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  1. S

    How good are kubota tractors?

    How good are kubota tractors compared to other makes The reason i am asking is the main dealer based at Oswestry is looking for a fitter and I thought of enquiring but things have changed a bit since I last worked at main dealer 40 years ago
  2. G

    New toy day

    New toy
  3. S

    Running costs of Jcb 4000 series

    Once again trying to weigh up whether to buy a jcb. For the duties of short transport and fertiliser application. On the road I feel jcb has the edge, in the field a conventional tractor seems not far ahead. So it comes down to reliability and service, running costs. Tractors with inboard...
  4. S

    How do I weigh down my loader tractor ?

    How do I weigh down my 80 hp loader tractor without having to buy wheel weights but so far can still pick up a bale trailer when I’ve loaded it with silage bales? Any ideas ? Thanks
  5. CWA-2017

    Deutz Fahr Agrotron 6215 RC Shift

    Hi Guys and Gals for those of you that don’t know me I import and export farm machinery. I used to do this in the UK before emigrating to Australia in 2015 . Just putting a question to you all . I currently have for sale an ex demonstrator 2019 Deutz Fahr Agrotron 6215 Rc Shift with trima...
  6. B

    Much tractor for £35,000?

    We could do with another tractor. Currently we are hiring through harvest which is costing £700/week and then using a contractor at other times during the year. Last year in total we spent £4,000 on hire and another £2,000 on a contractor. It will do about 350 hours a year so not massive but...
  7. redsloe

    Set of tyres for JD6130r

    I have a tractor on 600/65/38 and 540/65/24 and would like to go a bit narrower for yard work. I've been told 520/70/38 will fit the back, what will I need on the front to match and what sort of cost would they be? Cheers
  8. D

    Wide tyres, duals or tracks.

    So on a not for profit basis ie you want to have the best crops in the area. How should your tractor be kitted out to provide the best conditions for your seeds. I plough, contractor power harrow drills & we have grass, veg & potatoes in the rotation. So really need to plough especially when...
  9. M

    The machinery void

    Had the bank manager out this last week about our personal current accounts but got chatting generally and she was saying in her client portfolio there’s a growing concern about machinery prices and how she is being asked more and more about financing used machines. She said a typical scenario...
  10. E

    Puma row crops right or wrong

    Case Puma 230 cvx row crops. How do I know if the rolling radius is correct? I’m fairly sure they will be right but want to be certain! I’ve asked the dealer but the are taking a while to get back to me. 380/90r46 380/85r30 thanks!
  11. Feldspar

    Best mower for 300ac of stewardship grass

    Considering putting about 300ac into AB8 or AB15 stewardship grass. It requires topping to control black-grass and aid establishment in the case of AB15, and topping to keep grasses under control, smash up cuttings and allow flowers through in the case of AB8. Not quite sure how big a mower I...
  12. L

    Plough transport wheel

    Just bought a new to me plough and its current home is about 16 miles away, now is that too far to take it on the transport wheel ? Silly question I know !
  13. B

    3m sumo hp?

    evening all what hp do I need to pull 3m sumo wont be going very deep will 6145R pull it?
  14. Selectamatic

    Wheel Settings, Can I plough at 60ins?

    Not for competition ploughing, but ploughing at home. David Brown 990 and David Brown C Type Plough, either a three or four furrow, both would be set to 12ins furrows. The tractor has Power Assisted Steering Fitted, and, as the book says, 56ins is the narrowest track setting achievable with...
  15. Sandy


    Looking for a set of 850/50/38 rear tyres 8 stud rims
  16. J

    Massey Ferguson 135 juddering when clutch released

    I was looking at a restored 1965 Massey Ferguson that is for sale. Everything seemed good, however when I let the clutch up on a hill to move from a standing start, the tractor jerked and juddered. It happened later on level ground too. The owner said the clutch had been replaced. Anyone...
  17. Jetemp

    In furrow ploughing on 710s

    Hi All looking for some advice on putting 710 tyres in furrow. Gregoire Besson plough hrpw7 I think! should I be looking at furrow wideners or collapsing the furrow wall etc? Heavy land so will take a lot to fill the furrow after it’s been squashed with the wide tyre! would normally plough on...
  18. Ukjay

    Some Insight

    Hi I will be in the market for another tractor soon, whereby I would appreciate some advice on what to look for. Budget will be around 25k Inc the dreaded vat as not vat registered. So what would be classed as a good alrounder for general hay making tasks, mowing, towing trailer etc Oh and...
  19. farmerfred86

    Kleine Unicorn beet drill

    Anyone used a kleine unicorn beet drill? Any good/bad points? Looking at a synchro drive model.
  20. Steevo

    Horsch Sprinter - wings losing down pressure

    Anybody else had this before? Unfold drill and pressurise wings down. Switch to up/down and markers mode. After a few acres the pressure gauge has dropped from 200psi to 0psi. I’ve isolated the ram seals to check they are all ok.