1. Chris F

    Rewilding horse pastures?

    Why is this never discussed? Why is it always farming land that has to be re-wilded? Is it because a lot of the people who support re-wilding also like horse riding. Surely a hobby shouldn't carry more weight than feeding a nation?
  2. Vader

    How do you get vegans to accept cows?

    @delilah this is not at you, just you have said they are on our side before. I am reading a book now that is science based and shows farming animals, if done correctly can reduce global co2 on a massive scale. But how do we stop the vegan zealots spewing out their anti meat lies to the public...
  3. ProDrive

    Russian Grain Deal

    Wonder how this will effect the grain price worldwide?
  4. TFF

    Feeding Britain 2022-07-20

    A UK-wide transition to sustainable and regenerative farming practices, to tackle the climate, nature and public health crises, could produce enough food to maintain and potentially even improve current levels of self-sufficiency, provided we ate differently, ate less and cut food waste. These...
  5. TFF

    How costs are falling for one regen farmer

    How costs are falling for one regen farmer © David White The two big expenses on an arable farm – fuel and fertiliser – have been reduced significantly since Cambridgeshire grower David White decided to stop cultivating and move to a regenerative system. Given the unprecedented price rises in...
  6. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    What could our wheat production be this harvest?

    Time seems to come around fast, but next month, parts of England could start harvesting 2022 crops weather allowing. After a dry April, the wetter May that we have had in parts of GB over the last month could possibly bring plenty of corn and hay this harvest. Sunshine hours this month too are...
  7. B

    What! No one read the Telegraph this morning?

    Really helpful and balanced three page piece (The great plant based con). Just the type of thing many on here have been hoping would be published.
  8. CPM RSS

    Pulse markets – Finger on the pulse

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Pulses are an important source of protein and offer soil enhancing properties, yet they’re often considered a niche crop with tricksome yields. But one thing’s for sure, the market’s pulse is just getting stronger. CPM finds out more. By Melanie...
  9. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    How are margins looking for harvests’ 22 and 23?

    We are fast approaching harvest 22 and looking now to harvest 23 for cropping decisions, but the cost and margin picture looks very different to this time last year. UK feed wheat new crop futures (Nov-22) closed yesterday at £340.10/t. This is almost double the price from this time last year...
  10. Bignor Farmer

    Red Tractor non conformance

    I don’t usually have too many problems with my audit but I do put in a huge amount of work in advance. Am I wasting my time? What is the consequence of lots of lots of non-critical failures? Sorry Mr Inspector I don’t have any grain temperature and moisture records this year but it all sold...
  11. B

    Food Banks Whats Going On?

    Im old enough to remember the 3 day week in the early 1970s ( i was at school then), when the country had days without any electricity? miners were on strike, brought the heath govt. down? and other hard recessions up to now? It just seems to me the population has got so soft over the years, and...
  12. B

    Sulphur use in arable systems

    Is anyone successfully getting good yield responses without the need to use Nitrogen with added Sulphur. Farmyard manure, Digestate and Sewage Sludge all rotationally applied pre drilling
  13. Greythundercloudys

    Silage grant in Republic of Ireland 100 euro a hectare.

    Just read this 100 euro a hectare for the first 20 hectares to help with prices of plastic etc, nothing over here. Surprisingly enough.
  14. Brid @ ADAS

    Free entry available for Oilseed, Pea and Bean YENs

    Hope it's ok to post. For the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) this year, we have several sponsors interested in covering the cost of entry for oilseed, combinable pea, and bean growers. This means you may be able to become a YEN member for free this year. There are multiple benefits to being a...
  15. MX7

    Looming food crisis,what can uk ag industry do?

    With the serious possibility of a world food shortage looming due to Ukraine agriculture being seriously disrupted, what can the uk agriculture industry do to help alleviate the situation in the uk? Getting very late in the season to rip up thousands of ha’s of ag land that is just growing...
  16. M

    Tine drill pros and cons

    Hi Everyone, we’ve been using various disc/cultivator drills for decades now along the lines of Rapids and Moore tandem etc. I’ve demo a KV tine drill this spring as I’m looking at a simpler cheaper system to replace my 20 year old disc drill Land type- clay loams Anyone else run a simple...
  17. Kevtherev


    Evening all I thought it may be a good idea of a dedicated legume thread for the livestock men. Clovers being the most popular inclusion in a grazing mix. Place to share ideas and info on alternative legumes used in grazing systems. Establishment methods/grazing management etc
  18. Farming Monthly National RSS

    Bringing variety crop plots together for better comparison

    Written by Administrator from Farming Monthly National Crop plots are back centre stage at the Cereals Event, meaning visitors can compare top varieties side by side. The winter wheat and barley feature showcases new and popular Recommended List varieties, says arable project manager...
  19. W

    Martin Grantley Smith “moved on” / “retired”

    Moderators note: Original Title- “Martin Grantley Smith sacked” which was corected in posts 3 and 10. from the AHDB. He’s been caught colluding behind the scenes with the NFU, RT and AIC. Emails obtained via FOI show this collusion against U.K. farmers.
  20. CPM RSS

    Pulse Progress – More from beans

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Beans are often treated as the poor relation when it comes to the care lavished upon them. CPM explores how the Bean Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) is providing insights into how a more scientific approach to the crop could reap rewards. We’re...