round baler

  1. The Ruminant

    Basic tractor questions

    What are the rules and restrictions when towing with a tractor? I’ve an old Ford 4000, what’s the maximum trailer weight I can pull with this and is there a length restriction? What about brakes? As a separate and even more basic question (I’m a true dog & stick farmer..) what harm does leaving...
  2. Surgery

    Difference in 4ft to 5 fy rounds in rough weight

    What extra would you get in a round bale if the same bailer did 4ft and 5ft bales , belt baler , thanks
  3. S

    John Deere Swath Roller

    Hi I'm looking for a swath roller to fit onto a john deere round baler 644 cover edge. Either new or second hand preferably. What sort of price are they please. Only for hay, silage and haylage use no straw.
  4. T

    Round baler

    Hi folks Any advice on second hand round balers. I’m looking for a second hand one that will do silage and straw. McHale gets good reviews I can see. Are the John Deere ones no use in straw?
  5. G

    This farming life

    On now bbc2
  6. E

    New Holland round belt balers

    Hi All What sort of reputation do the mid 000 New Holland yellow livery round balers have? Are they reliable and easy to use? I currently have a JD 550. Anything to look out for? If they are set up for chopping can knives be easily removed for hay only? Thanks
  7. Farmerpickle

    Best 160 hp tractor Massey Ferguson 6480 vs Deutz M420

    Good evening all, I’m currently contemplating what to get as a 160 hp tractor with 50 kph and pre Adblue. I’m looking at a Massey Ferguson 6480 or a Deutz M420. I know they are getting around 8-10 years old now, but I will only be looking at low hour and very well looked after ones. Do you have...
  8. Smokey16

    New holland 548 round baler

    Hi looking at buying a new holland 548 round baler just looking for people opinions on them
  9. Massey_3115

    Older / Classic Round balers

    I’m looking at getting myself a round baler. Only covering about 75 acres straw and 50 acres grass/ hay of my own Just wondering what would be a good make / model to consider, ideally bale hay as 4fts and straw 5fts. New Holland seem quite good value, John Deere 590’s / welfare’s seem to...
  10. Seth470

    Best Bale Size To Sell

    Somebody will know the easiest bale size to sell and use as were looking at square baling instead of round baling.
  11. H

    Are there any opportunities left?

    Have been agricultural contracting for a number of years. Never in a big way, just a side line. More and more people trying to get into it. Id say there will soon be as many balers as fields round here. Looking at maybe changing direction and getting into more groundworks. But again theres...
  12. Farm Classifieds

    New Holland BR740 cutter

    New Holland BR740 cutter Advert added by: @ih1455xl Machinery Details Category: Balers Round baler Price: £6000 Condition: Good Description New Holland BR740 cutter net wrap and string has only done 25,200 bales recent new belts fitted 15 knife cutter farmer...
  13. tr250

    Buying a new machine and turning out to be 2 and a half years old?

    Today I’ve been to pick up a machine I’ve bought I was sold it under the impression it’s new but in stock. Anyway get it home and find out it’s an October 2018 built machine. As said machine has never been used and is a current model it was a couple of hundred pounds cheaper than his competitors...
  14. Tha Ulsterscot

    Old style Baler twine

    Anyone know anything about this make.? or ever used it?
  15. daveydiesel1

    Claas wagons

    Why is it that theres hardly no claas forage wagons sold? Is there a problem with them compared to strautmann, poettinger or krone or are they just to expensive? Seems odd that they arent more popular as claases grass equipment always sold well as in harvesters mowers and rakes
  16. Elpresidente

    Claas Rollant 540rc

    I currently own and run a Rollant 374 rc which has been almost faultless so far. I‘m looking for views and thoughts off anyone who owns or who has driven the new 540rc. I’m well aware that Mchale is probably the best round baler and I have driven several Mchale balers from the,F550 to the latest...
  17. MickyMook

    Diet feeder loaded with tractor loader

    I'm coming from a place of zero experience with this so I'm hoping some people on here with experience can help: I'm planning on upgrading my feeding method to use a diet feeder. The only problem is that most of my loader work is done with an old JCB 3cx or a NH 7740 with front loader, so I...
  18. S

    Mchale v660

    Hello one and all! Just after some advice, we are looking at changing our round baler and have located a mchale v660 in a reasonable price range for us, it's done 32000 bales so far.. We do roughly 1200 bales a year currently and like the ability to vary size for straw and silage. We have had a...
  19. S

    Rakes - Twin vs Single

    I'm wondering how people get on with single rotor rakes vs twin, previous threads have said that the rows end up too uneven for baling with a single rotor rake and twin is the way forward, others have said they're absolutely fine. What is the consensus? We use a three cut system cutting 40ac 3...
  20. GAM

    PTO Guards

    As being pulled by the PTO shaft guard Police, and quite rightly so... Can you buy new PTO guard end cones to fit a 50mm coupling? Can you buy the adjustable PTO shaft guards, as I can only find fixed length ones available?