quicke loader

  1. Jenks6910

    The great Tractor Bake Off

    This is just for a bit of fun and not for raising controversy please!! Been thinking about this for a while now after spending hours driving and repairing various makes of tractors..... If given the choice to build your ideal tractor from choosing components from various manufacturers, what...
  2. severeoversteer

    Massey 7716

    Have to decide on this tractor as a replacement for my new holland. Test driving one on thursday. Any feed back from anybody on the good and bad points? Will be doing alot if roadwork with a front loader attached. Really need it to be comfortable. All feedback appreciated!
  3. T

    Loader hydraulic problems

    I’m having a problem with the valve chest on my loader tractor it’s a load sensing wavoil dlm142/2 on a new holland Tm. Loader works perfectly in normal use the problem is if you drive on the road for a half hour or so not using the loader then go to use it the valve sticks and you can’t use the...
  4. Farm Classifieds

    Brown Flat 8 Bale Grab

    Brown Flat 8 Bale Grab Advert added by: Simon Deacon @TBF Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Grabs Price: £350 Condition: Used Description Browns Flat 8 Bale grab owned from new, 1 careful owner. Must have stacked over 100,000 bales and still going...
  5. Tomtrac

    Jcb brakes

    Hi have any of you noticed your loadall brakes fade / go if engine stoped Ie you put your foot on brake to talk to someone stop engine and then two- four minutes later machine starts to roll My brother broke his back he was parked on a road and a car came so he reversed down a slight hill on...