1. N

    Feeding stuck to one side of high level 30t bin

    Have a 30 tonne Collinson feed bin. There’s a barley blend stuck up towards the top on one side? There’s no hatch at the top just a vent. Anyone experienced this? Tips to remove it? Thanks
  2. Agriland RSS

    CAFRE to host free Dry Stone Walling courses

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland The College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) will host free Dry Stone Walling training events at its Glenwherry Hill Farm Centre in Ballymena from January to March next year. The practical training courses will be an introduction to...
  3. S

    John Deere 6030 terrible kick on reverser ! JD guys help

    As with almost every 6030 4 cyl I have a terrible kick on reverser on 6230 Standard. I do gearbox calibration and it is still kicking. Wth is wrong with those softwares on 6030 series ? I have installed latest gearbox payload and same problem. Can someone explain in plain english what do fill...
  4. Turnip

    Recommend me an oil boiler for central heating only.

    As the thread title says I am looking for recommendations. Currently our central heating system of the house consists of an old oil boiler and a woodburner. Next year I need to replace the oil burner as it is on its last legs. Can you recommend me a good one as I have no experience with them. No...
  5. Timbo

    BPS 2021

    Looks like mine is set to be paid tomorrow! No doubt alot will be glad of it.
  6. melted welly

    Storm Arwen vs Net Zero…..nature vs arrogance??

    Our power has been out since 5pm Friday, estimated that will be back by 6pm tonight, but not holding our breath, there’s a lot of damage. Our house is old, draughty, inefficient insulation, single glazed windows, heated by a mixture of oil and wood. Everything about it is a black mark...
  7. Wobblebox

    Short term hire or buy/sell?

    Normally at harvest I hire a couple of tractors for 3-4 months, but looking at tractor market I reckon if I bought a couple of tidy tractors at right money and then sold them after use, I wouldn’t lose too much money on them? I understand that I’d need decent credit or overdraft to do this, but...
  8. D

    New hilux-any problems?

    Pondering ordering a new hilux 2.8 manual for delivery next year Now they have been around a couple years, has anyone had any problems with them? or any common issues i should know about? Also what MPG should i expect? Please dont suggest rangers, dmax etc as im really not interested. If i...

    Flood Action Week

    Flood Action Week Written by Defra Press Office Environment Agency staff are given training using a Mobile High Volume pump which is part of their ongoing programme which is backed by £5.6 billion of investment The Environment Agency has urged the people to take action during Flood Action...
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    Environment Agency urges the public to prepare for flooding risk

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Nearly two in three households at risk of flooding don’t believe it will happen to them, new analysis revealed by the Environment Agency today (Tuesday, November 23) has warned. It comes as the Met Office has said there is an above average likelihood of...
  11. J

    Cows gorging cake

    So in the latest antics of why I've had a f**king enough, a portion of the milkers (25ish) escaped last night and have broken through my gates (and of course bent them in the process) ans then helped themselves to a tonne of dry cow rolls, 1-2 t of calf cake and half a tonne of grass seed Do I...
  12. Agriland RSS

    Environment Agency to trial new amphibious vehicle to tackle flooding

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The Environment Agency has been trialling a new piece of equipment in Essex to help reduce flood risk to homes and businesses. The vehicle, named Truxor, is designed to work both on the channel bed or whilst afloat. It has recently been trialled at...
  13. Muck Spreader

    Government plans to outlaw performance tampering

    Don't know if this has been posted already, but it looks like the government is planning on making it illegal to alter the performance of any vehicle including agricultural machinery though chipping, remapping, tampering with emissions equipment etc...
  14. H

    Line boring

    Has anyone had a telehandler main pivot line bored & welded in the east of England. If so, who by and what is a rough cost? Thanks
  15. FarmyStu

    New old gearboxes

    Just flicking through a John Deere 6030 tractor brochure from 2011. They were still offering 12/4 SyncroPlus gearbox for this range. That's a fully manual box, no clutchless shuttle or splitter. Has anyone here bought or used one? I know these type of boxes are still offered in other countries...
  16. Greythundercloudys

    Are those woolen smocks that good,?

    Was at mccaskies at Stirling for odds and ends, saw they had some of the above for sale, very expensive for what they are, do guys that have them like them or not worth the near 200£was priced at?.
  17. ploughman1963

    John Deere 4400/4500/matbro forward/reverse shuttle lever

    We are having issues with the micro switches in the above. Have changed micro switches but the ones we have tried don’t last long. Looking to locate a replacement- someone on eBay repairs but have reservations. Matbro-man at craven arms seems busy so looking for other suggestions/advice please
  18. S

    Rent minefield.

    Bee looking at a 10yr fbt Cumbria good bulidings house shabby needs lot of work done land lord is making a good contribution rest is for tenant to sort out. 150 acres grade 3 slowly permeable seasonally waterlogged reddish fine loamy soils. In short heavy in winter. know the area so half a...
  19. .fendt.

    Advice on best way to repair cracking / cracked concrete in farm yard

    Long winded, but looking for some advice on the best way to sort out cracking on a concrete slabs on the farmyard. Basically the majority of the concrete on the farm is fecked. All laid before my time, 4’’ thick. Some sections have been renewed at 6’’ a good few years ago, but developing...
  20. S

    Drainage maps from past pipelines being laid

    We have a large gas pipeline across the farm. This would have been laid late '70s. Are there any resources out there to see what drainage work was done when the pipeline was laid?