round bales

  1. F

    What Price Per Acre For Mowing Grass On PP

    As above but this is on tired PP which has some thistles. Can put fertilizer on but amounts only around 30 units to the acre. The land is probably short of lime so response to fertilizer may not be great. Seventy acres in total but in ten small fields. Land is completely bare at present.
  2. G

    Small bale straw and mice

    Does stacking small bale straw on it’s side really stop mice eating the strings? We don’t make many, but too many are being damaged by mice eating one string, don’t want to go to the effort of turning every bale for no reason.
  3. farmerdan7618

    Spread a bale on a Manitou 625?

    Looking at making bedding up a much less manual job, anyone running a spread a bale on this size machine? Will it take it? Looking at the Midi model by the way, for 120x90 bales. Yards reasonable and level, all concrete. Would need to spread 30 foot to the back of sheds. Thanks in advance
  4. W

    4m drill and 24m tramline

    Iam sure it’s been asked before. Does a 4m drill work with 24m tramline?. If so how do you do it???
  5. D

    Small farm low maintenance advice

    I am looking for suggestions on cropping that I haven’t thought of. I have a round 80-100acres that I have been grazing and cropping for fodder and am looking to see if anyone has and suggestions of alternative cropping ideas that are low maintenance. I work outside farming as well as running...
  6. S

    Old milking parlours for small herds

    Hello all, Is it wanting to know if anyone is still milking small herds or any size herds in older style parlours e.g. byres, step up parlours or abreast. It would be interesting to see some photos of them if possible also how long does it take you to milk the cows through it. Many thanks all.
  7. The Ruminant

    Water in tyres

    Another question about my Ford 4000. It’s got a front end loader on which I use regularly. With a decent sized bale it can get a bit light on the back end. Someone has suggested putting water / anti-freeze mix in the rear tyres for ballast. Are there any downsides I need to think about? For...
  8. David.

    Spring linseed advice please.

    May end up with some this year, what variety stands/combines easily, etc? Imagine yield percentage is secondary to other factors perhaps, has linseed moved on any in 10yrs since I last had a fairly unsatisfying attempt at it?
  9. TexelBen

    Crows spoiling bales

    We baled some 4 stringers last summer, looked good haylage, wrapped them with 6 layers and stacked them in the field. Contractors looked to do a good job baking and wrapping them, any tears I patched up from handling them (bale squeeze) Been feeding housed in lamb ewes on them, at least half of...
  10. DrDunc

    Vegan animal sanctuary

    Now this really boils my pish Vegans have bought a local house with ten acres of boggy scrub attached, and set up a "sanctuary". They've very successfully raised money by "crowd funding" for fencing and materials. Now they're looking for volunteers to look after the animals they've "saved"...
  11. V

    Are shear buckets a success ?

    I use a 4ft shear grab on my Massey 5610 which is well suited to it but recently I’ve switched to using bucket as pit face had slipped so just needed scooped up , finding it so much quicker to fill feeder and passages also keeps pit floor cleaner but obviously doesn’t keep a nice face on pit so...
  12. Tim G

    Bale trailers

    We are in need of updating our bale trailer. Whilst the one we have has been adequate for use on the farm, its not one I take on the road and we are now in a situation where I will be bringing more bales from away back to the farm. I am currently borrowing a friend's 25' Marshall bale trailer, I...
  13. T

    Keeping lambing pens clean

    What’s the options sling with fresh straw daily to use in conjunction with straw to keep pens bug free?
  14. N

    Trailer finance?

    Guys looking for a low loader probably 19t. Shifting 13t digger, tele-handler, and maybe a couple hundred round bales 1/4 a mile in from the field. Also looking for a dropside trailer to allow it to be loaded with mini digger. Jpm do a 14t multi purpose dropside trailer with ramps. Ideal for the...
  15. D

    small tractor

    hi looking a small tractor for the yard it will only be lifting few bales of silage, other than that be in the shed, it will be doing very very little work what will i be looking out for ( tractor please dont say wheelbarrow )
  16. Bossfarmer

    Do you ROTATIONALLY GRAZE your livestock? and if not, why?

    As im often told on here there are numerous benefits to rotationally grazing livestock so is everyone doing it? and if not why? what are the downsides im not hearing about as when i drive across the country i rarely see it!
  17. S

    Best Bale Size To Sell

    Somebody will know the easiest bale size to sell and use as were looking at square baling instead of round baling.
  18. Yorkshire lad

    American farmers

    I'd rather watch YouTube than TV now and enjoy seeing farmers in other countries . I follow a quite few, Millennial Farmer and 10th Generation Dairyman being a couple of them. What suprises me is how Americans use skidsteers as their main loaders. Surley loading shovels or...
  19. B

    Winter feeding kit

    Currently we feed approximately 200 head of cattle (80 suckler and followers) in winter, we use a loadall to feed out clamp silage, cattle are bedded with a straw chopper. The loadall does about 700 hours per year and uses about 4.5 litres of fuel per hour. Cows are feed twice a day, male...
  20. S

    100hp loader

    Hi, we are a sheep and beef hill farm, looking for a second hand 100hp loader tractor, we do about 400hours a year, mostly loader work in yard, but do take round bales out to sheep, some hilly land, light machinery work, single rotor rake, Tedder etc, what would be a good buy?