1. AHDB News

    Vote on the future of AHDB Potatoes

    Vote on the future of AHDB Potatoes Have your voice heard. Should the Potatoes levy continue? Nicholas Saphir, AHDB Chair A ‘Yes’ vote means • KEEPING independent storage research, agronomy and crop protection work • MORE levy-payer say on what we deliver for you and reduced costs...
  2. Farm Classifieds

    Woodchip/Onion/Potato/Grain Concrete Drying Floor

    Woodchip/Onion/Potato/Grain Concrete Drying Floor Advert added by: Rory King @flatlandfarmer Machinery Details Category: Other Price: £15 Condition: Good Description Dimensions. 36 x 13 x 5 inch (LxWxD) Ex onion store floor but suitable for woodchip, potato and other...
  3. Ukjay

    Potato Quality

    Hi Just interested in finding out some info really, as we seem to be finding the quality of edible potatoes extremely poor locally, and we do not want to revert to buying supermarket supplied.. Therefore, why would local farm shops supply 'Spalding Lincolnshire Potatoes' vs local produce in...
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    Potato sector levy payers, AHDB wants you to vote

    Written by Lydia Turner Following the results of the AHDB horticulture vote this week, a ballot is now running for levy payers to vote on the whether the potato levy should continue. The ballot opens today and will run until the 17th March. AHDB are appealing to voters to favour a yes result...
  5. Bald Rick

    How is Brexit for you?

    No, not a political thread per se but our freedom hasn't half caused some issues ......... Just since Jan 1st on this farm: 1) Deal to send 60 pedigree heifers to N Ireland ....... no deal because there are no lairage facilities on either side of the water for a physical vet inspection prior...
  6. J

    Ransome Trip Ridger

    Anyone have an old Ransome trip potato Ridger lying about Looking to make up a 5 row model needs to be the trip leg type Even 2 complete bodies with trip mechanism without frame would do as I have a 3 row in stock
  7. Hesstondriver

    Alan Bartlett Carrot growers to close

    this ones a bit of a shock 300 jobs at stake https://www.cambstimes.co.uk/news/300-jobs-lost-as-factory-closes-7390888 being at the mercy of the supermarkets i guess @slim shiny - any word on the street ?
  8. S

    Experience Experience Experience .......

    Every job posting I ever see requires experience. I get machinery these days is very expensive but why cant I try something new? Spending my evenings after work enquiring about a career change. 95 percent of the time not even a response. Starting to think its impossible to get back into farming...
  9. T

    Had the jab yet?

    Ok so just back from getting the jab - pfizer i believe, didn't hurt :) rather quick process except for the 15 minute post injection wait , weirdly they only tell you about potential side effects in the literature give after the jab itself. Was rather supposed by a real community spirit and how...
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    Education programme helps home learners with food and farming resources

    Written by Lydia Turner The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) funded education schemes reached more students than ever in 2020, as the nation took to home learning in response to the pandemic. Last year, almost half a million (459,609) educators downloaded just over 1.4...
  11. stablegirl

    More Fastrac 4220 Grumbles!

    I might just be doing something wrong but i have some parts of operating thaat should be much simpler! When your tanking slurry we all like to travel on the road in drive, but you cant set the hand throttle in drive even if you put it in neutral. So you pull into the yard back up to the store...
  12. CHAPs News

    Managing pesticide resistance in potato crops - a focus on digital tools

    Managing pesticide resistance in potato crops - a focus on digital tools About this Event Join this free 60-minute online webinar to learn about the new digital tools impacting pesticide usage across the potato production sector. Please click here to find out more Date: Tuesday 16th...
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    249: Potatoes Special: Keeping positive during challenging times

    249: Potatoes Special: Keeping positive during challenging times Written by AHDB In this episode Claire Hodge, Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager (Scotland) speaks with her guests about mental health and tips for maintaining positivity. In the first part of this episode we speak to Jim Reid...
  14. Banana Bar

    Reduced N in no till

    It is widely reported and accepted that nitrogen fertiliser is damaging to soil biology. It is suggested that long term no tillers are reducing their N use ( I’ve been told of one estate now growing wheat with 100kg N where recently they were using 200 kg). Have any long term no tillers seen...
  15. Richard Smyth

    Fendt 936 gen 6

    Recently got a new gen 6 936. Just wanting users opinion on adblu usage as it seems to like a drink. currently it’s using 10.5 % of fuel use. This seems a lot to me on relatively light work at the moment. I’ll have it on a deep ripper next week but slightly concerned how much it will use on...
  16. chester

    Light weight 14t root crop

    We have 14t Bailey root crops are present and find the unladen weight of over 6.5t plenty enough. Maybe they are over engineered for carrying potatoes and corn as that what we use them for. Does anyone know who would make a lighter weight root crop ? It would be better for us not to be pulling...
  17. Steevo

    Tesco branded and own brand sometimes found to be identical

    Spotted this in the Telegraph earlier, but the Sun article is not behind a paywall. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/13981251/tesco-own-brand-products-outed-exactly-same-cheaper-ones/
  18. CPM RSS

    Potatoes – Understanding dynamics aids control

    Written by cpm Download PDF Nematodes and late blight are two of the big problems facing potato growers. CPM catches up on the latest research seeking to understand their dynamics and the regulatory changes that may affect agronomy decisions in 2021. The vast majority of soil nematodes are...
  19. Farm Business RSS

    Branston appoints managing director to support growth plans

    Written by John Swire National potato supplier Branston has announced that Richard Fell has joined the prepared team as managing director, to facilitate the company’s growth plans. This appointment supports Branston’s planned investment of £12m to expand its prep factory, in order to provide...
  20. bigg6480

    Sprayer wheels

    What size narrow wheels are people using on 4000l 28m trailed sprayers? There for a Knight eua if anyone has some? I would run on the 710s it’s on all year but I can’t see some of the people we spray liking that idea. We have the narrow wheels for the tractor already.