1. cubby

    Opinions please on the massy 77 series

    Hi looking at Massey never owned one before but the 77 series look good value for a cultivation tractor.it will mostly be pulling a set of 23 c simba discs or vardestad rollers and boards . Looking for user reports thank you
  2. MX7

    CVT/IVT tractor transmission reliability.

    I do very little tractor driving now , but interested to know if CVT/IVT tractor transmissions are very reliable after 5000hrs +, irrespective of make of tractor ,especially tractors doing most heavy draught work.
  3. R

    Tractor depreciation forecast discussion

    I had a brainwave last night, possibly not a good thing... Does anyone survey ag college /uni leavers about their views on Ag brands and their potential buying decisions? Seems that once back on farm, they generally have potential to sway decisions increasingly, might give a long term view on...
  4. Cab-over Pete

    Ultra Reliable Tractor?

    Aye-up, This could be the shortest thread ever and let’s not get into waffling on about preferred colours. I might be looking for a tractor soon. 150-180 hp ish. Maybe 5-10 years old, up to 5000 hrs. I know, they are rare. More than the colour I’m interested in the reliability. I don’t...
  5. fiat 9090

    250 hp plus

    here is a question,im wondering about buying a tractor 250hp to 300 hp to pull a forage wagon the budget is max 30,000 40kor 50k yearand make not important,a bit of weight would be needed any replies and discussion would be appreciated
  6. PuG

    Landini Alpine 85, Duetz or equivalent for steep land work

    Finally come the decision we need to invest in a tractor and looking for some ideas. Main priority is that its very good on steep land, low COG, not massively tall but proportionally wide is fine. Up to 100hp. Front loader for stock feeding during the winter on out land, and helping the...
  7. Farm Classifieds

    T2022251 - 2014 Cat TH407C Ag Premium Telehandler

    T2022251 - 2014 Cat TH407C Ag Premium Telehandler Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Telehandler Price: £28950 Condition: Good Description CAT TH407C AG PREMIUM 140+ TELEHANDLER (142HP), AIR...
  8. Agriland RSS

    Updating a classic: JCB unveils revamped 3CX backhoe loader

    Written by Agriland Team JCB has launched a new 55kW 3CX backhoe loader with an EU Stage V compliant engine, putting a more modern twist on a machine that has been around – in various iterations – since 1980. Claimed benefits of the new machine include “improved operator comfort and ease of...
  9. steveR

    Modern engines and effing emissions crap...!

    Yeah yeah, I know we are supposed to be saving the Planet and what have you but.....??? :unsure: WTF, do I have a 100hp tractor with an economy PTO that cannot be used for more than an hour, else the berluddy DPF lights start shouting as the engine does not like running at 1500 RPM. So I then...
  10. marco

    Wanted John Deere 3420

    I'm looking to see if anyone knows of a clean low(ISH) hour 3420 coming up for sale can you let me know guys. Hard to find at this stage but somebody might know someone thinking of selling.