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  1. B


    Class 250 roto cut nett problems,nett keeps feeding into bale chamber when it is cut clean any solutions thanks
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    Lely - Welger RP235 xtracut

    Lely - Welger RP235 xtracut Advert added by: Andrew Campbell @6830p Machinery Details Category: Balers Round baler Price: £10500 Condition: Excellent Description 2009 Lely rp235, 17 knife chopper, hydroflex drop floor, approx 43500 bales, one owner driver...
  3. Longlowdog

    Pressure washing a baler, bad idea, good idea,???

    My friend has just bought an older Class 44s baler that the previous owner appears to have lube'd with old motor oil. He wants me to give it a bit of a service and a look over in exchange for the use of said baler. The inside of the side doors and all chains, gears etc are coated in a grease...
  4. rm36house

    Used baller for 6500 pounds or euro( like in my country)

    Hello friends! I'm balling round balls with my New Holland 644 baller four season now. Every season I can't start smoothly and when neighbors balling than I repair some thing on my round baller. I'm balling 300-500+ round bales each year. What is the best 90's to early 00's round baller in the...
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    The future of connectivity for farm machinery

    Written by Justin Roberts Connectivity is a word we hear a great deal nowadays, in many contexts and with many connotations. It has become a generic term which tends to give an impression rather than deal with specifics. Despite this lack of clarity the influence of digitalisation is all...
  6. R

    John Deere round baler breakers

    Looking for anybody breaking a John Deere 590/late 550 round baler. I have tried Dave Burden with no luck. Thanks
  7. M

    36ft drawbar bale trailer

    Who makes a 36ft drawbar bale trailer. I don’t want a 5th wheel dolly version. Looking to put on 4 x 8ft hestons long ways and then one cross ways so at 2 high we can get 18 on in total. Can’t go 3 high with a shorter trailer due to bridges.
  8. spin cycle

    electric ram thingys???

    rams that are electric powered rather than hydraulic....what are they actually called and where can you get them?....need one for a round baler tie mechanism....thought about hydraulic but space tight which is why they opted for leccy in first place....baler,like me, is obsolete so nae chance of...
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    Pottinger breaks more ground with new round baler factory

    Written by Justin Roberts Pottinger is powering ahead in response to the buoyant machinery market as well as a continual growth in sales. The company has just opened its latest plant in Austria as well as cut the sod for the next extension. This is the fourth Pottinger production plant and...
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    Kubota awarded silver medal for tractor and baler TIM combination

    Written by John Swire The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) has awarded a silver medal to Kubota in the 2021 Technical Innovation Award scheme. The award is in recognition of an AEF certified tractor and implement TIM combination (Tractor and Implement Management) from...
  11. Z

    Best Hay Preservative ....(apart from sun )

    What do people use now I have a balers choice kit on a 80*90 new Holland Have used eco bale DA on haylage very successfully Balers choice is £650 for 200 litres I'm looking for other alternatives
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    T6003998 - 2010 Welger RP435 Round Baler

    T6003998 - 2010 Welger RP435 Round Baler Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Balers Round baler Price: £15250 Condition: Excellent Description 2010 Welger RP435 Round Baler, Immaculate Condition, Approx 32000 Bale Count, Drop Floor...
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    FE690401 - 2020 Fendt Rotana 160V Round Baler

    FE690401 - 2020 Fendt Rotana 160V Round Baler Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Balers Round baler Price: £64450 Condition: New Description 2020 Fendt Rotana 160V Round Baler Combi, 17 Knives, 17 Blind Knives with Holder, Axle...
  14. P

    Access to home via farm track

    Hello all, new to the site. Hoping someone must have experienced this issue before and offer some advice. Access to our home is through a farm and along the farm's track. We are at the very end of the track. The track is only used by us, the farm (occasionally) and the shepherds who rent the...
  15. F

    JD 6330

    Hey To save a lot of backstory, I have recently taken on a 60acre holding (in addition to the 15acre hobby farm I have been working with for the past 5+ years). This is a step up and the tractors I have aren't cutting it (Ford 7610 and Ford 4000). I'm looking at a JD 6330 on the...
  16. W

    Chain oiler pipe

    Anyone know where to get a roll of chain oiler pipe to replace a couple of lengths on a round baler
  17. ffukedfarmer

    Hay Making 2021

    Anyone made a start yet?!
  18. D

    Do you have small run about or compact tractor?I

    I suppose the quad bike & mule type atv's have taken the place of the small "knocking" about tractor. Do any of you have a small tractor perhaps with transport box loaded with fencing material or compact tractor mowing the lawn. If so what do you have & what do you use it for? I feel a bit...
  19. Smokey16

    New holland round baler

    Iv been and seen a new holland 548 round baler today whilst I was there the chap showed me a new holland 740a belt Baker what's people thoughts on them
  20. Stags Agri

    June South West Timed Machinery Auction - 70+ Tractors, Diggers & Vehicles (1000+ Lots)