1. Chickcatcher

    Broiler Boys Electric cost at the moment

    Are any of you able to help with what actually your electric cost works out /Kw at this time. I am very fortunate to have 15 months more of a 3 year contract to run. There is a need for this to support an interview on Wednesday 6th. Mine is 16p average cost/Kw for total cost divided by total...
  2. Steevo

    Opinion Harvester Survey - Red Tractor

    Had this come through by email this morning. Some excellent questions being asked. Anyone else who has it I suggest it would be well worth filling in.
  3. D

    Phone mast rent

    Our mast rent is up for renewal at a large reduction which I was kind of expecting How are other people getting on negotiating
  4. H

    Should I?

    655c rogator 6000 lts yes or no?
  5. lunchtimesofa

    Quotejump for securing PPA - is it any good?

    Hi there, I have recently seen this Quotejump (offered by Limejump) been advertised and had a little look at it, but didn't complete the process just yet. Has anyone taken it any further? Did you get a good price? PPA renewal coming up in September and wanted to know if anyone tried it, I am...
  6. Agriland RSS

    Origin Enterprises sees 47% rise in group revenue

    Written by Stella Meehan from Agriland Origin Enterprises plc., the international agri-services group, which provides specialist agronomy advice, crop inputs and digital agricultural solutions, saw an increase of almost 50% in its group revenue in the quarter to the end of April 2022. The...
  7. box

    What are you working on today, TFF?

    Got a job on the go that's not really thread worthy? Not a QFB&C? Not quite a NQFEorAQB? Whatever it is, show us what you're working on today, TFF. I'm desperately trying to revive the aircon system on my newly purchased Same but it's snowballing a bit (I probably shouldn't have bothered with...
  8. Agriland RSS

    Breed championships among highlights of Sommet de l’Elevage

    Written by Stella Meehan from Agriland The 31st edition of the Sommet de l’Elevage will be held from October 4-7, 2022 in Clermont-Ferrand, France iwth various breed championships among the highlights. The event attracts around 1,500 exhibitors and with the return of in-person events across...
  9. Q

    build cost for insurance

    Hi folks , looking for build costs per meter for new builds sheds for insurance purposes , thanks quavers
  10. neilo

    Welsh 'Small Grants - Efficiency' scheme.

    It's not been trumpeted much by WAG and the first I heard about it was last week, but a new grant scheme is available in Wales, with the first application window now open. The 'Small Grants - Efficiency' is very similar to the previous FBG, but with a minimum grant claim of £1000 (max £12k). It...
  11. Bignor Farmer

    Red Tractor non conformance

    I don’t usually have too many problems with my audit but I do put in a huge amount of work in advance. Am I wasting my time? What is the consequence of lots of lots of non-critical failures? Sorry Mr Inspector I don’t have any grain temperature and moisture records this year but it all sold...
  12. D

    Scrapping farm assurance

    After discussions with the people we sell cattle to it has become clear that beef assurance is a waste of time, effort and money. now here’s my dilemma…. this week we have a “visit” to do Arable and Beef inspection. arable (for now) is going to have to stay assured so do I…… A - ring the...
  13. F

    Rp 15 concrete yard renewal

    Had an email from cs people today saying I either need to provide written consent for my concrete yard renewal or send proof that pp is not required. I've never heard of anyone ever needing permission to repair an existing yard. Is there a website that will have relevant information or am I...
  14. S

    Insurance companies

    Does every instance broker leave it to the last few days before renewal before getting back with a quote? Seem to be very on the ball when chasing your business but slip back into old habits once your with them for a year leaving little time to get other quotes. Scared what they will quote as...
  15. H

    Insurance renewal

    Just had our renewal quote from NFU,up between 60-70%,who else is worth trying?
  16. DairyGrazing

    TLA and TB

    Forgot to ring yesterday and ask defra but we went down with TB yesterday. Only one so hopefully we won't be down for longer. Will we still get a TLA for some building we winter the heifers in on another farm or will we not be able to move them off the holding?
  17. Agriland RSS

    Co. Down cereal grower questions the role of a Tillage Incentive Scheme

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland A Co. Down cereal grower does not believe that a measure such as a Tillage Incentive Scheme (TIS) should be used as a means of encouraging the expansion of Ireland’s tillage/arable area. “I believe that market forces should always be allowed to play...
  18. Ffermer Bach

    Renewing shot gun certificate

    In Wales you now need a Doctors proforma, basically saying the Doctor doesn't think you are mad, anyway, costs £50!
  19. organicguy

    Electric price, WTF

    SSE just sent me a new price, 54.98 p/kwh day, £1 /day standing charge? Where is best to move to as I am out of contract!
  20. teslacoils

    Cutting Insurance Down To Size

    Anyone got any ideas? Are there any farm items that generate a disproportionate chunk of an annual premium? I'm guessing the quad bike I use maybe one day a year should really go. Looking for some things I can either jettison or stuff I can actively do to get the cost down.