pre em

  1. onthehoof

    Best undersowing method

    Would like to have a go at undersowing spring barley with grass next year, heavyish clay will be topdowned in autumn and barley drilled as soon as conditions allow following spring, when/how would you sow grass?
  2. Goffer

    If beet wasn’t bad enough

    Found out today that one of the big herbicides in beet is going and also biscaya as an insecticide. Unless they can breed resistance to virus yellow I think we’ll be done with beet within 2 seasons . Anybody shed some light onto the situation?
  3. Chris F

    Tax relief on Red Diesel being scrapped in budget?

    At least that is what it says in here:£3bn-business-tax-break
  4. Flat 10

    Growing rape in the olden days

    Now I wouldn't know anything about growing OSR in the 1980's but the impression I get is plough and drill 1st week sep. 30 units N and then, jollop of N in the spring, swath it and bob's your uncle 30cwt an acre. I have several questions; was it really like this? No S due to Acid Rain? Were...
  5. H

    Italy's in shut down

    If Italy is in shut down is it that reporters from all over the world can suddenly arrive there to report ? I'm just hope that the Vegan bandwagon doesn't try ,by some means, to link it to livestock however tenuously just to cause doubt and mischief !
  6. S

    Rauch Axis 30.2 EMC / EMC + W

    Hi, Looking at the Axis 30.2, seems like a good buy, but i cant really figure out what im missing on the EMC-model (hydraulic version) vs. the EMC + W? Anyone got a clear picture on the difference?
  7. Brisel

    What % of your winter wheat is sown?

    In response to the widely vilified AHDB and grain merchant opinions on how much wheat has been sown, I thought I'd start this poll. Remember to select your region as well as your % of planned winter wheat sown. One choice for %, one choice for region and one for the month sown (for the majority...
  8. JCfarmer

    Have any of the religious direct drillers been ploughing or tilling this time?

    Tell the truth so help you God.
  9. D

    Wide tyres, duals or tracks.

    So on a not for profit basis ie you want to have the best crops in the area. How should your tractor be kitted out to provide the best conditions for your seeds. I plough, contractor power harrow drills & we have grass, veg & potatoes in the rotation. So really need to plough especially when...
  10. Adeptandy

    Spring OSR

    How soon is to soon to put it in DD ?
  11. J

    Liquid FERT from lumpy Nitram?

    We have some year old Nitram that has gone lumpy. Can I turn it into liquid N? If so how? Tia
  12. I

    Liquid fert

    What’s people’s thoughts on timings. Go as soon as fields are dry enough or stick to normal timings.
  13. cotswold farmer 1977

    Spring Bean Growing Tips?

    We have 25ha of ground ploughed in October which was destined to be combi drilled with winters, needless to say it will now be springs. I have not grown springs before any tips??
  14. IamHuffing

    Staffing Attitude

    Is anyone else seeing an increase in frayed tempers in these hard times? We've just had an incident here today of some "high impact work violence" or whatever like, has anyone had similar situations recently?
  15. Renaultman

    Early Nitrogen for tillering

    It's been a while since I have come out of a winter with wheat that needs thickening. Normally my high seed rates mean the opposite. Some of the late drilled stuff on contract land is s bit thin though. Normally we would roll, allow it to recover then N then BWS or vice versa. Obviously rolling...
  16. spikeislander

    Winter beans drilled, well up, but no chem applied. what options?

    As title got 100 acres of tundra beans up and growing, they look very well so pleased . But due to weather I’ve not been able to get any pre em on . It’s quite a clean block for black grass so I’m not to worried and have the option of centurion max, my main concern is blw’s ,although late...
  17. S

    Beet drill advice

    Our beet contractor is slowly retiring. He has sold his harvester to a younger up and coming contractor, who has lifted half of our beet so far this season, and made a good job. If we weren't growing spuds, I'd probably lift my own, but right now, contracting it out works best. Financially...
  18. J

    Peri em flufenacet...yes or no?

    Some unsprayed wheat would travel today. In the row from circa nov 20th drilling date. Not much BG but what there is is 30mm 1 leaf. Rough seedbed. Bit of brome will appear any minute. Weed control is based on autumn FFT + cheap partners and some spring applied SU against brome (supressing BG)...
  19. B

    Autumn herbicide use in Spring.

    Would you still use Autumn pre emergence products such as Avadex, Liberator Crystal Defy etc as a go to Spring pre emergence recommendation. Or given that we have missed a 4 month sowing period utilise a pre drilling dose of glyphosate and cut out some of the residual products. We have fields we...