rolled barley

  1. D

    Boer goats

    Not for me, too much fencing & parasite issues. But asking for my Brother who was wondering about sheep. Would Boers be less bother at lambing/kidding time no wool of course. His situation is quite good 14 acre of magnesium limestone land & about to build general purpose building. Big budget...
  2. FarmerDanny1989

    Fattening bulls

    Is there a demand for young fattening bulls? Iv always cut mine a few days old but fancy trying to leave a few whole. I sell 50% of mine 10/11 months and the rest I finish at home. Usually get U/R grades. What grades would you get with bulls? Most are lim/blue/AA few shorthorn cows, all sired by...
  3. C

    Rolled barley for pigs - soak or not?

    We've just been given a nice pile of rolled barley, to feed to the pigs. They are free range GOS crosses, usually on sow breeder nuts - I was planning to build up to maybe 1/3 rolled barley. Does that sound OK? And does it need to be soaked before feeding, or is the rolling enough? I'm...
  4. Chasingmytail

    Cheapest form of wholecrop

    Did peas and barley last year, good yield after drought, but worked out considerably expensive (min £55 per bale). Drilled and harvested into bales by contractor. Only 20 acres. Thinking about this year coming now need to think what alternatives - if any makes it more economical - if there is...
  5. Agriland RSS

    Beef Focus: Sticking with traditional suckler breeding in Co. Cavan

    Written by Agriland Team When you walk into the suckler housing belonging to Brian Brady from Co. Cavan, there are no signs of your typical commercial Limousin, Simmental or Charolais cow. Instead, the shed houses good traditionally-bred Angus cross cows with a mixture of Shorthorn breeding...
  6. J

    Wanted: Out of parlour feeders

    Has anyone got any for sale? Ideally looking for half a dozen in cornwall but will go further abroad (over the tamar 😬🤢) if need be. Thanks
  7. Greythundercloudys

    Rat trap, peenut butter.

    What's best put on trap to attracted a rat, is peenut butter the best. Think there one in the barn.
  8. V

    Are shear buckets a success ?

    I use a 4ft shear grab on my Massey 5610 which is well suited to it but recently I’ve switched to using bucket as pit face had slipped so just needed scooped up , finding it so much quicker to fill feeder and passages also keeps pit floor cleaner but obviously doesn’t keep a nice face on pit so...
  9. Woolless

    Sugar beet pulp pellets for ewes

    I have some red clover silage bales which have analysed at 9MJ and 14% CP (slightly worse than that on report but they'll discard some of the stalks so it should feed better). Thinking of feeding in-lamb ewes the silage plus molassed SBP pellets to boost the energy. On paper, they should have...
  10. D

    Twin lamb in Welshies

    Having a bit of bother in the draft welsh ewes, they are now in side, on cake (rolled barley protein mix) plus hay. They receive a bit less cake than the commercial ewes but just seem gormless. Am I missing a trick with this breed / draft ewes? Cheers.
  11. F

    Bagged nut under weight

    Just had a bag of nuts off the mill, should be 20kg. It felt a bit light so I checked it, 16kg! Checked the others, closer to 19kg... That could be my scales... Anyone else noticed anything similar, do they always under sell? Bit miffed tbh, there's no margin in farming anyway but you would at...
  12. jacobl741

    Cost of keeping pigs

    Complete pig novice here, considering getting a couple of weanlings to rear and put in the freezer. What sort of breeds are best? How much is it likely to cost to get to killing? How much is killing and cutting up etc and what feeds best etc etc, just toying with the idea at the moment but any...
  13. S

    Tractor+full feeder wagon=80 tonnes

    Was a rep for local dealer exaggerating when he said a big farmer in the Welshpool area has big John Deere tractor and feeder wagon when full has combined weight of 80 tonnes??
  14. D

    One armed lorry driver!

    Just finished loading a lorry and noticed he didn’t have a right arm when he arrived. said he passed his test in October and was still learning. I was at first surprised to see him driving an artic but I had an hr to mull it over. he seemed very capable but it was hard work closing his door...
  15. D

    Suckler cow profitability

    Been on here on a few occasions, lots of different articles and so on, I'm looking back at the previous year and to be fair I think the cows have paid reasonably well 120 cow herd, plus 20 heifers all home bred with all progeny fattened males as bulls at about 15 months, heifers at 22 to 26...
  16. F

    What to feed 3 month old plus dairy-bred beef calves?

    To try and push them on on a semi-intensive beef system... usually we would feed an ad-lib rearer nut, but this year it is crucifyingly expensive, would just feeding rolled barley and silage work ok though a wagon? Also, would ad-lib barley and hay be ok or is that too gung ho? What if barley...
  17. D

    Non Assured Grain

    Is there a market for non assured ie wheat
  18. Bald Rick

    Sell me some barley

    NEA to put in the lost region of "Classifieds" so ........ Am looking for 400 tonnes of barley at 70t/mth ex farm (yes I know that works out at 2.5 artic loads ....) starting February Any of you arable boys want to deal direct? Payment by BACS. PM me if you're interested please
  19. J

    Lupin triticale mix

    anyone growing it? Is it as good as this advert makes out? Yield and protein really that high?
  20. S

    Feeding in-wintered ewes

    Hopefully going to house our ewes on slats next winter for the first time, or some of them at least, usually they are outwintered on roots but winters seem to be getting wetter and ground to grow roots harder to find. Ewes are lowland 80kgs scanning 180%. Would be shorn and housed mid December...