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  1. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus – Andrew Jackson (July 2021)

    Farmer Focus – Andrew Jackson If you are reading this article, I will assume that you may well be at some point in the journey of Regenerative Agriculture. Although I have always been a passionate farmer, trying to become a regen farmer has enhanced my love of farming at what could be...
  2. Clive

    Red Tractor liars

    This is beyond belief, how can they get away with lying like this ? Can any farmer be in doubt that we need some serious action here where is their London office and who has a muck spreader ? they seem to like bulls**t !
  3. snarling bee

    Naud Ploughs

    Is anybody else still using a Naud Plough? or your neighbour's/friends? Or am I the only one?
  4. jackrussell101

    Labour MP wants livestock farming phasing out in 20 years What an unintelligent left wing ignorant cretin, some of them really are unbelievable, I hope they never ever get elected.
  5. Clive

    Fert prices vs fallow ?

    So at what price point for N do you fallow your farm ? early bought N which seemed expensive at the time now looks cheap, how about selling it on and taking a year out ?
  6. Yorkshire lad

    CF Fertilisers

    I’ve had an email yesterday that CF are stopping production of AN at Billingham and Ince, due to the cost of gas . It doesn’t say how long for, but it’s not good news How have government allowed one company to have all the AN production in the uk . I thought there were laws regarding monopolies
  7. Still Farming

    Tillage live today

    Any going/gone. Can you get Norso cpd points there??
  8. Jackov Altraids

    The Governments assault on livestock farming.

    The unqualified ban on live exports, the continual mal-apportioned blame for carbon emissions, an ELMS scheme that discriminates against pasture amongst other things, is this all due to lobbying by animal rights extremists or is there a real policy in Whitehall that they think there will be a...
  9. Goweresque

    Switch to organic farming causes chaos in Sri Lanka

    Interesting stuff going on in Sri Lanka right now, back in April the government unilaterally declared that all farming was to become organic, and outlawed the importation of agro-chemicals and artificial fertilisers. This has resulted in rampant food price inflation as crop yields are set to...
  10. T

    Looking For Work Farm Share Opportunity Wanted or Land for New Entrant. South-West.

    Hi all, I am a 31-year-old currently working for an IT company after playing 9 years of professional sport. I am from a farming family and have decent experience in sheep and cattle but without a farm or land, so I am looking for a route into farming for myself. I am particularly interested in...
  11. F

    Sustainable Farming Incentive Deadline Looming

    Is anyone actually going to apply for this as the time to do so is now very short? I put in an initial application, but on looking through all the details for what will be a relatively small area of land that is not in CS and is grassland only, the amount of information required and admin time...
  12. Clive

    N prices end UK milling wheat production?

    Given current N prices my calculations say milling wheat is no longer viable vs feed unless premiums increase significantly anyone else thinking similar ? will everyone grow more feed ?
  13. CopperBeech

    Regen ag or re wilding.

    So I’ve been reading a fair bit about upland regenerative ag projects recently. Some of which seem to involve some famous faces and consultants. But it seems to me that a lot of what they are calling regen ag is really just rebranded rewilding with a small amount of livestock thrown in. Sort of...
  14. MX7

    DEFRA liaising with TFF.

    Surely if DEFRA are liasing with TFF in any way it must be a good thing. Up until now the only organisation representing British agriculture at Government level has been the NFU. If TFF can become an organisation representing British agriculture at government level that will be great.(y)(y)
  15. spin cycle

    tff proper farmin group

    please add your ideas :) i'm in for ploughin....straw burning....indoor lambin....pigs indoors
  16. neilo

    TFF Grass Roots Group

    I've just been looking through this week's Farmers Guardian, and saw three quotes from members of the 'TFF Grass Roots Group' in the first couple of pages. If there are a group of people that purport to represent us, then shouldn't we at least know who they are?
  17. CPM RSS

    Groundswell 2021 – All’s well at Groundswell

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Regenerative agriculture is a direction of travel – not an absolute. By Charlotte Cunningham “How many farmers does it take to change a lightbulb? Change, what’s that?” an opening quip that drew laughs from the audience at this year’s Groundswell...
  18. milkloss

    I can't believe what I just read! BBC

    In a good way........
  19. Phil P

    Selling carbon credits

    @Clive can you tell us some more about it? How does it work?
  20. mobileweld

    160 acres arable

    Hello all, I am currently in the position of working a stable job but the opportunity is on the horizon of the small family owned arable farm. I know my way around a tractor but have never actually ‘done’ farming. Is taking it on myself viable? All the machinery is bought and paid for albeit...