1. Still Farming

    National insurance Contributions increasing

    Here we go :-
  2. J

    Poorly dog

    Sorry not sure when the best place to post to ask for advice was but a bit desperate now On Thursday I had to rush my dog into the vets at about midday, having been totally fine 5 minutes before (ran up and down the driveway chasing the telehandler) he had got back in the yard and was violently...
  3. B

    Hearing aids

    I am at a stage where I need hearing aids for work, business meetings, socially. They cost £2500-4500. My question is as I need them for work as a tool has anyone claimed them through as a business expense and claimed VAT back. I buy various tools to make life easier hearing aids are a...
  4. bobk

    New Zealand to introduce 24 day quarantine

    For anyone coming in contact with a positive case , the woman is nuts
  5. Danllan

    Remember this figure: more than £18k per head

    The UK has, by generally recognised figures*, just over eleven million people on 'low incomes' / 'in poverty', and spends over £210 billions on welfare. That work out at over £18k per head - not per family, but for every single person in these categories, man, woman and child. This being so how...
  6. bobk

    EU get something right

  7. capfits

    What to bring to the Garden party booze up....

    Dear old prime minister had a party at the house when no one else was allowed to, and had guests bring their own juice. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jan/10/email-shows-boris-johnsons-official-invited-no-10-staff-to-lockdown-byob-party Have to be this...
  8. cornishfarmerjohn

    Lambing prep

    Hi all, just after some advice, lambing starts for me at the end of the week. Unfortunately for various reasons I'm behind with getting everything ready. Normally a pressure wash each hurdle both sides that I use for the individual pens. Just wondering if everyone does this? Or am I going over...
  9. S

    Why is there a big shortage of welders?

    There is a shortage of welders in the country, even at jcb Is it because certificates are needed? Or the wages are crap?
  10. P

    Gator versus quad

    Hi I'm looking at options of getting either a gator (something like the John Deere XUV855D) or quad bike (Honda TRX500) for 70 acres of pasture: feeding animals, fencing, moving stuff, pulling small loads etc. Apart from the obvious: staying drier, having more room onboard to carry stuff), but...
  11. D

    Prince Andrew

    The man is a total idiot but I don't beleive he is evel. Maxwell & Einstein almost certainly are/were evil. But for the money involved they must have had a vast amount of customers, who the heck are they. More importantly were any politcons who have been blackmailed. It really does seem like...
  12. F

    Spray painting machinery. Is 2K paint worth it?

    Taken on a few refurb projects on during winter to keep busy. Invested in shot blasting equipment and relevant PPE to then repaint. Very inexperienced with spray painting, although looking to learn and become more experienced with practice. The machinery is mainly trailers, bowsers and...
  13. S

    Finding staff in Scotland?

    Where is the best place to out adverts for tractor drivers now, used to be Dundee Courier was popular, or is it all Facebook nowadays? So far I've gotten away with word of mouth but I want to advertise this time.
  14. yellowbelly

    What can the world learn from the livestock sector?

    Am I the only one that finds myself shouting at the telly when News at Ten comes on? Here's an example..... The UK is free from sheep scab (yeah, I know it's not but bear with me). Some bright spark decides to fly in some sheep from South Africa that just happen to have 'omnicrom sheep scab'...
  15. E

    Risk assessment/health and safety policy requirements for Red Tractor

    Before we start, I accept that these are two of the most contentious topics on this forum. However. I understand that even small farms are now required to have a health and safety policy (including farm risk assessment) to comply with the new standards. I am reluctantly going to carry on as a...
  16. S

    Boris Is Toast

    Gone by Easter. Anyone fancy a wager?
  17. Greythundercloudys

    This time next month, virus.

    After today's numbers, probably buy the first weeks of January there will be way over 100000 a day. I think after Xmas day the country will shut again for a month. This get a jag won't hold it back in the end it will be out of control, Johnstone always playing it up but that expert looked and...
  18. Health and Safety Exec

    Working with chainsaws INDG317(rev2)

    Working with chainsaws What you need to know Chainsaws are potentially dangerous machines which can cause fatal or major injuries if not used correctly. It is essential that anyone who uses a chainsaw at work should have received adequate training and be competent in using a chainsaw for the...
  19. melted welly

    Respraying sprayer, good ideas?

    Tidying up SP sprayer, gonna give it a bit of a spruce up and repaint the rusty, rubbed, faded parts. what’s the best way to do it? so far have rubbed down and primed as we go. thinking about ttop coat, was watching ollyblogs where he resprayed the fendt, he put lacquer on after top coat...
  20. M

    Boris has resigned.

    Oh no he hasn't Oh yes he has Oh no he hasn't Oh yes he has Well, maybe soon.