1. holwellcourtfarm

    Are we farming through a "boom period"?

    George Eustace replied in the HoC that we are experiencing a "boom period" in British farming. Is he right?
  2. Agriland RSS

    CAFRE graduates celebrate at Greenmount

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The Greenmount campus of the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) was bustling with excitement on Thursday, June 30, 2022, as agriculture students gathered for a graduation ceremony to celebrate student achievements. This summer...
  3. Ceri

    BBC BREAKFAST - Elms a total disaster for food security..... TIME TO WAKE UP

    BBC breakfast this morning highlighting the soaring costs of ag inflation having an effect on food production.... WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO TELL THEM ABOUT ELMS.....? A POLICY TO TAKE LAND OUT OF FOOD PRODUCTION HOWEVER THEY TRY TO SPIN IT UP.....
  4. Steevo

    Have you had your assurance inspection this season yet?

    Put a poll in the Cropping section asking about cropping assurance, so thought I'd put another here to see the wider picture across all sectors.
  5. Agriland RSS

    Hendrix Genetics to explore sex sorting tech in egg laying industry

    Written by Megan O'Brien from Agriland Hendrix Genetics is to partner with Australia’s national science agency to explore sex sorting technology at the point of lay in the poultry and egg laying industry. Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), has...
  6. E

    Brown field site.

    Can anyone enlighten me about brownfield sites. What you can and can't do with them. What their value might be compared to adjacent arable land. And how do you know if you might have some !? In this case I am thinking about some ex airfield runway belonging to a friend. Is it the local authority...
  7. Greythundercloudys

    No combines out yet.

    Will winter barley be ready next week for this good spell of weather or is it still to early.
  8. E

    Managing pasture by cutting and leaving long grass?

    Hi, inexperienced small land owner here with a few acres of pasture. Normally I would have my pasture mown for hay once a year and grazed by sheep later in the year, which keeps the grass under control but the soil organic matter is 4% and I want to get it higher. I have quite quite a bit of...
  9. F

    Guardian again miss lead the public in their ongoing mission to vilify farmers.....

    https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/using-far-less-chemical-fertiliser-still-produces-high-crop-yields-study-finds/ar-AAYUg8d?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=bae6621074804584ac2003e80f24a762 What it is with these pilllock/moron/fkwits who want us to farm fewer animals but use more animal manure and...
  10. Grass And Grain

    NFU price negotiation with British Sugar - competition law

    I think farmers need to work together more. Strength in numbers. Balance the power between farmers and processor. I'd like to see the British Farming Union help facilitate this, but it must be done within bounds of competition law. See attached document. Question is, how is it legal for NFU to...
  11. C

    Nutrient Neutrality and Housing Development

    Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere on the forum. In some parts of England no new houses can be given planning permission until the council sets up a Scheme to help developers off set the effect of housing development on Nutrient discharges. In some areas developers can buy units in a...
  12. Oscar

    Whats the latest rules regarding towing a livestock trailer ?

    I have looked back but not really found a recent thread answering the above question . My situation which I m checking is legal or not is that I passed my car test back in 1981 and I have BE and C1E on my licence and have driven trailers ever since although not regularly . Basically , I am now...
  13. Agriland RSS

    Rotting carcasses found on Nottinghamshire farm

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland A smallholder from Torworth near Retford, Nottinghamshire has received a 10-year ban from keeping livestock, after carcasses of a pig and goat were found rotting and decomposing – to the point of skin and bone – on her land. Under the law, carcasses...
  14. W

    Country of Origin Labelling & Tesco

    Noticed that some meat I bought in Tesco had no country of Origin - I will always try to buy from the UK. So I decided to lookup why. See the Twitter response that came up in my search - however the response from Tesco doesn't seem correct, even from a casual glance. So I searched again and...
  15. P

    Farming in France : 2022

    Hello everyone, I’ve been reading the epic 2013 Farming in France thread and wanted to kick off a new thread if that’s alright with everyone. My wife is French and I’ve always dreamt of living in a stone farmhouse with loads of land to be self sufficient. The idea of buying somewhere cash and...
  16. HasthorpeGrange

    Running digester on chicken litter and FYM

    Is anyone running a digester on broiler litter and cattle muck from straw yards? The ad plant would be around 250 kw so not massive. Could have a daily supply of 3 ton cattle muck and 17 ton chicken muck. What would I need to balance out to creat a ‘ration’ for it? What are the complications of...
  17. M

    Farming rules for water. Muckspreading

    Been chatting with a neighbouring local farmer this morning who reliably informs me that due to the enforcement of the farming rules for water we won't be allowed to spread any fym, slurry or dirty water anymore from 15th October until mid February starting from this autumn, is this correct as...
  18. Tucker86

    Grain drying 2022

    Hi has anyone any idea of what the cost of drying grain will be this year with the cost of diesel ? Thanks
  19. Steevo

    Opinion Harvester Survey - Red Tractor

    Had this come through by email this morning. Some excellent questions being asked. Anyone else who has it I suggest it would be well worth filling in.
  20. GOV.UK RSS

    UK’s top scientists join forces to battle bird flu outbreaks

    UK’s top scientists join forces to battle bird flu outbreaks Written by Defra Press Office There has been widespread, positive coverage including in The Observer, BBC News, New Scientist, I News, Daily Mail, Vet Times, Farmers Guardian and BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today of our announcement that...