radial tyre

  1. Tha Ulsterscot

    Leaking wheel rim.

    I have a back wheel with new radial tyre which keeps going down slowly. The rim has been welded at some point, and I think it's possibly leaking at the welds. Is there anything which could be applied to the inside of the rim to seal the weld? TIA.
  2. R


    Hi all, would any of you recommend radial tyres over cross ply, I have super Kings 12.4-28 on an fe35 for ploughing, ballast with water and have got on very well with them, I also have continental 280/85r28 radials on another tractor, they are 3inches lower in height, would it be worth changing...
  3. Farm Business RSS

    Tyre technologies through the ages: Continental looks back on its history in agricultural tyres

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business As it marks 150 years of tyre manufacturing, Continental is celebrating a rich heritage that included the first pneumatic application for tractors whilst championing future-proofing technology that pushes the boundaries of performance and efficiency...
  4. J

    Tractor Front Weight - Fertiliser Spreader

    Hi, I've ordered a Valtra G125 which has yet to arrive. I specified front linkage too. My question is what weight of weight block would be most likely to suit whilst spreading with an Amazone Zam Maxis with 2 x extensions to allow me to carry at least 3 bags of fertiliser safely and also on some...
  5. Logbrog

    4 Radial 400/70r 24 or 405/70r24 tyres for Merlo telehandler

    4 radial tyres quotes please
  6. stablegirl

    What does tyre pressure have to do with ground pressure?

    Other than altering a tyres footprint? On a few threads i've read different opinions on tyres size and what effect it has on the ground, some people discussing the volume of air in a tyre making the difference? Another thread saying the psi in a tyre is the psi a tractor exerts on the ground...
  7. Cmoran

    Jcb 530 70 road speed

    I’ve just taken delivery of a 530 70 Loadall I’d say it does barely 10mph in fourth gear on the road everything else seems perfect is that max speed or am I doing something wrong?
  8. ste

    13.6x36 tyre

    After a 13.6x36 radial tyre, ideally with over 50% tread but open to anything really as long as not less that 20%
  9. S

    Vredestein tyres

    Looking at replacing back tyres on a tractor have priced all makes am mainly on spud work which needs a good gripping cleaning tyre what are vredestein like for loose soil work
  10. D

    JCB 531 70 construction spec.

    Has anyone any experience of these machines? Supposedly 105hp, is this enough waft for farm use? Apart from having no auto hitch how do they differ from Agri spec models?
  11. PSQ

    Opinions on Bridgestone VT / VX tyres?

    Considering a set of VF type tyres and wondering if anyone has experience of either the low pressure Bridgestone VT range or the new VX more ‘road oriented’ tyres. Will be used for all arable jobs and a bit of road work. For what it’s worth it’s 600/70-28 fronts and 710/70-38. TIA
  12. S

    Tyre options

    Are there any good low ground pressure options to replace a 6 stud rim on 12.5/80 15.3 tyres. Have been told super singles are an option(385+22.5),but not enough room for low ground pressure tyres. The trailer is a double axle Fraser trailer M15t TIA
  13. D

    Wide tyres, duals or tracks.

    So on a not for profit basis ie you want to have the best crops in the area. How should your tractor be kitted out to provide the best conditions for your seeds. I plough, contractor power harrow drills & we have grass, veg & potatoes in the rotation. So really need to plough especially when...
  14. dgjeynes

    Slurry tanker dribble bar

    So we’re getting a 7.5m dribble bar for our tanker currently stuck between a mastek or a storth, I like the masteks macerator but not seen the guts of the storth to compare anybody running either? Replacement metal for the mastek is £1k and the storth is £140 apparently. Looked at the both today...