1. NW Ferreting Service

    NW Cumbria Ferreting Permission Wanted

    We are based in NW Cumbria and are trying to acquire ferreting permission in the NW region. We have over 15yrs experience and use our products to support local butchers and make our own dog food. We work closely with farmers in supporting there work and also farm ourselves so we have a good...
  2. DECO290597

    Hi all I'm new here, seeking for land in nottingham/derby

    Jacksdale, thankyou for taking your time out of you busy lives the read this email. I'm writing to you because I would like to pursue my interest in shooting game and require land to do so whilst hopefully helping out on your end, I have been shooting air rifles for 3 years and have common sense...
  3. T

    Hawking, pest control land required in Staffordshire & Cheshire - Includes I.T Support :)

    Hi All, My name is Wesley, I am new to the forum and this is my first post. Thank you for taking the time to read this :) I am a keen falconer looking for permission to fly my Goshawk and Redtail Hawk on. My Goshawk will take Rabbits, Crows, Magies etc and my Redtail Hawk is a demon on Rabbits...
  4. mikebramham

    County Durham and Wearside Farmers

    Land owners in the North East My name is Mike Bramham, I’m 36 years old, married with two children. I live in Sunderland but also have a residence near West Auckland County Durham. I enjoy shooting as a hobby and I would like to ask for permission to access land and shoot pests that cause...
  5. ChrisPCarter

    Vermin & Pigeon Shooting - North Yorkshire

    Hi, I'm a responsible and experienced 45 year old field sports enthusiast based near Harrogate, North Yorkshire and would be pleased to assist you with any pest control issues in surrounding areas, free of charge. I work in the IT business and could provide you with a bit of advice, technical...
  6. L

    Sporting rights, woodland/farmland south east

    Hi there, I would be very interested in speaking to anyone who potentially has sporting rights available for rent in the south east. I am an experienced, keen shooter and would like the opportunity to pay a rent for an area of wood or farmland, that holds deer and/or other quarry. I am...
  7. D

    Rabbit hunting land required for hawking.

    Good day all, My name is Dan. I fly Harris Hawks along side my friend, Steve. We are looking for access permission for rabbit laden land ideally in the Cheshire and Peak District areas to hunt rabbits. We are both fully insured (proof of insurance certificates can be seen if required). If you...
  8. Hopley89

    Help around your farm/land

    Hi all it's me again.. i'm willing to help around your farm or land doing any jobs for abit of permission i'm a fully trainer and qualified plaster, roofer and game keeper. i'm very hands on and willing to help job 1st land permission 2nd with me doing your jobs first would hopefully help...
  9. M

    Pest Control in West Yorkshire

    Firstly i am only 16 and enjoy shooting and hunting, therefore it can benefit both me and whoever has land with a pest problem for me to come to your land and hunt for rabbits or take care of rats, mice etc. As its something i enjoy i do not charge providing that i keep the majority of the game...

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