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  1. Wooly

    Members poll.

    With thousands of members and lurkers, a quick poll to see how the members are connected to agriculture. Please tick the most appropriate box, even though some of you might be able to tick more than one.
  2. T

    Keeping Ewe costings

    Hello. Would anyone be willing to share there true costings for keeping a ewe for a year? We are considering putting on a ewe flock and are just working through numbers at the moment to see if it’s a viable enterprise. We are thinking - 500 Blackface ewes/blueface leister rams Lambing...
  3. will6910

    Lamb in turn eyelids

    Iv no eye cream and no way getting any today, have never injected into the eye lid before, is it ok to squirt a little pen strep in under eye lid to act like the eye ointment ?
  4. N

    ACCS and Management plans.

    Please dont hate me, but do you need all three of the following for a mixed farm: Nutrient Management plan Soil Management plan Manure management plan the latter two are mentioned in the scheme requirements, but i can see no mention of the Nutrient plan. However, when i did a virtual...
  5. Farm Business RSS

    Red Tractor feedback survey collects over 3000 responses

    Written by Iain Hoey A consultation on the standards of the UK’s leading food and farming assurance body has drawn to a close, collecting over 3,000 pieces of feedback from meetings, written questions, emails, phone calls and answers to its line consultation survey. Launched in January, the...
  6. N

    Empty medicine bottles

    what do you all do with them,
  7. teslacoils

    How Can Pork Or Chicken Pay When It's Almost Free At The Shop?

    ....when I can buy a joint of British pork shoulder in Morrisons today for £2 a kilo? Or a whole UK chicken (1.7kg) for £2.99 Who is "paying" for this? It's time there were some price controls on supermarkets.
  8. M

    Sustainable Farming Incentive - Pilot Information (including PAYMENT RATES) To me this looks far from straightforward and those who moaned about the complexities of the BPS application...
  9. M

    Net Zero

    Morrison’s have made a big commitment for all farmer suppliers to be bet zero by 2030. How will machinery intensive businesses achieve this particularly thinking of the root cropping guys and large dairy units.
  10. G

    Poll: Should NFU be lobbying AIC to change their rules?

    So, as we know, AIC have a set of rules which make market access for imported grains into our UK mills relatively easy. Yet the AIC rules make it much more difficult for UK produced grain to access these UK markets. Crazy isn't it. This is a straight forward issue, and one which is...
  11. G

    AHDB Cereals Assurance and Market Access

    As you may be aware, we asked AHDB if they might help us in some way to address the issue of AIC's differentiation in requirements between UK grain vs imported grain - the unlevel playingfield. Please see the response below. I've had a couple of emails from AHDB over the past month, and spoke...
  12. Farm Business RSS

    NFU calls for fresh approach to Red Tractor standards

    Written by Iain Hoey The NFU has submitted a detailed response to a consultation on how Red Tractor standards should look across the six farming sectors, calling for a fresh approach and sets out key principles to guide the standards body to improve its offer to scheme members. As part of its...
  13. Clive

    livestock producers- Red Tractor question ?

    I recall reading sone where on here or twitter that if livestock spent a certain number of days on a uk farm it could become RT assured ? is this correct? the RT wikipedia pahe suggests not as does a lot of their advertising and FAQ’s on google etc can someone explain if / how this all...
  14. C

    What % of U.K. farmers are TFF members ?????

    Just wondering
  15. Chris F

    Most Prolific TFF Member - for last 30 days - Round 3

    So here we go again... On offer every month is a TFF Mug and 20 TFF points for the winner. The winner is the highest number of posts. Staff have been removed from the list. Here are the results for Round 3 with congratulations to @bobk DM me your address for your Mug Username Posts @bobk...
  16. organic

    Time To Boycott Tesco?

    Isn't it time farmers, their families and anyone involved with the countryside considered boycotting Tesco given their push to stock less meat in favour of vegan options? Discuss?
  17. Lydia Haydon

    University Dissertation - Biosecurity survey

    Hello, My name is Lydia Haydon, I'm currently in my final year studying Bio-Veterinary Science at Harper Adams University. As final years we are required to carry out research projects (HRP/Dissertation) on a chosen subject. My HRP title is as follows - Attitudes to biosecurity in the farming...
  18. D

    Marconi Meters & Repatriation

    Hello, It's taken a while, but I have finally joined this forum solely to help return those Marconi Moisture Meters that my late Father stored/hoarded/promised to repair, but time ran out. Fingers crossed I am on the right thread for this topic. If not, I'm sure to be Moderated outta here...
  19. Chae1

    Fuel for grain drier?

    Has anyone done the sums on the best value fuel for there grain drier? Ours will run on gas oil or kerosene. Kerosene was a no brainer last year @18ppl in March. I've searched the web looking for calorific values of both. They are both pretty similar kero 43.1mj/kg gasoil 45.5mj/kg. Then to...
  20. DrDunc

    Vegan animal sanctuary

    Now this really boils my pish Vegans have bought a local house with ten acres of boggy scrub attached, and set up a "sanctuary". They've very successfully raised money by "crowd funding" for fencing and materials. Now they're looking for volunteers to look after the animals they've "saved"...