regen ag

  1. martian

    FT In this morning's paper. You never know what you're going to find
  2. Johnnyboxer

    Thin end of wedge

    Permission needed for Grouse Shoots in Scotland
  3. ajd132

    Biological Brews

    Seeing biological bacillus brews, from stuff in a can made in China being pushed by some of the ‘regenerative’ agronomy companies/bio stimulant sellers. Some high profile no till farmers appear to be doing it and recording testimonials. With these products being complete in regulated I thought...
  4. jon9000

    Contract farming agrements for 2020 season

    Has anyone worked many of these out? Values must be well down on last year
  5. bluegreen

    The Great Reset

    Rolled out with indecent haste!
  6. Sid

    BPS value and rent

    Been chatting to a young lad who is tendering for a grassland 5 year tenancy. He's keen as mustard but is struggling with BPS values going forward. I've suggested budget on a 15% reduction year on year for next 3 years until the rent review. Between £70 and £80/ acre is what I came up with...
  7. Eden.Agri.AD

    Why the Hate for AD?

    Genuine Question.. Why is there so much hate for AD? Especially from within the Agri community? I'm involved in AD compliance and I do encounter quite a bit of hate about the whole AD industry. All AD plants within the next few years over here in N.I will be operating under a waste management...
  8. Clive

    Buying Top quality meat ? why so hard ?

    Why is this SO hard ? One of the positives of this awful lockdown year for me so far is that I have had time to do something I have wanted for a long time ............. learn to cook I spent some money saved from a canceled ski holiday on a fancy smoker BBQ (Big Green Egg) back in March and...
  9. Goldilocks

    Reduction in N use as the fifth pillar of Regen. Ag. ?

    Most people seemed to have agreed that Regen. Ag. is underpinned by four main pillars : -No -till, -Continuous soil cover via cover cropping etc, -Building diversity through wide rotations ,companion cropping etc, -livestock integration. How about adding a fifth pillar of aiming to reduce...
  10. JoeHodgey

    Outwintering cattle on herbal leys

    I’m an arable farmer from Lincolnshire with a growing interest in livestock. Mainly to spread the risk from solely growing arable annual plants, to grow perennials and build soils. Ive done a fair bit of reading largely around regen ag methods and have come up with a production system in my head...
  11. PSQ

    Times: 'Beef report was biased, admits BBC' - sanctions for BBC and Bonnin?

    Beef report was biased, admits BBC The Times 16 Oct 2020 Matthew Moore Media Correspondent The BBC has admitted that a documentary about the environmental impact of eating meat broke impartiality rules by failing to reflect the ecofriendly methods of British farmers. Meat: A Threat to our...
  12. Mounty

    No worms in DD land

    Probably should post this under the DD categories but felt it may not be viewed by non DD folk. Been soil sampling on a couple of large direct drilled farms recently and consequently dug a lot of holes. One of the farms was about 1200 acres, been direct drilling for about 15 years. Stubbles...
  13. Blaithin

    Kiss The Ground

    Just came out on Netflix here. Giving it a watch. It’s been mentioned in a couple other threads but deserves one of its own. Message is simple and fairly clear. Keep the soil healthy. Keep the soil covered. There are parts that are annoying. Spray planes when talking about glyphosate. GMOs...
  14. J

    Maize establishment after over winter cover crop

    I'm dabbling in Regen Agric - as it may provide "public goods" for ELMS. As we no longer drill OSR after Rye silage, our next crop will be maize next spring. This seemed a good chance to try a "Diverse Cover Crop" so got Cotswold Seeds to supply a mix i/c vetch, forage rape, stubble turnip...
  15. Flintstone

    Wheat drilling 2020

    Go on, someone must have started...
  16. G

    Getting started in the West Mids - advice on finding land to lease please!

    Hi everyone! I'm new on here and I'd love to hear any advice on finding land to lease. I've had a poke around in other bits of the forum, but still feel like I'm missing something. Seems like either hardly anyone is leasing out their land, or it doesnt exchange hands via the internet (or...
  17. W

    Host farm help

    Hi all, We've been looking for a host farm to rent us 4 acres to set-up a market garden and short of knocking on farm doors we've tried all we can think of? We're not wedded to any particular part of the uk and have tried contacting: Dozens of Dairy farms & Livestock farms Farm shops with land...
  18. R

    Help with 3 min videos, pppplllleeeeaasssse! (-: We are trying to help you.

    I am so sorry to be a pain but we at Regenerative Food & Farming are desperate for videos of regen farmers throughout the UK standing up and explaining what they are doing that's regenerative and how it is affecting the food, the environment and maybe your bottom line. We are customer facing...
  19. S

    Overthinking and overstating Regenerative Agriculture

    I've been keen on the sustainable/ regenerative/ holistic type of ag however you label it for 25 years but I can't help but feel especially on twitter there is a bit of both overthinking and overstating it. Crop production at its heart is really very simple. You put a seed in the ground and it...
  20. Nick.

    Any idea what seed this is ?

    We ordered some intermediate Sorghum for game cover. the labels say sorghum Sudanese. But it’s like no sorghum I’ve seen before. Has anyone got any ideas ? I'm waiting on a call from the suppliers. Pic is on a piece of A4.