1. DairyGrazing

    Fertiliser record spread sheet or program

    Does anyone have something for recording fertiliser and slurry applications that produces a running total?
  2. CHAPs News

    Featured Solution - Data Diagnostic Insights - The Rise of the Digital Farm

    Featured Solution - Data Diagnostic Insights - The Rise of the Digital Farm Five years ago, when people started talking about Digital Farming and Big Data, most were not sure what this was or how it related to field base crop production. Since then, writes Keith Norman, the speed of technical...
  3. HarryB97

    Applying no bagged P or K to crops

    I have increasingly been reading that more no till farmers are applying no bagged P or K and find that their indices are not decreasing. Are any members on here finding the same? We have recently moved to no till and the back bone of our rotation is 3-4 year grazed and silaged leys, all straw...
  4. S

    Imaging; usefulness, payback, cost/benefit

    Is anyone using any of the imaging systems in anger? There seems to be a plethora of these appearing and I have meddled with the Agrii contour system. They seem to raise more questions than they answer and on generally light soil they just show lack of moisture, IMHO. They could however be used...
  5. G

    Clovers for nitrogen fixation

    I'm a simple homegrower and I've been using legumes for nitrogen fixation for some time, which has saved me the hassle and money of applying ammonia fertilizer. Now, I've recently become aware that clovers are too, legumes, and they too, form nitrogen nodules for nitrogen fixation and I came...
  6. Flintstone

    Wheat drilling 2020

    Go on, someone must have started...
  7. S

    lime costs

    guy came and soil tested for PH yesterday needs 100 tonnes of lime @ 2 tonne /acre. quoted £27/tonne spread, this is in Gloucestershire. is this a competitive price?
  8. Farm Business RSS

    New agtech boost for UK’s top sheep breeding programme

    Written by John Swire Innovis, the leading supplier of performance recorded forage reared rams to the UK livestock industry, has become the latest commercial breeder to introduce Agriwebb’s new livestock management software into their farming operation. The technology is the most recent in a...
  9. Phil P

    Land Tender and Entitlement value?

    I’m looking at putting a tender together for a 5 year FBT, it’s a decent size block of land but will need some tidying up in the first year. It’s a mixture of soil types grade 1-3 but after having a dig this morning I’d say predominantly grad 2, will be fine for what we grow If I’m successful...
  10. Hilly

    Variable rate

    Silly question but how does it work ?
  11. W

    Website for total rainfall

    Which sites for total rainfall on a postcode?
  12. M

    Who's nicked all the rain out of a showery forecast????

    Day 3 of.a showery forecast and still nothing in the rain gauge to measure ?
  13. Brisel

    How do I obtain an up to date satellite image of my farm?

    How? Who? I'm looking for something less than 3 months old. Google Earth's most recent image is July 2018.
  14. Robt

    Fertliser spend per year

    good morning. I'm putting together a presentation for dealers and open evening talks i do. I try to us facts rather then my opinion. Its been 20 years since i was a farm manager. Can you tell me what your fertliser spend per HA is? feel free to pm if you want. Kind regards RobT
  15. Clive

    Cheap solid fert spreader

    I have a bit of a one-off job to do so want to spend as little as possible here on something very secondhand Which 36m solid fert spreader would you recommend? How new would I have to start looking before I could get something with ISO? really would prefer that if possible ?
  16. Dman2

    Vicon RO-M Geospread

    Hi How do you upload variable rate maps onto tellus go box Anyone know? When I put usb stick in it just says that there are no valid files on stick??
  17. NikiRust

    What helps improve your water and nutrient use efficiency?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the Farming Forum so I thought I'd first of all say hi! I am a researcher based in the Agriculture Department of Newcastle University and am working on a few projects that are trying to see how we can make farming more resilient to future environmental change. One of...
  18. Case290

    My John Deere .com

    Not very easy to navigate as a first time user. And it won’t usb upload my field data .from my 1800 screen grrrrrrrrrr
  19. CPM RSS

    Digital Vision – The next step in grower benefits?

    Written by cpm Download PDF Digital agronomy potentially offers more than just a step on from precision farming. CPM visits a Hants estate that’s made the most of the Rhiza platform to find out where the opportunities lie. As our confidence in the Contour yield predictions grows we will be able...
  20. Vienna114

    Crop growth monitoring

    Hello! I am currently working on a university project with a team of researchers, and I have some questions that some of you might be able to help me with. I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to respond to my post. We are looking for use cases for a new monitoring...