1. Farmdeals

    5 IBCs of 15% Foliar Manganese Available - £695 delivered

    https://marketplace.futurefarm.ag/farmdeals Product details Highly compatible with most pesticides Reduced risk of crop scorch Effective on all soils Readily soluble Foliar Manganese fertiliser Delivered in non-returnable 1000litre IBCs Manganese 15 is a manganese concentrate for foliar...
  2. paul&mandy

    New tractor delivery dates

    Hi, I ordered a new JD 6 weeks ago with an estimated delivery of November/December. I've still not had a build date that I was told would be released soon as the order was put in. I have chased this and dealer not go it yet. Anyone else having troubles with extended build/delivery dates? I'm...
  3. MX7

    What’s the difference between “Regenarative Farming” and traditional “Mixed Farming”?

    As above. I would have thought that the traditional mixed farming system ,utilising Grass leys for livestock, and then planting cereals into those leys is the same as regenerative farming :scratchhead: I am obviously missing something?? Is it the economics of the system , especially if one is...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Scientists to create tiny robotic bees for pollination

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland Two scientists from the UK and the US have been jointly awarded £640,000 (approximately €767,981) to build tiny robots that would stimulate the buzzing of bees. It is hoped that understanding the buzz, and how it is created, could improve agriculture and...
  5. CPM RSS

    Velum Prime gains authorisation for the suppression of free-living nematodes in potatoes

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Velum Prime, the liquid nematicide containing fluopyram from Bayer Crop Science, can now be used for the suppression of plant parasitic nematodes in potatoes (ware, seed and salad crops). Velum Prime is already effective against both species of...
  6. C


    What is everyone’s experience of trying to hit 13% protein with Extase ?
  7. Jackov Altraids

    Minette Batters on the Radio this morning

    I was confused when I heard the interview live, and having listened again I think she was saying; Farmers must not cut production, maybe increase it. The government may need to intervene in the gas price. Farmers have passed on some of the price increase but retailers need to absorb some of the...
  8. C

    Livestock the solution or the problem

    Not so long ago cows and livestock in general were being blamed for the supposed climate crisis. Now supposedly farm yard manure is the answer to save the planet do the powers that be even realise where muck comes from I wonder. Ideal scenario for them would be genetically modified trees that...
  9. A

    Wolf and lynx reintroductions in the UK

    Hi, I am a BA student from the University of York collecting questionnaire data as part of a research study that will form part of my final dissertation. I would be extremely grateful for any UK citizens over the age of 18 to fill in this anonymous online questionnaire form that should take no...
  10. A

    Liquid fertiliser

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had any experience in liquid fertiliser. A salesman has tried to sell me it and if I’m honest I don’t know anything about it, and with him being a typical salesman it does sound very good and with fertiliser prices the way they are this year I was thinking of giving...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Average farm income increases in Scotland

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland The average farm income in Scotland has risen to the second highest level since 2012, after adjusting for inflation, according to the Scottish Farm Business Income Estimates 2020-2021. The estimates, published by the Scottish government, are based on...
  12. CPM RSS

    Growers to save thousands as border inspection fees reduce

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine British growers are set to save thousands of pounds following changes to the border inspection regime for young plants, which comes as a result of persistent NFU campaigning. The changes, announced last week (31 March), will introduce a...
  13. oldoaktree

    Lard will be making a comeback

    Saw on the news today that there’s a shortage of sunflower oil and the rest of the veg oils are in short supply too .
  14. D

    Anybody considering suspending production for a year?

    With input price inflation high, is anybody considering suspending production for a year?
  15. fermerboy

    Do you enjoy farming?

    Simple enough question. Do you enjoy farming? Its maybe just the springtime madness and the last couple of days in particular but I can't remember the last time I actually enjoyed doing farming. I just feel torn out with it all and the never ending shite that seems to head my way. Fuel...
  16. Tubbylew


    Never used the stuff myself, but stumbled upon this bbc article which may be interesting to some, apologies if its been posted before https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-60836892
  17. unlacedgecko

    Global Wheat Shortage due to Ukraine War

    Turns out it's all rubbish and there won't be a shortage at all. Thoughts?
  18. D

    Eating out

    You have popped into town and are feeling peckish. Being 10am Sunday only two eateries are open; McDonalds and an independent vegan cafe. Which one gets your business, and why ?
  19. bobk

    Anyone growing crops with no fert ?

    Excluding organic boys , could be interesting
  20. S

    K use this year

    What are thoughts for K use this season. We have generally good levels, mostly in the moderate range, some high and some in the low category. With the price of MOP at the moment I am toying with not putting any on cereals this year and saving what was earmarked for that for next year on carrots...