quicke loader

  1. blackieman83

    The IH / Case Thread

    Thought I'd start a thread to share pictures or where anyone can ask questions about IH and Case tractors/machines, random chats or stories relating to these are welcome also. Some pics of our extended family's tractors, most of which have already appeared in Classics earning their Keep, to get...
  2. Farm Classifieds

    Claas AXOS 340 CX

    Claas AXOS 340 CX Advert added by: Alex Hughes @APHUGHES Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £21000 Condition: Excellent Description CLASS 340 CX WITH QUICKE LOADER - 2009 VERY GOOD CONDITION AND LOW HOURS. TYRES 80%. AIR CON...
  3. T

    Quicke loader to for JD6620

    Hi Anyone have a used quicke loader to fit a John Deere 6620? Must be in good condition with no welds etc
  4. Arceye


    I was thinking of making my own muckfork for a JCB310. 8 feet wide with a 4 feet high back and probably 10 x 1100 MM tines. I have 90 x 90 x 5mm mild steel box should that be ok or should it be something higher strength? Should the back be straight or angled in a bit? Anybody made one? E
  5. Massey_3115

    John Deere 6310

    What are the things to look out for on these tractors ? Good / bad points ? Previous experience tells me they were quite a reliable tractor, but obviously I was younger and they too were younger with less hours. I know some had left hand reverses and also the power quad plus with buttons rather...
  6. T

    Quicke Loader

    Quicke loader ideally a 960 but would consider a smaller or a larger or a Massey Equivalent Must be a UM spec loader Brackets and valve block not essential thanks for looking
  7. Farm Classifieds

    Massey Ferguson 5455 with quicke loader

    Massey Ferguson 5455 with quicke loader Advert added by: Leon Agri Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £14500 Condition: Description Massey Ferguson 5455 Dynashift 2004 How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read...
  8. Elpresidente

    MX loader

    I'm looking for advice and tips on how to remove and re fit an MX Fl100 loader with boom suspension on a Claas Arion with front axle suspension. All advice gratefully received
  9. B

    Quicker or stoll

    If these two loaders are same spec and price, which would you choose and why?
  10. B

    Stone fork for front linkage

    Who makes small ones 4-5ft or any second hand ones
  11. severeoversteer

    need a tractor

    hi need a tractor for haulage work pulling dump trailer and lowloader trailers, ideally 180-250hp air brakes and 50k. i will be fitting a new quicke loader on whatever tractor i buy for stacking silage bales. have 50k pounds to spend and would really appreciate good pointers on the best tractor...
  12. GenuineRisk

    Anyone have a Wart Hog straw spreader for sale ?

    Anyone have a Wart Hog straw spreader for sale ? Please pm if you know of one. Thank you!
  13. BAC

    Telehandler height restrictor/lock out

    We need to present a business case for a telehandler entering a shed but the one thing we have to prove is the overhead machinery won’t be damaged by it working in there. I know you can have them on excavators but never seen it on telehandlers. Found a retro fitted kit but it’s something that...
  14. Greythundercloudys

    First or last new tractor.

    What was the first brand new tractor you can remember coming on to the farm, either 50 years ago or last week, mine was an A reg fiat 680h, before my time, but still on the farm was a new 35x 1964. Obviously new tractors are so expensive now a days but back years ago most folk would have got one,
  15. K

    Powder coating vs spraypaint

    Our MF 945 loader has recently got swapped onto a new to us 5455. The paint fade on the loader is horrendous, its gone a salmon pink colour and looks awful on the tractor (2013). Thinking about getting it resprayed, have a local guy who does powdercoating and wet spraying, a lot of his work is...
  16. T

    Quicke loader suitable for JD6620

    Anyone have a Quicke loader for sale in good condition? Ideally to fit 6620 JD but will consider boom only
  17. T

    Case hydraulics

    Hi all Recently bought a case 895 with front loader. Using a ripvator rear forklift. I've 2 sets of spool valves. Need one for tilting top link in and out and 2nd one for lowering and raising the forks. Prob Is when I use the lever to lower and raise the back arms it only lifts slightly but if...
  18. C

    Chilton loader - any good?

    Looking at a new (secondhand) tractor and have found one we like, but it has a chilton loader on. (had hoped for a Quicke with euro brackets!) Not familiar with these - are they any good, will I easily find secondhand implements with correct brackets, and is it easy enough to find spares if...
  19. Greythundercloudys

    John deere sales down in us, uk next

    Just read there sales at dealers are away down on the year 50 percent some places, blaming China crisis and weather, this will be the same here soon brexit and weather, don't think l know anyone that bought much this year unless they have a wind turbine or two.
  20. Handy Andy

    Telehandler or loader tractor for loading grain lorries?

    I've recently switched to floor based grain storage after using bins and loading lorries from augers for years. The loader tractor I currently have is ok for pushing up grain in the shed but not big enough to load a lorry with so I've been thinking about buying an old(ish) telehandler to run...