1. D

    Seed Treatment

    Anyone use “Tiros” seed dressing last autumn?…. Secondly do many of you use any seed treatment on HSS … I was thinking of sowing this autumn with no seed dressing.. Any opinions would be helpful… thanks 😊
  2. Just because

    Grazing clover

    Have been offered this to graze with store lambs before he ploughs and plants with wheat was a red clover and rye grass mix (clover taken over) 18ac field was going to strip graze possible buffer feed with straw/hay and other tips my first time grazing that much clover ?? Thanks
  3. C

    Herbal leys for dairy cattle grazing

    Moving over to herbal leys here for dairy cow grazing (holsteins on conventional system). Drought prone soil and low summer rainfall are main reasons. Lots of advice out there but seems more beef/sheep than dairy focus. So for dairy cows... Who's got them? What do you put in them? Are the...
  4. Green oak

    Your crop of the year. So far.

    im Happy with planet spring barley so far. Coming of just under 3 tonne a acre. Some first wheats locally are doing the same.
  5. G


    Got the chance of digestate spread for nothing is it any good putting it on stubbles and ploughing it down
  6. B

    Wholecrop questions

    I’m an arable farmer looking to use wholecrop as a break crop, I’d like it to be quite diverse and have as many legumes in as possible. Ideally id like to drill it in September, have fairly minimal spend on it and then sell it as a standing crop and have it taken off in June before the...
  7. Y

    Radish and clover mix

    Iv recently drilled a radish clover mix, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with it outwintering ewes or running store Lambs on it. my question is, is it any good compared to turnips etc. Any advice would be appreciated
  8. C

    Hybrid Rye

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts/experinces of this are
  9. Bossfarmer

    New combine cost

    Can anyone tell me roughly the new on farm price after negotiaion for a new mid-decent sized claas/nh combine say 25ft, ive not looked at shifting mine yet but i thought 250k would be about right now or could an ex demo be got for nearer 200?
  10. S

    CR9070 Feeding

    We have long rye wrapping round the rotor, the augers that feed it in seem worn, has anyone ever changed those?
  11. G

    The Anyone finished yet thread

  12. G

    Anyone finished yet

  13. W

    Soil analysis and flat crops

    Anybody ever looked into this? Got a field that every year the crops go flat. The last osr crop back in 2012 went down and since then in no particular order - spring barley, spring wheat, winter rye, winter wheat and even a couple of cover crops (mainly mustard) have gone flat in places. Prior...
  14. S

    300 acres starting from scratch

    Hello all, Hypothetical question here. What would everyone do if they had a 300 acre greenfield site of grade 3 land? Build a dairy? Go all cereals? Sheep? Location; Northumberland Cheers Steakeater
  15. W

    Early Christmas for arable producers?

    So some very impressive yields and prices being bandied about on the Combinable price tracker thread. Is it premature to say it would appear 21/22 is set to be a brilliant year for UK cereal growers - asking for a friend...
  16. Farmer-George

    Ergot Claims

    Anyone else seeing ergot claims into store for wheat and barley? Not saying it’s not there but I sure can’t find as much in my heap as the seem to be able to find on the weigh bridge in every load.
  17. Bossfarmer

    The giant fert price rise!!!!

    As we all know cereal prices are strong again this year but the cost of growing them has increased sharply, im interested to know how much fert people are using on their crops does anyone put p & k on seperately as well as the compound at drilling? below are my applications for laureate malting...
  18. spin cycle

    combine until when?

    just curious to hear what time of night..or stage? folks combine until:)
  19. W

    Extase potential problems

    I have heard from my agronomist today that someone not far from me PE9 postcode, has been harvesting extase with a yield of about 2 t/ha. Apparently KwS are looking into this. Has anyone else had any problems.?
  20. Kidds

    Roundup Ready Ryegrass

    https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2021-08-12/paraquat-resistance/100370332?fbclid=IwAR24EHg7tLorhpP_ovff2iG-Ayqm_78_Mpo8pmWA3WRb66Xo3EdoCA5mDvY The surprising bit is it is also Paraquat ready. Paraquat is banned now but having used it extensively when it wasn't I am surprised to see resistance...