1. M

    Rats and Ratting - Free pest control

    Any land owners have a rodent problem who are keen to do something about it? I run a rat pack based in London and the south East and like many other packs around the country, we offer a free service with either dogs or air rifles fitted with night vision and thermal scopes. We are not looking at...
  2. BASIS Teresa

    Wildlife Aware and Pest Control Courses

    Controlling pests which could potentially endanger our health, food supply, the environment and wildlife, is an extremely important service in both urban and rural environments. However, it is crucial that this work is carried out in a responsible way by highly trained individuals to ensure...
  3. B

    Pest control/shooting permission wanted - Leicestershire

    Hi, I am a 23 year old man who has been shooting most of his life, I am fully insured with country cover club, and I am looking for a shooting permission. I have a .22 air rifle (sub 12 ft-lbs) for grey squirrel, rabbits, and rats. I am also a shotgun certificate holder and would be able to...
  4. J


    Hi chaps, My names jack and i live in essex I'm looking for some ferreting/ratting permission i would be happy to lend a hand as and when in return, I'm also a fully qualified plumbing and heating engineer and would also offer this service to you in return for some permission, I'm a respectable...
  5. S

    Vermin control and crop protection

    hi my name is steve and I have just moved to the Norfolk/Cambridge area from south Kent, whilst living in Kent I had the use of 600acres now that I have moved I am now looking for new permissions hopefully someone will be in need of a helping hand with crop protection and any other vermin...
  6. R

    Rat Catcher Offering Free Service.

    Rat Catcher offering free service to farmers in the Cumbria area. 25 years experience and no poisons used. Myself and 2 other people as a rule of thumb would turn up at the property. We use a rat smoker, a garden fork and on rare occasions a spade so we can bolt the rats for the terriers to...