1. G

    Establishing AB15, AB1

    Got AB15 legume fallow to establish, includes timothy in the seed mix (so can't use a graminicide). Going in after winter barley. Will the barley volunteers smother the AB15? So do I need a stale seedbed, any experience anyone? Kit available. Simba discs, power harrow combi drill, rollers...
  2. Bomber101

    Combining flat winter linseed - any tips

    Any tips for picking up flat linseed? Class 770 and vario header. First time cutting linseed and not looking forward to it!
  3. Scrambler

    Can you whole crop linseed?

    I’ve got about 6ha of linseed that’s a bit too weedy for my liking (resistant rye grass mainly). My options seem to be , accept the weed return, or spray it off now and accept the loss (maybe 2t/ha), or harvest it now in some fashion. Any ideas?
  4. topground

    How to prevent hay barn fire?

    Left to his own devices contractor has baled 60 round bales a day earlier than I would have liked. How long would they need to be left in the field to eliminate spontaneous combustion risk or how much a risk will there be if they are stacked 2 or 3 high under cover?
  5. Hilly


    Why do we chop it ? Why can’t I just load trailers with handler run down row push up a heap load trailer tip in pit repeat ? Why bother with the expensive bit ?
  6. Bojangles

    Fat Hens will they eat them or am I going to have to kill the clover

    Got a reseed that is just full of fat hens 🤦‍♂️ I took the chance as it was sprayed off and put a decent amount of clover in the mix. Now I’m staring at a bloody mess. Have put ewes on it and obviously they are loving the grass but it’s becoming obvious as they eat it down how bad the bloody...
  7. Keepers

    Forage crop ideas for late sowing

    Good afternoon, Currently planning which winter forage crops are being planted and into which fields, majority will be turnip/rape mix. However I have a small plot (64ha) which is following spring barley, if the weather is great it will be off end of August, but it’s looking more like will be...
  8. SIABOD50

    Opinions on amazone catros

    Any good ? Which is best straight disc or scalloped? Easy or hard to pull? Only have 85hp 2wd, amazone says 75hp would pull 2.5m .
  9. G

    Herbal ley jungle

    Anyone else got a herbal ley that has romped away? An absolute nightmare to mow with the moco, may have to drag the 5’6” plain mower out of retirement at this rate. This is the lightest part of the crop.
  10. H

    Spring cereal wholecrop yields.

    We are thinking of entering some land into AB7 in a new mid tier scheme, does anyone have any idea of the yield of spring cereals taken for wholecrop. It will be going to an AD plant, hopefully along with any ryegrass that grows in it.
  11. Farm Business RSS

    Consider grass varieties now to boost future grassland output

    Written by Lydia Turner from Farm Business As farmers plan for summer reseeding and overseeding, experts stress careful consideration of grass varieties will significantly increase future grass yields. “Overseeding straight after silaging provides a great opportunity to ‘stich-in’ grass seeds...
  12. Danllan

    Most hardwearing grass of all?

    Need some for a hard-used place; tried gateway mix, tried so-called tough lawn mixes, all failed. Suggestion for this toughest of locations* greatly appreciated. *under the children's swing...
  13. Aspiring Peasants

    Topping grassland

    Just after people's opinions. What would you top this with? Rotary topper Flail topper Disc mower I've done it before with a rotary topper but I think it leaves a rough finish so the grass doesn't recover as well . Also used a lot of shear bolts. Cut it all with disc mower first year we had it...
  14. andybk

    Catch crop for sheep after Barley , not stubble turnip

    Landlord looking to get seed ready for drilling after winter barley , will be available till April for sheep (for my replacement ewes and selling rams ) , whats best catch crop for sheep for repeated grazing , he isnt keen on stubble turnip as a lot of his is into enviro projects and public...
  15. G

    Canada burning up

    Crops are dying
  16. C

    Too much clover?

    A little unsure about grazing this in case we get bloat! Suckler cows and weaned lambs should be heading in here on next rotation. They have a lot less clover in their other fields. This field was cut for silage 2-3 weeks ago, and had 20:8:14 applied afterwards. (Our P & K levels were low on...
  17. B

    Spring wheat weed control strategy

    Thinking of swapping winter wheat for spring wheat here just to make life a bit easier in the autumn. But having never grown it and not asked the agronomist yet as I’d like a bit of knowledge, what is everybody doing weed control wise particularly for blackgrass and ryegrass? Pre-em? Emergence...
  18. Farm Business RSS

    Raise the mower to ensure quality silage and better regrowth

    Written by Lydia Turner from Farm Business Raising the mower and cutting grass crops at 9cm rather than 6cm or 3cm, will give the highest quality silage and allow quicker regrowth, according to trials carried out at the DLF demonstration site in Didbrook, Gloucestershire. Now in their second...
  19. Jonny B88

    DD, FYM and mob grazing

    Hi all, complete DD novice here but looking a bit of advice. Plan to dd in a pretty diverse cover crop into to different situations with the view to mob grazing the crop during late autumn and into the winter. We have an old moore unidrill which i am going to use. 1st situation Cover crop dd...
  20. C

    Maize cover crops suitable for grazing cattle?

    Hi TFF, Looking to grow cover crops on my maize stubble this year. Aiming to improve soil health, prevent nutrient leaching and... graze cattle? E.g. outwintering youngstock Feb/March. Could supplement with silage bales. Last two years I have used Italian Ryegrass and Westerwolds. But what...