1. CRM AgriCommodities

    Graintab TV - New Grain Sampling Sytem

    For more video's visit Graintab TV Covid – 19 has put a stop to many processes we are used to. Within the Grain trade, the sampling of farm grain has been directly affected. In this video, Fred South and Richard Whitlock, discuss the changes and give advice to growers who have questions...
  2. J

    Waikato milk meters

    After some Waikato milk meters for milk recording. Just moved to new dairy unit, 24 point ACR fullwood parlour. Anyone know where to buy them reasonably priced, or would any have any second hand going spare? Many thanks in advance!
  3. Mounty

    Situation Vacant Soil Samplers in Scotland

    Looking for soil samplers for GPS mapping and soil sampling work in Scotland. Ideally need your own quad bike and a vehicle + trailer to tow it around with. Quad bike and trailer may be available if not. GPS devices supplied along with full training and support. Bulk of work is August to...
  4. D

    Hi farmers!

    Hi farmers, I am a student working on a cutting edge solution for farmers and their agricultural matters! I would really appreciate if someone could post what their daily routine in the farm is like- whether its managing crops, live stock, how its done, how soil samples are taken and and what...
  5. AnnaKSheffield

    Free soil sampling, no-till farms - by University of Sheffield

    Hi all, my colleague Dr. Manoj Menon and I are working together to understand social and physical factors influencing the success of no-till methods. We are looking for farmers in the North of England who may be interested in having their soils sampled and analysed by our students (4-5...
  6. Mounty

    Situation Vacant Soil Sampler & Precision Ag Support

    We are seeking an individual for soil sampling on multiple farms throughout Eastern England. In addition to this you will be trained to operate and support our range of Precision Ag services which includes field work as well as office based software tasks. Applicants should be able to work on...