1. B

    Major vehicle quandary

    So I presently run a Amarok doing 15,000 miles a year. It’s leased and going in June this year. It ticks all the boxes for me as it’ll travel across fields, tow a trailer, carry stuff in the pickup bed, takes the kids to and from school and is also happy travelling to the coast on holiday. I’ve...
  2. Northeastfarmer

    Valtra v John Deere

    Have had a quote for a John Deere 6130 M and a valtra N134 Both have loaders, the valtra has come in a few thousand more than the JD, I would say the valtra is a higher is spec than the JD but not a lot on it...tyre sizes are the same on both machines. We have never had any other make but JD and...
  3. R J

    Hernia op

    Well been in today for my hernia op . bloody sore now ! So no lifting for 6 weeks or so :cautious: Just wondered if any one had any tips in their experiences with recovery do's and dont's ? Thanks
  4. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  5. S

    Tractor Price Inflation

    Been several years since I looked at the price of a brand new tractor. In fact 2005 was the last time! Back then it was possible to buy a TS115 New Holland for around £30k ish and a TM155 for less than 40k from memory. I just read this week's Farmer's Weekly and there is an article comparing...
  6. Thefarmingpilot


    Good evening all Im new to this, so hang with me! the family and I have taken over the family farm in Austria, near to Graz. I’m looking for a good tractor that will hit the sweet spot for he needs. Field work, road work, tanking etc. I really like the Fastrac and I’m going to have a look at...
  7. L

    NH 7.245 Auto V JD6195 Autopowr

    These two seem similar power and weight . Which would be the best performer and most reliable? I'm not interested in brand slagging or loyalty just honest appraisals ,thanks.
  8. J

    Carbon capture on grass land

    As carbon capture and foot print are the latest craze was going to incorporate this into a business plan/tender that I might be doing on a block of ground and this is something that would be on the tick list for the landlord! So if I started with four hundred acres of maize stubble that I was...
  9. Celt83

    Scrambler motor bike as a Christmas present

    My boy who is twelve has asked for a dirt bike for Christmas. We are complete novices with scramblers so I would appreciate any info on makes/models and what we should pay and avoid. Any advise appreciated.
  10. Lowland1


    If you were to lease a Tractor for set period say three years or so what percentage of the retail value would you expect to pay. We have been approached to try leasing but it looks very unattractive compared with hire purchase or getting a loan etc.
  11. D

    JD6155R auto power

    Hi.... was looking at buying a 2018 Jd 6155R auto power...?I already own 2 6930 ‘s auto power and I luv them !! what are people’s view on the 6155R Other option would be a Claas 650 ? Thanks lads ...
  12. CPF

    The new Nissan Navarra for 2021

    Nissan has done a new facelift to the Navara came out yesterday coming to Europe shortly
  13. Surgery

    Lister Wilder and Chandlers Changes in the South

    Very surprised with a letter to say lister-wilder sold out to chandlers in the south on agco dealership , what are chandlers like to deal with? Edit - Link to Press Release -...
  14. L

    Kramer or new model JCB telehandler.

    Which would people go for and why?
  15. phr49

    Beet yields 2020

    How are we finding early yields did see some optimism on FWI site saying yields better than anticipated ........?!BS predicting 10-15% reduction in yields as an average . Had a colleague lift a fair tonnage Norfolk way with a disappointing 18 t acre adjusted . Not looking forward to lifting...
  16. W

    Cheap ways of Feeding growing cattle

    I Have 100 angus / hereford cattle around 7-9 m old average weight around 260-280 kg and bringing them In this week , Usually feed good silage and 18% rearer nut but with fees going silly prices had anyone any suggestions such as maybe brewers grains and bread mixes with hay ? thanks
  17. R

    Vinyl wrap / paint work protection

    Morning all, Is anyone here using clear plastic paintwork protection (like used for race car stone chip protection) or vinyl wrapping etc. to preserve paintwork on new tractors and machinery? Has anyone found anything effective to protect black plastic mudguards from UV fade? What prices are...
  18. D

    What happened at the Coles sale in Somerset

    Tried the Cheffins sales website, No sales report What was the trade like, especially the Jones bedtiller, seed drills & Fendt tool carrier. Would have loved to follow live online, but busy hand pulling swede. Which reminds me, how much did the Asa lift make?
  19. R

    Fendt 516 / Valtra N174d / Case Maxxum 145 cvx or JD 6130 AP.

    I'm trying to replace a 2014 Case 130cvx (well speced) that I really like, but it's no longer available as short chassis. I am looking for CVT, min 145hp / 50k, front links and pto. Fully suspended with air brakes, short chassis and tight turning (4 CYL) and at least steering ready (run rtk...
  20. bobk

    Dieci telehandlers

    Anyone got one ? Perkins engine is a bonus , my old girl is getting tired