1. L

    Machinery maintenance

    Much as I am proud of the quality of care my cows receive I am ashamed at the lack of maintenance we do on our kit. it’s costing us money I can ill afford. Can the collective please point me in right direction to enable me to empower my staff to do this. It’s not an area I have any interest...
  2. New Puritan

    David Brown 885 back wheels

    Can anyone tell me if the stud pattern on a DB885 is the same as other makes of tractor from that era, or are they specific to DB? Thanks!
  3. Jack Russell

    Bateman RB35 refurb?

    We have an 8 year old Bateman RB35 that is around 7000hrs. It does spraying and liquid fert on 1000ha combinable. Booms are getting tired and maybe some pipe work is getting a little stiff and worn in places so was contemplating a refurb rather than a replacement. Try and get another 6000hr on...
  4. benny6910

    Am I mad considering swapping a trailed sprayer for a self propelled?

    I currently have a tracking drawbar trailed sprayer which I use on my mainline tractor. Am I mad wanting to swap the sprayer for a secondhand self propelled. My cropping is mainly cereals and beans occasionally osr. Apart from harvest help I do mainly everything myself with the tractor apart...
  5. T

    Rowcrop wheels Retford to Kent

    Set of 4 tractor rowcrop wheels collected from Retford Notts to Canterbury Kent
  6. Oscar

    New Law re tyres

    Just had a update from insurance co to say new law has come in banning tyres over 10 years old to be fitted to steering axles of coaches, HGV and mini busses and rear single tyres on mini buses . Apparently , tyres are meant to be date stamped and Vosa [or what they are called now] have started...
  7. Chae1

    Rowcrop for haulage.

    I'm looking at changing to a trailed sprayer. Because everyone says how easy they are to drop on and off I would like to be able to use the tractor for other jobs. Mainly carting. Without changing wheels. At the moment I've.a 2170 fastrac with a demount on it. This just stays on it, from may...
  8. F

    Anyone run a Househam Spirit?

    As above. Are they any good? Been to see one today and the hydro handle seemed quite stiff? Is this normal or will it just need a new cable!? Is there any major issues to look out for? Thanks
  9. Superted820

    Rowcrop wheels & tyres.

    Looking for a good set of four rowcrop wheels and tyres to fit a 6185 multidrive with 10 stud axles. Tyre size 380/90R46. Any help much appreciated.
  10. G

    rims and tyres

    I am looking for a pair of rear rims and tyres in reasonable condition for a Fordson Dexta. Size 12.4 x 28. I have a pair of rowcrop rims and tyres in good condition which can be swapped as part the deal if intertested. Thanks. Gary Kent UK.
  11. Lowland1

    Auto Steer justification

    We are having a demo of a Trimble/RTK guidance system of our main tractor. My Son and I are very impressed however my Wife says it’s very expensive and our tractor driver can drive straight anyway. How do I justify it to her.
  12. A

    Does planting Trees actually deliver carbon capture

    A letter in today's Scottish farmer. If this doesn't work, could someone provide a better link. And could someone provide a precise of the salient points?
  13. PSQ

    Charity Farm Auction, in aid of the Vine Trust

    There is a charity auction being held this week in aid of the Vine Trust, in order to purchase a digger to help with their work in Tanzania, and to help families and children affected by HIV. A few of the larger lots are being sold with the commission going to the Vine Trust. Many other lots...
  14. D

    To dual or not to dual

    Is it better to squash down half the width 2” or twice the width 1”. It’s pretty wet so anything run on will suffer. The eradicators will dig out my wheelings to some extent. Also they are big heavy barstewards that are an utter pain to get on and off, and often seem to be at the back of the...
  15. Rob_AD


    Farming 180 acres cereals, currently in a share farming arrangement which is coming to an end. Going forward have to decide whether to buy a sprayer or use a contractor. In this area most contractors are silage and slurry focused, so spraying is secondary... What would you do? Is a second...
  16. M

    Wheels sizes and Tyre sizes.

    Hi All, I have a New Holland 8340 in current refurbishment stage. I’m at the point of sorting out my wheels. I currently have 420/70/28R on the fronts and wanted to put on 540/65/28R. I was unsure as to whether they’d fit on the same rim. It’s the width of the rim that is a worry. Any help much...
  17. Farm Classifieds

    Bateman RB25 self propelled sprayer

    Bateman RB25 self propelled sprayer Advert added by: Michael Humphrey @mhumph3 Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Self-propelled sprayers Price: £30000 Condition: Good Description John Deere 6 cyl engine John Deere Starfire 3000 GPS and 1800 screen Single...
  18. B

    Fendt 724 how many hours are they good for ?

    Looking at a second hand 2012 724. What problems am I likely to encounter running it to 7500 hrs ?
  19. D

    What other makes, wheels fit a ford 10 series

    Hi im looking to put wider wheels and tyres on my 10 series to reduce compaction, does anyone know what other makes use the same wheel fitment. Mine is a series 3 7810. Thanks
  20. Massey 6470

    Sprayer Decision

    So thinking of upgrading the sprayer currently using an Amazone uf 1201 with a ft1001 front tank, I would like to increase capacity but the question is do I go for a uf 1602 or 2002 rear sprayer and possibly upgrade the tractor in a few yrs time MF 6470 or do I bite the bullet and go for a...