1. robbie

    Ez guide 500 coverage switch.

    I've recently bought a ez guide 500 and want to wire it in to the sprayer and another tractor for area coverage, I've found the signal outputs I need for both the tractor and the sprayer and I have spoke to as Comms and double checked which pins I need to use on the back of the GPS. I just need...
  2. john432

    The Duck has been warning us!

  3. S

    Perfect lines

    What causes the lines in the field? Direction of travel is left to right in the picture. My guess magnetism? Lines are due E/W. Thanks
  4. 7610 super q

    Old folks should chuff off.......

    ........and let the young guns have a go with their " new " ideas, Joel Salatin books , Nissan Navare pickups full of leccy fencing gear, lavender soap niche markets, PYO quinola , and carbon sequestering dung beetles. Or...... Let the doddering old fools potter about till they want to retire...
  5. R

    which industry of farming do you advise to get in?

    which industry of farming do people recon is the best paying e.g arable, dairy, pigs, sheep ext.
  6. S

    1988 JCB 3CX Grey Cab Electronic Tachometer Debug

    Hi On my JCB 1988 3CX the tachometer, fuel gauge and temp gauge are not working. I have decided to take on this as my next project to fix. On the tachometer side, as i understand it, the alternator has a send terminal (W terminal) that delivers an A/C voltage to the tachometer in the instrument...
  7. The Guardian RSS

    Legumes research gets flexitarian pulses racing with farming guidance

    Legumes research gets flexitarian pulses racing with farming guidance Written by Sofia Quaglia Plant more bean-like crops in Europe and consider ‘healthy diet transition’ to beat climate crisis, say scientists Adding the likes of peas, lentils, beans, and chickpeas to your diet, and farming...
  8. cricketandcrops

    Future cropping

    Not missing growing oilseed rape, looking at keeping things simple with wheat, barley and beans, which of below do people think is best: 1) spring beans, winter wheat, winter wheat, spring barley, winter barley 2) spring beans, winter wheat, spring barley, winter barley, winter wheat 3)...
  9. CPM RSS

    Pulse crops – Beans means feed?

    Written by cpm Download PDF There could be exciting prospects on the domestic market for beans in both animal feed and for human consumption. CPM rounds up some of the latest advances. It’s a bit of a no-brainer in the animal feed market – there’s no obvious reason why you shouldn’t grow an LVC...
  10. Chickcatcher

    UV treatment sanitation

    Is UV treatment of water enough or do others use further water sanitation into Broilers. How dose one ascertain whether there is a need for added sanitation solutions into water supply? All tests I have done indicate no pseudonyms in the incoming water. (perhaps pseudonyms is wrong word) but is...
  11. CPM RSS

    UK pulse growers invited to participate in Europe-wide legume initative

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham A webinar series exploring the global opportunities, barriers and success stories surrounding legume production will kick off in April and UK growers are invited to attend for free. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The LegValue and TRUE project is delivering the...
  12. Direct Driller Magazine

    A Blank Canvass

    A Blank Canvass Written by Tom Chapman, Head of Regenerative at Innovation for Agriculture How would we design agriculture now, in the 21st Century, if we were starting from scratch? What would we do differently, given what we know about regenerative agriculture and about farming with, not...
  13. Manny

    Kv geospreader tellus go connection to trimble.

    Hi just looking at a kv geospreader which has a isobus plug on it. The tellus go box has a short lead with it but it doesn't connect to the iso plug. What do I need to fit this to a new Holland T6.175 which does not have isobus plug and is running a trimble fm750 screen and auto steer. I just...
  14. Great In Grass

    Barenbrug more than a century of knowledge and experience in grass innovation

    With more than a century of knowledge and experience in grass innovation, meaning you'll be dealing with a company that understands grass, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that a quality product will be delivered for you. About Barenbrug UK HISTORY Established in the UK in 1983...
  15. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    A look at alternative break crops for UK production

    This week has been a focus on alternative cropping options that can help provide returns for farm businesses. Yesterday was a look at pulses, whilst today will be alternative oilseeds, namely linseed and domestic soyabeans. The oilseed rape area has been declining each season since 2011/12 with...
  16. W

    DD wheat post OSR

    Much as our soil conditions would allow us to do it - unfortunately the slugs won’t. How effective is multiple stubble raking post osr pre wheat drilling in managing slug populations or is this just wishful thinking ?
  17. Discordon Demon

    Frost Drilling

    Anyone had a go? Guess I’d leave pulses as will be fairly boggy when thaws but maybe some oats? Not sure it’s been hard enough in Cambridgeshire yet?
  18. A

    Combine and tractor replacement policy

    In the 2000's replacement policies were easy. You could buy high end machinery as reasonable prices and they would halve in value over 5 years. Financed over 5 years you could then px for the newer model and costs per acre would be similar. Today. Machines halve in 3/4 years and second hand...
  19. Big_D

    Vacuum pulsator fault

    Anyone with experience of these? It's a delaval 958580 off our dump can. Stopped working during hard frost, so I stripped it down, cleaned it up and reassembled. It works but pulses really fast, I can't see any adjustment on it, is it worth trying to get a service kit or best getting a new one?