1. TelesnaAg

    Sheep breed low birth weight lambs, meat production?

    Hi, i though this would have be an easy internet search but apparently not. I have a hospital flock of ewes which most are smaller framed. What breeds are renowned for having low birth weights? I couldn't find anything on the net and it will take a while visiting stud websites to get asbv...
  2. R

    County 1164

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the potential value and parts availability for these? I've seen the immaculate ones making silly money lately but been offered one which is mechanically ok but with a rotten cab beyond saving but has mudguards to convert to open station and cosmetically scabby...
  3. S

    Machinery sales

    Now that Covid is hopefully becoming a dim and distant memory. I had assumed things in the machinery sale world would also go back to normal, but it seems that many of the marts are reluctant to relinquish the online formats developed during Covid. To me a machinery sale was much more than a...
  4. GAM

    Petrol Question

    I just purchased a Petrol Belle hydraulic power pack... stuck to the tank was a note saying only use E5 super unleaded! Does anyone else run a Honda GX340 four stroke engine on anything, such as lawn/flail mowers? Can I have some advice and feedback please..
  5. Steevo

    British Red Tractor Flour

    Seemingly it actually exists. With a logo on the front of the pack too! 😳
  6. teslacoils

    Varieties For 2023

    I've been to zero crop trials this year. And as much as I love gleam I'd like a field of something else to go with it. What are the standout wheats you've got? Lots of love for Dawsum I'm hearing ...
  7. D

    Another kick in the teeth for red tractor

    According to a farmers guardian article it appears red tractor are losing significant amounts of beef and sheep members. And the data is pre the Nov 2021 stepping up of assurance requirements. terrible shame😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  8. B

    I'm looking for a new tractor

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy a new tractor for my operations. I'm thinking of John Deere 6120m or Case Maxxum 150. The tractor is going to be ploughing, disking, cultivating, spraying, fertilizing, planting etc. The two tractors are similarly priced but the thing is I'm not sure of the...
  9. Agriland RSS

    Valtra’s new range of tractors has emphasis on simplicity

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Valtra has responded to the relentless increase in tractor power and specific demands of different agricultural sectors by introducing a further series of machines, which they have designated the ‘Q’ series. The new tractors fill a long present gap in...
  10. D

    Tesco means no Beans

    No Heinz beans in Tesco's 😂can you really call yourself a supermarket if you don't stock baked beans well done Heinz if they won't pay tell them to jog on I can't wait till they have no milk to sell either maybe it will be sooner rather than later letts hope so !
  11. Agriland RSS

    International wheat organisation to launch its Strategic Research Agenda

    Written by Rubina Freiberg from Agriland The Wheat Initiative will launch its updated Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) next week, highlighting current challenges in global wheat research and potential scientific solutions. The international organisation aims to increase food security and...
  12. JP1

    Riggit Galloway stock bull

    Stonehouse Jack Snipe . Riggit Galloway bull April 2019 . Now available . TB4. SAC Premium Health Scheme Photo taken last Summer Please call 07768 008880 to discuss Photo taken March 2022 - outwintered Photo taken as a yearling on arrival
  13. CPM RSS

    Beet price of £40/t agreed 2023/24 contract

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine NFU Sugar and British Sugar have announced a beet price of £40/t for the 2023/24 sugar beet contract year, equating to a 48% price increase on last year. The offer also includes a number of new options for growers to consider as part of the...
  14. czechmate

    6930 auto power terminators

    Could anyone tell me please the whereabouts of the the terminators please? Oh it’s a premium if that makes any difference. I know about the one right close to the écu … tia
  15. CopperBeech

    Shedding ewe lambs

    I am after a good number of shedding ewe lambs ....... Three stipulations - Born outside Good types / clean shedders High health status After 200-600 depending on quality. Having a nightmare finding anyone who actually seems to know their flocks health status with regard to icebergs...
  16. Agriland RSS

    48% increase in sugar beet price offered for 2023

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland NFU Sugar and British Sugar have today announced a beet price of £40/t for the 2023/24 sugar beet contract year, which represents a 48% price increase on last year. The offer also includes a number of new options for growers to consider as part of the...
  17. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Will soyabeans influence rapeseed prices in 2022/23?

    Yesterday’s market report showed global grain and oilseed prices saw pressure over the last week. There are several factors that have been driving this, including concerns over a global recession, progress in Northern Hemisphere harvests, and US spring crops faring well. The most sizable drop...
  18. Will 1594

    tractor snobbery

    so is a 30 series deere which is immaculate and had new seat a very expensive top of range ,one deemed an old heap nowadays do people just want the new sparkly 20,21 plate with all the toys man came for harvest job liked every thing wage accommodation etc then looks in tractor shed 😳😳😳😳😳🙈 do i...
  19. Jockers84

    Importing sheep genetics from New Zealand?

    Hi, I’m curious of the process and cost of importing sheep genetics from NZ? What are the major blockers and expenses? thanks
  20. W

    Country of Origin Labelling & Tesco

    Noticed that some meat I bought in Tesco had no country of Origin - I will always try to buy from the UK. So I decided to lookup why. See the Twitter response that came up in my search - however the response from Tesco doesn't seem correct, even from a casual glance. So I searched again and...