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  1. R

    Chlorinated chicken and hormone-treated beef

    The UK is currently in the midst of negotiating a trade agreement with the US and there are two factors to watch very closely: 1) To what extent will this Conservative government protect the inrerests of the British farmer who cannot compete against the highly subsidised monocropped corn, soya...
  2. james.l

    What's stopping you from becoming regenerative/holistic?

    Hi, I've recently come across the concept of RegenAg/Holistic management and wondered why it's not more mainstream despite it's obvious benefits. What are some of the barriers that are preventing/prevented you from making the switch? What can be done to overcome them?
  3. C

    2 pass cultivations

    German style cultivations Just wondering why a 2 pass system of cultivations ( disc, green up, spray off, grub up ground) before drilling seems to be favoured in Northern Europe rather than a single pass with the likes of a topdown, sumo trio etc. Amazone where doing trials that seemed to show...
  4. W

    Zero till may not be as environmentally friendly as we thought.

  5. suffolksmallholder

    Regenerative not degenerative agriculture?

    This is interesting; SS
  6. Clive

    Parts Supply

    i’m assuming dealers are allowed to stay open to support food production ? diy shops / screwfix etc not though ? it’s going to get busy online i think !
  7. onesiedale

    Will RegenAg be given the chance to feed the world?

    About a month ago I was quite confident that the RegenAg / Holistic management message was beginning to filter through into mainstream Ag. However, the outlook for food production/consumption is now looking drastically different. Mother Earth may be starting to breathe more comfortably from a...
  8. steveR

    Compaction breaker root in grassland

    I have been spending another evening looking at Vids on DD, CC and Regen Ag et al! Looking and learning and getting the head around the various concepts and subtleties of the above. Now, a little left field query.... Not an arable one either ;) I have about 50 acres of PP grassland here, all...
  9. martian

    Groundswell 2020

    Tickets for this years show are now on sale and selling fast...I don't think we'll sell out quite as fast as the ORFC, but you don't want to be caught out! We have rejigged the lay-out: we will be holding all the talks in seven different tents on a new field, immediately adjacent to the new site...
  10. Chris F

    Tax relief on Red Diesel being scrapped in budget?

    At least that is what it says in here:£3bn-business-tax-break
  11. N

    Should I say this

    Once again we hear on the news the terrible situation over homes and businesses in built up areas flooded,the news goes on and on how lives are put on hold.Am I mean in thinking why the hell farms get no mention over land flooded.Yes we haven’t lost what they have lost but,yes our lives are on...
  12. Bossfarmer

    "Project fear" proven right....GOVERNMENT WASTES NO TIME IN SHUTTING DOWN UK FARMS!!!!

    As many predicted and were accused of "scaremongering" and "project fear" before the brexit vote, the government has announced farm subsidies in england are being phased out completely starting next year, they are being "replaced" with enviro payments but the nasty truth of the matter is these...
  13. U

    Regenerative agronomy

    I'm based around Cambridgeshire / Norfolk border farming just under 1800 ha of combinable crops and sugar beet. I am looking for a new agronomy package that looks way beyond pesticides and inorganic fertilisers. Although I am in no way against using pesticides and fertilisers the writing is...
  14. Direct Driller Magazine

    Is Organic No-Till Possible?

    Written by Jerry Alford from the Soil Association There has recently been a lot of interest in the potential of organic no-till and it has been described by some as the holy grail of organic arable farming. It is also something that is of interest to non-organic farms because of the potential...
  15. J

    Hi all just been reading ....

    Hi all i have just been reading the "One Straw Revolution" a no plow method of growing using No herbicides and no fertilisers, and he gets the same crop weight as modern methods that is ruining the land by destroying the soil fauna and flora, no poisons applied to the land natural crop pest...
  16. U

    Regenerative Ag Agronomist

    Getting into the regen ag / dd game much against my insecticide hooked agronomists advice. I’m looking for a new agronomist in east Cambridgeshire / south Norfolk who is keen to make regenerative ag and direct drilling work. My current one is an independent who has served me well for several...
  17. Samcowman

    Proving regenerative agriculture is working

    Doing a bit of homework for a course tonight and have come up a bit stumped with this question. How can you prove regenerative agriculture is actually working? My thoughts are production results along with soil analysis.
  18. R

    Regenerative practices

    Where is a good place to learn about Regenerative farming?
  19. C

    National Food Strategy. Call For Evidence

  20. H

    Mixing livestock Gaurdians

    I was wondering, let's say a homesteader had a mixed pasture of goats and sheep, maybe a cow or some chickens, and they're having some issues with local dogs attacking flerd( flock+ herd). They decide to get livestock Gaurdians for their flerd, and they havr access to both dogs and llamas. They...