1. Farm Classifieds

    Challenger rogator 655c 36 meter

    Challenger rogator 655c 36 meter Advert added by: elliott waters @Elliott Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Self-propelled sprayers Price: £65000 Condition: Good Description 655c 2015 6000L 36m 18m topcon rtk brand new x35 screen New style king pins and wish bones...
  2. B

    Ag thoughts required for an automotive RTK product

    I work in automotive testing using GPS and wanted some thoughts on using some of our equipment in the agricultural area especially for RTK correction. My local farmer friend spends a fortune with John Deere and I think I may help him save some money. So I have a 10Hz RTK GPS receiver unit with...
  3. F

    AGCO Novatel RTK System Available

    I have a Novatel RTK System that we have removed from a Fendt Tractor. It comes with the wiring, Novatel Smart 6 and VD03. Will fit straight into AGR Fendt 2011 and Newer can be made to work with MF and Valtra with different wiring. Removed as we run a different Aftermarket Brand.
  4. spikeislander

    Does such a drill exist ? Bear with me !

    First post in this hallowed section so please go easy. Long story short , currently farming and hopefully due to be charged with helping to farm an “area” which needs to be farmed in a “regen” style approach, this is totally new to me but I’m excited at the opportunity to try on some one else’s...
  5. Hooch

    Strip till

    Does anyone strip till for maize and if so what does it cost ?
  6. Janet Hughes Defra

    New Farming Investment Fund launched today

    Afternoon all - we've launched the farming investment fund - info here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/farming-investment-fund Here's a blogpost explaining what's changed and how we've improved the scheme based on learning from previous schemes...
  7. slim shiny

    New jd 6r

  8. Adeptandy

    Sim Cards

    Having limited knowledge of GPS steering on tractors etc, do they all need a SIM card and connection to the mobile network to operate. Mine does and getting fed up with drop outs due to losing connection via the SIM card 😏 I’m on RTK
  9. Precision AG RSS

    Trimble Announces Enhancements to CenterPoint RTX Corrections Service

    Written by Matt Hopkins from Precision Ag Improvements offer farmers the performance of RTK and ease of use of CenterPoint RTX with up to 75% faster convergence time. The post Trimble Announces Enhancements to CenterPoint RTX Corrections Service appeared first on PrecisionAg. Continue reading...
  10. H


    Just like to say what a helpful company to deal with. Was having trouble with my Massey Ferguson auto steer they were very helpful over the phone and came out and fitted a new modem for less money than Massey Ferguson. wanted.
  11. Nsoiled

    Google Earth KML Import into FieldBee / Field Navigator

    Hi, Anyone know of a simple way to import field boundaries from Google Earth into FieldBee or Field Nav? Getting various errors, even after using an online converter to get SHP files out the other end. Any tips gratefully received. Cheers
  12. Rob_AD

    Topcon X30 LH Agro system available

    Would anyone have interest in a Topcon X30 auto steer system, fully unlocked, with RTK aerial? I have it in a Fendt 415 that I am selling and looks like it would be better to pull it out and sell separately. Original cost £18k, supplied by LH Agro - X30 screen unlocked to everything - section...
  13. S

    Laser level kits for land drainage?

    Evening all, Have been looking into laser level kits for doing land drainage, so out of interest what are people using and find works best?
  14. LAMMA365

    EIMA Show 2021: Top tractor developments and concepts under Italian lights

    As the first international machinery showcase for nearly two years, exhibitors at EIMA Show were awash with brand new machines, plenty of updates and concepts to sate the visitors’ demand for new equipment. Alex Heath reports on the tractor developments from the exhibition halls in Bologna...
  15. W

    Starfire and EE

    Is anyone else having problems with their starfire losing signal? We have a 3000 dome and apparently the reason is because of an recent upgrade to the EE network which uses very similar bandwidth/frequencies. I made the point I have paid for a service, but John Deere want me to pay for the upgrade…
  16. farmer dave136

    Linking two x35 screens together??

    Hi does anyone no if there’s a cable to link two x35 screens together and where to get one ?? Thanks
  17. steveR

    Cheap EID Readers

    See that the Chinese cheapies read UK spec EID tags now, and for 25quid, I can see even with my modest numbers, one would be useful.... Are the numbers downloaded in a usable form, either for a printout, or to feed into software...
  18. O

    Situation Vacant Lead Sprayer and Combine Operator – Permanent - HAMPSHIRE

    Lead Sprayer and Combine Operator – Permanent We are looking for an experienced Sprayer and Combine operator to join a small team in North Hampshire. The farming operation currently covers 2,085 hectares growing combinable and energy crops alongside an Environmental Stewardship Scheme and...
  19. Rob_AD

    Profi Plus

    I am looking at a 5 year old Fendt 516 Profi Plus, can anyone tell me what I would need to buy to make it steer and apply fert using variable rate maps? It currently has no receiver on the roof but it is Profi Plus which has the 10” screen and I believe it to be steering ready.
  20. steveR

    FJD Autosteer in UK?

    I was interested enough in this system to drop a line to their sales chap and ask a few questions and been given an undoubtedly competitive quote. Not as versatile as other systems such as the Fieldbee, but appear to be more of a plug and play install. In the advertising bumph, there is a...