1. 24/7 farming

    Grass after spuds?...

    Is this a major no-no?, planted 2 acres of spuds last year and was planning to go for crop silage cut of oats and peas this year then reseed into grass. However only hav the option of bales so always been a bit worried about vermin when stored (altho have done it successfully before) and cannot...
  2. T

    Potato Pest

    Finding these critters in nearly every seed potato I scrat out to have a look at , usually 3 or 4 per potato burrowing in. Anyone know what they are and should I be worried ? I mean more worried than any potato growers constantly Is. Many thanks
  3. H

    John Deere 170hp engine

    water cooled fitted in a Bateman RB25. Is there anything to watch out for in high houred models? I’ve been offered a very tidy RB25 but it’s done 12,000 hours. Two owners and I’d be buying it privately so no come back. In general it’s extremely tidy machine and I’m not to bothered if I need to...
  4. Kate_PaceWard

    Farm accidents claim four lives in three weeks

    I've just been reading the latest Farmers Weekly Magazine and saw the article 'Farm accidents claim four lives in three weeks' which I found quite shocking. I there a way to make farming safer? Or do you just accept the risks? I'd be interested in peoples thoughts....
  5. D

    The Multiplier Effect

    £1 of taxpayer money given to the livestock farmer is of greater economic benefit to UK agriculture as a whole, than £1 given to the arable farmer. Discuss. Extra marks for showing any workings.
  6. Chasingmytail

    spreading lime - pluming over houses

    Today weve had contractors here spreading lime. The one field is over by the town. The lime is pluming and it is a tad windy so moving towards the homes. One place is kicking off stating its gone all over their property and its dangerous and corrosive. Phoning environmental health to...
  7. Cowabunga

    The squeeze on milk and meat continues...

    From https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-56807520 today. Radical new climate change commitments will set the UK on course to cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035, Boris Johnson will announce this week. Hitting the targets would require more electric cars, low-carbon heating, renewable...
  8. colhonk

    Potato fert

    Do potatoes need a sulphur fertiliser?
  9. W

    Could kick myself (moddus cock up)

    Had a really busy day today, and made my first ever spray cock up, Was putting some Magphos and amino on my wheat today, and after talking with agronomist a few weeks ago I said send out some teb for the gleam and a bit of moddus or equivalent for a couple of really forward fields. Anyway...
  10. C

    Who's worried about the lack of rain?

    No significant amount of rain in the forecast. Should we be getting concerned yet?
  11. W

    Faun potato setter

    For sale faun potato setter very good order £250
  12. B

    No covid money for suckler farmer s

    How is it suckled cow farmers got no industry money dairy farmers got 2 p per litre pig men got money beef finishing men got money but nothing for suckled men we don't all finish our cattle sucking the tough auld tit again same old story suckler farmer s don't mean jack
  13. CPM RSS

    Potatoes – Integrated approach for PVY

    Written by cpm Download PDF Seed potato producers are leaving no stone unturned to slow the proliferation of virus in British stocks, with straw mulches and mineral oils set to compliment systemic insecticides as part of a robust integrated pest management (IPM) strategy this year. CPM finds...
  14. Mc115reed

    Lazy collie dog

    My dogs not done much work over lambing and now there’s more work happening she’s getting tired really fast, it’s really noticeable after 15 mins running she goes lazy as hell... she’s been on same feed since last year really, she’s not fat, quite hollow really she eats anything in sight but...
  15. H

    What sprayer?

    Hello, I’m looking at taking back our spraying in hand. We’ve had a contractor for a number of years but the timing of applications is getting worse and I think it’s expensive. Basically it’s a total workload of 3000-3500ac per year depending on rotation. We’re paying between £12,000 and £14,000...
  16. Nufarm News


    NUCROP - HYBRID ELECTRIC CROP PROTECTION Nufarm and Crop.Zone Launch new brand for alternative weed control Düsseldorf / Aachen, 20 January 2021 – Australian crop protection and specialty seed company Nufarm and German ag-tech start-up CROP.ZONE are announcing the launch of NUCROP – Hybrid...
  17. beardface


    So what's the odds on 2021 being the start of WW3. We've had floods, fires, disease now war.....
  18. R


    We are looking for used good condition potato boxes. please make contact if you have anything that might suit. many thanks [email protected]
  19. R

    used potato boxes wanted

    we are looking for used good condition potato boxes. please contact if you have anything that might suit. many thanks