scab mite

  1. Johnnyboxer

    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks Could be trouble ahead
  2. Agriland RSS

    Sheep farmers urged to reduce number of ewes wormed at lambing

    Written by Rachel Martin Sheep farmers have been urged to further cut back on the number of ewes they treat with wormers at lambing in a bid to stop further anthelmintic resistance developing. SCOPS, which is an acronym for ‘Sustainable Control of Parasites’, says farmers who reduce numbers...
  3. C

    Sheep Cydectin 2% LA working time.

    Hi, can anyone tell me as to how many days after treating ewes with "Cydectin 2% LA" do the sheep stop itching?
  4. Agriland RSS

    Sheep owners urged to take plunge instead of showering

    Written by William Kellett The Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) group is launching a campaign reminding sheep farmers, contractors and prescribers that Organophosphate (OP) can only be used as a plunge dip. Lesley Stubbings of SCOPS says: In 2018, cases of resistance in...
  5. 1


    Does disinfectant kill scab?i.e stock trailer
  6. DieselRob

    Store lamb management

    Normally I'm an October to March long keeper of store lambs but this year I've jumped in the fire pit to try some short keep lambs to have turned over by mid Sept/October Long keep I dectomax and fluke everything but this wouldn't be suitable for short keep, they were ovivac-p treated 2 and a...
  7. Loftyrules

    Sheep Dipping

    As a small holder <20 sheep this year and as someone who is surrounded by sheep in a potentially high risk sheep scab area I have been wondering about dipping. I enquired with a chap who offers mobile dipping and he needs 125 minimum to make it worth his while, this got me to wondering if there...
  8. H

    Dectomax and heptovac p

    Just had word that my neighbor has come down with scab so obviously action is needed I had planned to heptavac my ewes next week and have heard conflicting reports about whether or not to use dectomax at the same time has anyone had any experience of this?
  9. NADIS News Feed

    February 2020 - NADIS Parasite Forecast

    Weather report Figure 1: Temperature and rainfall by region for previous months. December 2019 started with some periods of heavy rainfall, but became drier towards the end of the month. The month was also much warmer than usual, with fewer frosts than expected at this time of year. The...
  10. jed

    Sheep Dip

    Having a mare have injected with cydectin La 2% but seems to have been a waste of time .Yet the ones I’ve dipped at the hill farm are fine . My question is if I leave dip in overnight will it still be effective the following day as long as it’s not diluted with rain water. Seem to remember years...
  11. ARR

    Sheep loosing wool

    Got a few ewes and a tup that are loosing their wool. Had scab confirmed on the farm and had everything dipped 3 weeks ago and no longer any signs of scratching. Any ideas what could be causing this wool loss? Cheers
  12. Amcnab


    What’s it like in your area? not good round here ,plenty of dippers around but they’re to tight or won’t use them for sum reason Sum got in with my ewes last week,how long would it take to show it’s self?
  13. K


    Sheep in shed. Scab starting to show. Going to use ivermectin product. I know they need 2 jabs but how far apart? Thanks
  14. ARR

    Ivermectin scab treatment

    I am going to be treating some in lamb ewes for scab with ivermectin. Do they need moving onto clean pasture after the first or the second injection 1 week later? Thanks
  15. ARR

    Ivermectin scab treatment

    I have a group of 25 in lamb ewes in isolation that are showing signs of sheep scab which has been confirmed by a vet skin scrape. Ivermectin ordered as do not have facilities to dip/ less stressful as not long after tupping. I know that they should be moved to clean pasture for 17 days but is...
  16. DartmoorEwe

    shedders and scab?

    I get that shedding sheep will be less prone to fly strike and lice but what about scab? Opinions?
  17. TripleSix

    Shower Dipping and Golden Fleece

    We've always used golden fleece in our shower dipper, despite it being an off label use. Its the most effective product. However there seems to be a big crackdown at the moment on sales of GF for shower dips. Can anyone recommend what is effective or what we should be using instead? I can't...
  18. 690driver

    I need your help

    I have a ewe with sheep scab and I can’t seem to get rid of it I Have injected it 2 times with dectomax If you have any suggestions I’d be very grateful Cheers Aaron