1. F

    DIY a frost protection wind machine

    Good afternoon everybody, I'm looking into starting a project. I want to build a wind machine to protect my orchard fields from frost damage. Those that are currently buyable are a lot-lot overpriced in my opinion. I'm looking into building a small fixed electronic first, to make all the...
  2. P

    FREE Fluke test

    Free fluke test! Do you have a problem with liver fluke or rumen fluke infections in your animals? If so we would like your help! Our project aims to identify Closantel resistance in liver fluke on sheep farms across the UK which would save time and money on unnecessary worming for your flock...
  3. Kirkh194

    Area to practise Bushcraft Nottinghamshire

    Evening all, I am trying to find a local woodland to practise Bushcraft in. This ideally will involve overnight stays, fire lighting, foraging and shelter building. The main purpose is to one day deliver small bushcraft course which could profit you if we could come to an agreement. Hope to...
  4. A

    Land Rover 90 or 110 Project

    Hoping there is someone out there looking to move, that defender thats been sat at the end of the yard for the last few years for a reasonable sum. Looking for a reasonable project but it would be ideal if it ran/just needed a little TLC and the chassis is reasonably solid. Get in touch!
  5. Joe S

    John Deere 6506

    My new toy/ project arrived last night. She is driving like a dream everything seems smooth and tight credit too it’s former owner @Coquet Nook Mans Land First job is to sort the only problem I’ve found and that’s the breaks, fingers crossed it just needs bled. Plans for it are All the...
  6. Joe S

    John Deere 3050?

    were going to go look at a 3050 is there anything special to watch out for? good places to look for parts? are solid ish cabs bad to find?