1. Bartholomews

    Monday Market Briefing - 21st February 2022

    Wheat markets looked to go lower, particularly on old crop last week, only to be boosted again by renewed Ukrainian tensions. US markets dipped into their close on Friday after we had gone home and are closed for Presidents Day this Monday. With this in mind, European closes from Friday now look...
  2. S

    Spring barley (feed)

    How do the financials of growing feed grade spring barley add up this year ?
  3. J

    Splendor spring barley malting or not

    Anyone know if splendor spring barley is wanted for malting? n 1.65 germ 99%
  4. CPM RSS

    Real Results Pioneers – Tools for a new way of farming

    Written by cpm Download PDF Spring barley has been part of the cropping mix for the past five years on a Shropshire farm. CPM visits to find out how on-farm trials are helping develop a successful approach to how it’s grown. It’s part of learning to do things differently. By Tom Allen-Stevens...
  5. Laggard

    Planet Spring barley fungicide

    Have used 0.5l/ha Jaunt (Fluoxastrobin(75g/l) Prothioconazole(150g/l) Trifloxystrobin(75g/l)) the last couple of years with good results( have both been very dry springs with low levels of disease). With the loss of CTL what are people using this year?
  6. neilo

    Kelim Spring Barley?

    Has anyone any experience of this variety? Looking to buy in seed for this year and see Kelim is about top ranked for brackling resistance, whilst similar to Planet for lodging, ripening and specific weight. Spring Barley is always planted after grazed fodder crops here and stays green, making...
  7. Farm Business RSS

    Evelina spring barley: The ideal choice for livestock farmers

    Written by John Swire A consistently solid performer, even in the difficult growing season of 2020, Evelina is proving increasingly popular with livestock farmers due to its high grain and straw yields. Available exclusively from Mole Valley Farmers, Evelina’s superb disease resistance makes...
  8. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  9. Syngenta UK

    Autumn Guide - How to get the most from your Spring Malting Barley

    Spring barley varieties will be growing quickly now. Attention needs to be paid to fungicide choice, PGR requirements and nitrogen as we move towards harvest. Nitrogen should be applied depending on which market you are growing for, and the contract specifications if growing for malt...
  10. A

    Planet or Laureate SB?

    How is experiance with those ? Quality and yield?
  11. bobk

    So how do you achieve low N in sb

    Asking for a friend as I'm never growing the shite again .
  12. Laggard

    Spring Barley Nitrogen content

    Anybody had their spring barley tested yet? RGT Planet N content averages 1.76 here.
  13. W

    Spring barley

    When do you cut it and do you roundup it before you cut it
  14. Honest john

    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Very quite on here so far.
  15. Farm Business RSS

    Strategic appointment for Wynnstay to boost seed division

    Written by John Swire Agricultural specialist Wynnstay has announced a new senior appointment to strengthen its seed division. Toby Reich has taken up the newly created role of Head of Seed at Wynnstay Agricultural Supplies with a remit to deliver the firm’s vision for growth in the sector...
  16. B

    S barley

    Is it wise to put shortner on s Barley it’s growing well but it’s been and is forecast to stay dry for a while yet ?
  17. Selectamatic

    Spring barley looking poor...

    Some of the stuff i've sown is, some is ok, some is terrible! It looks like i've sown it too thin, but I've not, it is desperate for a good downpour, I was thinking while driving from them earlier, there's not been drop of proper rain since they went in the ground. How's yours looking?
  18. Zippy768

    Fertiliser decisions

    Probably not the only one in this position. We generally use Urea and at the moment no rain ? and been warm and sunny. The situation I have is wheat has only had 40u and its sulphur, half S Barley (now emerging) has had nothing, 2nd half S Barley, I had the sense to put a 3rd of its N in...
  19. teslacoils

    Just How Much Spring Barley Can Be Cut In England?

    It brackles. It breaks down. It lodges. Heads twist off in the wind. Hungry pigeons flatten it. Given it won't sit and wait like wheat does, just how much spring barley can be cut with current capacity? For those going wall to wall spring cereals and who need contractors to cut, are you happy...
  20. Banana Bar

    Propino seed test results

    Morning, below I have the results of the recent seed test I have had carried out on my barley. Planning to drill as early as I can on heavy land in Suffolk. Would you just re clean ( as I have done for 3 years ) or use a seed treatment? LAB NO. KIND VARIETY REF Microdochium Leaf Stripe...