer region has long been a challenge for potato growers in Pembrokeshire. CPM finds out how agronomists and farmers are tackling the challenge head-on by using...
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    Standen T3

    Standen T3 Advert added by: David Mold @moldengineer Machinery Details Category: Potato Equipment Potato Harvester Price: £20000 Condition: Good Description Standen T3. Omega separator. 3 webs. 40, 45 and 50. Good condition. Needs the topping roller recovering. 40 mm web is...
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    Climate Change Champions – Brought into balance

    Written by Tom Allen-Stevens from CPM Magazine Download PDF The challenge for a North Norfolk estate is to retain productivity from its root crops while securing its long-term future in the face of climate change. CPM visits to explore progress. Productive agriculture has to have a key role in...
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    Opinion: Thank goodness for blight warning after cold days at Balmoral

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland I mean no harm to potato growers, but I was never so glad to hear that a blight warning has been issued for next week, particularly following my attendance at Balmoral Show. At least this means the weather is about to warm up. I spent two days at this...
  12. B

    Food Banks Whats Going On?

    Im old enough to remember the 3 day week in the early 1970s ( i was at school then), when the country had days without any electricity? miners were on strike, brought the heath govt. down? and other hard recessions up to now? It just seems to me the population has got so soft over the years, and...
  13. Wolds Beef

    Growing food in the Back Garden

    Who has decided to grow more in there garden and what are you growing? Salad crps are my first thought. WB
  14. Andyt880

    Tips for growing onions on a very small commercial scale

    We grow 1.5/2 acres of potatoes to sell though a few honesty boxes locally. I have a small bit of space left in the potato field this year so I decided to buy a few KGs of onion sets to give them a go. Hoping they would be sellable in the honesty box along side the potatoes I know very little...
  15. D

    Looking For Work Farm Manager

    Farm Manager required. 500 acres Arable specialising in salad potato production. Competitive salary plus accommodation Please call 07968 143298
  16. Greythundercloudys

    Silage grant in Republic of Ireland 100 euro a hectare.

    Just read this 100 euro a hectare for the first 20 hectares to help with prices of plastic etc, nothing over here. Surprisingly enough.
  17. B

    Potato Planting 2022

    Does anybody know where I could get info for area of 2022 potato planting in UK and Europe, as well as forecast crop yields for 2022 given the dry spring we have had etc Many thanks
  18. jon9000

    Big telehandler

    One thing on my wish list next year is a large 4.5ton plus telehandler. Would go for loading shovel however like the extended possibilities with a teleporter. Currently run two manitou s. So the possibility of putting a manito headstock on would be good to. Main job would be loading potato...
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    Dry spell may alter potato herbicide strategies this spring

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Potato growers may have to rethink their usual reliance on pre-emergence herbicides this year after a period of dry weather, according to the latest advice from Corteva. While planting has progressed well thanks to favourable conditions, the dry...
  20. M

    Root crops and grass weeds

    I cannot find the article but I’ve read recently some young farmer pontificating about the benefit of root crops (potatoes in his case) as part of his armoury against grass weeds. Basically he was renting land out to a potato grower because he believed it helped his war against grass weeds. Now...